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6 Exit Intent Popup Creative Ideas to Boost Conversion Rates

exit intent pop up creative ideas

Online companies and retail businesses with important online stores often fixate on improving their conversion rates.

Conversion rate, put simply, is the proportion of site visitors who convert into paying customers or subscribers.

The higher your conversion rate, the better your company does, and the more sales you’ll see in the long run.

There are many strategies to improve conversion rates among your site visitors and target audience, including special ads, streamlining your landing page, etc.

But you can also use exit intent popups to improve conversion rates and, in some cases, even land extra sales your company would have missed otherwise.

Not sure where to begin or how exit intent popups even work?

This detailed guide will break down exit intent popups, what they do, and how to leverage them for maximum success. 

What Are Exit Intent Pop Ups?

Exit intent popups are specialized popup advertisements, messages, or input forms only appearing when a lead or site visitor is assumed to be leaving a page.

For example, if a customer visits your e-commerce shop and then moves to click away from your store, an exit-intent popup could appear right before they hit “X.”

Exit-intent popups work through tracking technology. Specifically, cookies, bots, and other techs track site visitor behavior to predict when they might leave a page. This exit intent technology for pop ups primarily looks at the movement of user mouse cursors on web pages.

Then, an exit intent popup is triggered when a user’s mouse cursor leaves the “active” area of a browser (i.e., the middle of the screen). The “active” area contrasts with the “static” area, which comprises the toolbar, address bar, etc.

When a visitor uses a mobile device to visit a webpage, other tracking technology may be used to predict imminent departure. However, many mobile sites rely on other forms of user retention or conversion strategies, like automatic popups that appear after a visitor stays on a page for a set number of seconds.

Types of Exit Intent Popups

There are many different types of exit intent popups you can leverage for success.

Some of the most common variations of these pop ups include:

  • Cart abandonment popups. As their name suggests, these kick in when tracking technology predicts a shopper is about to abandon their online cart. Most cart abandonment pop ups try to retain users or get visitors to finalize a purchase by offering coupon codes, discounts, etc.
exit intent popups countdown timer poptin lead form
  • Lead generation forms. These exit intent popups are used to capture additional email or newsletter subscribers. They display a quick lead generation form with the option to input an email address just as a person leaves your site.
indian holiday popups exit intent
Source: Indian Holiday Pop Up Ideas
  • Holiday or special sale popups. These are only used in the days leading up to a massive sale or holiday shopping spree, like the week before Black Friday. They can be used to offer special deals or discounts, improve brand awareness, and spread the word about an upcoming sale or special offer beyond traditional marketing methods.

Exit intent pop ups can be massively beneficial for your company. They can offer advantages like:

  • Improved conversion rate 
  • More email addresses for newsletters or company clubs
  • More sales through offering coupons or discounts
  • Better brand awareness

Better relationships with core consumers (often through the bonus offers or coupons mentioned above), etc.

6 Ways To Boost Conversion From Exit Intent Popups

But while exit intent pop ups can be beneficial, you have to leverage them correctly to maximize their effectiveness.

Simply slapping a few exit intent pop ups on your online store won’t do much for your brand.

If you misuse exit intent pop ups, you could turn people away from your company, irritate your customers, and make them less likely to return.

With that in mind, let’s break down six ways to boost conversion from exit intent popups and special tactics.

Delay the “X” Button

For starters, every exit-intent pop up you display should have an “X” button so customers can click away from it. However, you can turn the odds in your favor by delaying its appearance.

Many people online are used to popups and are equally used to clicking out of them immediately.

In the worst cases, someone might see your popup and click out of it before seeing the offer or input form you’ve prepared.

To prevent that, delay the appearance of the exit button by one to two seconds. 

When using Poptin as your pop up builder, its option to delay the X button is right at the bottom left corner of the drag and drop editor.

Poptin’s free popup builder lets you delay the X button that buys your exit intent pop up a few spare moments of attention

This delay is often enough to get a site visitor to register your message and consider your coupon or special deal more thoroughly.

In the best-case scenarios, this basic fix can improve your conversion rate by between 20% and 30%. It’s essential if you want to use exit-intent popups to reduce cart abandonment; a few extra seconds of the popup on a user’s screen is usually enough to get them to reconsider.

Offer an Opt-Out

Next, you should include the option for a user or visitor to opt out of the popup or offer whenever you use a popup ad. Why? Because giving your customers a chance to say “no” to a special offer or subscription plan makes them more likely to choose “yes.”

Your conversions might improve by between 30% and 40% by adding an opt-out option. If you don’t give customers a choice, they might simply click away from your site, rendering your exit-intent popup efforts meaningless.

Some consumers can also feel bullied or forced into opting for special offers or coupons if they don’t design your pop ups correctly.

Therefore, always make it easy and straightforward for customers to opt-out of offers, input forms, and special deals whenever you leverage exit-intent popups.

Create Fast-Loading Pop ups

People have much slower attention spans than before, so your exit-intent popups must load quickly and easily.

Remember, these pop ups only have a few short moments to capture the attention of their viewers. So they need to load ASAP if you hope they will have an effect!

It’s also a good idea to optimize your fast-loading exit-intent popups for mobile users, especially since half of all website traffic comes from users on mobile devices these days.

Use Targeted Advertising/Messaging

You can and should leverage targeted advertising and messaging in your popups.

Don’t send the same popups to every site visitor or customer. Instead, use your CRM software and any other collected data to send:

  • Specific pop ups to new visitors versus returning visitors
  • Special offers to longtime customers
  • Offers to consumers with the deal or product picked out or tailored to their needs and buying habits.
  • Email sign-up popups to people who aren’t on your email list, etc.

Personalized, targeted messaging is the future of all small business digital marketing, so lean into it for better results across the board. 

Utilize A/B Testing

A/B testing is primarily leveraged for testing web pages, but it can also be used for online ads and exit-intent popups.

The Process of A/B Testing (Source)

With A/B testing, you send two similar exit-intent popups out to your target audience simultaneously but to different people. Then, you examine the results after a few weeks and start using the exit-intent popup that performed the best.

When practiced regularly, A/B testing can help you streamline your exit-intent popups and only provide your target audience with the absolute best ads, marketing messages, or input forms.

In other words, it’ll help your exit-intent popups produce a better conversion rate.

Here’s how simple you can A/B test your pop ups:

Leverage Responsive Exit Popups

Lastly, you should only ever send out responsive exit-intent popups.

Responsive popups are those that use so-called responsive pop up design principles.

They render well on all types of screens and devices, react with graphics or simple behaviors when people click or tap on them, and don’t feel clunky to the user.

Responsive exit popups, and other words, should follow the same design principles that you’d use when designing a high-quality website or online shop.

According to Conversion Sciences, if your exit-intent popups are responsive and look great, you might increase your conversion rate by between 10% and 15% if you’re lucky.


As you can see, exit-intent popups are phenomenal tools for boosting conversion rates, improving sales, and getting more email addresses for subscriber newsletters.

Use exit-intent pop-ups correctly, and your online site will be more successful than ever. Good luck!

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