Intuitive Inline Form Builder

Create responsive embedded forms for your website. Customize a form template, choose a location on your site, and target a segment of visitors.

No strings attached. No credit card required.

A wide variety of types of fields

Build advanced embedded forms with different types of fields. Get leads, collect feedback and get relevant information from your visitors.

  • Email field captures validated email address of your visitors
  • Radio button gives your visitors a few options to choose from
  • Checkbox lets your visitors select what they need
  • Text field creates any text field you want your visitors to fill out
  • Dropdown lets your visitors choose from a list of values
  • Phone number field gets more phone numbers of your visitors
  • Date lets your visitors select a specific date with a calendar widget
  • Textera Your visitors can write a detailed message to you

Advanced targeting options and stats

Show the form only to the visitors you targeted and get all the data you need to maximize your results.

  • Measure number of visitors, impressions, and submissions
  • Show forms based on pages, days, countries, traffic source, and more
  • Show forms based on devices, dates, cookies, title, and frequency
  • Track the traffic source and the landing page of each lead

Flexible options after a form submission

Choose what happens when visitors convert. Show them a thank-you message, launch a popup, fire conversion codes, send an autoresponder, or redirect to a URL.

A/B Test your form with ease

Constantly improve your forms’ performance and conversion rate with smart A/B testing. Show different designed versions of forms or show to different segment of visitors to get the best results.

Integrate With Your Favorite Emailing System or CRM

  • 50+ quick native integrations
  • Plus 1500+ integrations via Zapier and Integromat
  • Sync your leads ans subscribers with any email marketing or CRM platform

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