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3 Best Popup and Form Apps for Integromat to Acquire More Leads

Are you looking for tools that would help you on your lead generation initiatives?

We know that lead generation is basically ushering people to your website and then turning them into subscribers by getting their contact information. But, it’s actually beyond that.

Acquiring contact information is one thing, but how you want to get that makes all the difference. Successful lead generation oftentimes equate to how you’re able to put together all the necessary elements for a good customer experience. That’s why you need the right tools to pull it off.

While many people view pop ups as disturbance in their overall browsing experience, no wonder that popups are still considered one of the most effective tools for getting leads when done correctly. They don’t just positively impact the business but also the customers in general. 

The implementation of pop ups and website forms is widely used especially for email marketing. Automation platforms like Integromat have integrated such apps to help their clients create their own pop-ups and forms to boost their email list and reach more potential customers. 

In this post, we’ll be sharing our top choices of popup and form apps for Integromat that would greatly benefit your lead generation efforts.


Poptin is a smart solution for creating pop-ups, embedded forms, and automatic emails.

It only takes at least 2 minutes to create your pop-up windows—so fast and easy that you’d even think that the whole process is almost automated.

A long array of beautiful pre-made templates that you can customize is also available in Poptin’s database. This makes everything a whole lot easier for users.

You can also add and change elements, colors, backgrounds, pictures, and texts. 


Offered features:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Templates
  • Customization
  • Advanced triggering options
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Smart exit-intent technology
  • Analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Integrations

Moreover, Poptin offers a great selection of different pop-ups for any given purpose:

  • Lightbox
  • Floating bar
  • Fullscreen
  • Slide-in
  • Big sidebar

With Poptin, you can create social button widgets as well.

All the pop-ups you make are also fully responsive to mobiles, as more and more people are now accessing the internet via mobile devices.

As for the forms, Poptin has an intuitive inline form builder that lets users create or customize a form, and then target a specific niche audience for your business based on location, traffic source, and etc. You can also measure the number of visitors, subscriptions, and impressions. 

The platform has different types of fields for your embedded forms (email field, radio button, checkbox, text field, dropdown, phone number, date, textera). Poptin also features several automated email options you can do when visitors convert, such as showing them a thank-you message, launching a popup, fire conversion codes, sending an autoresponder, or redirecting them to a URL. This is to ensure that customer engagement doesn’t stop after they left you with their information.

The team at Solitaire Brain used Poptin to capture emails to promote their Game of the Day, and increased return visitors by 17%!

Both popups and forms can be further improved to achieve better results through its built-in analytics. This can help you understand the behavior and reactions of your visitors as closely and as accurately as possible.

Poptin’s pricing

Poptin’s FREE plan comes with advanced features already, but it also offers different paid plans to enjoy its fullest potential and reach business targets faster. You can also choose between a monthly and an annual subscription that’s inclusive of a discount.


JotForm is an online form builder that offers advanced forms, field options and a variety of form functionalities for different types of industries.

It has a simple interface that lets you create your own form from scratch or use a pre-made template from hundreds of choices in their database. 

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Offered features:

  • Infinite List Widget
  • Custom sender email address
  • Collection of e-signatures
  • Customizable form URL
  • Ease of payment
  • Smart forms – Show / hide fields, require fields, calculate fields, etc.
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Free online PDF editor

Some popular types of forms you can use for different purposes are:

  • Sign up forms
  • Order forms
  • Registration forms
  • Booking forms
  • Application forms
  • Request forms
  • Feedback forms
  • Payment forms
  • Contact forms
  • And many more!

JotForm’s Pricing

Like Poptin, JotForm also has different free and paid plans that are ready to meet your lead generation necessities for your email database.


Another awesome form app for Integromat is Wufoo. It’s an online form builder with a cloud storage database. Wufoo’s forms are commonly used to gather data, payments, and to automate workflows.

Wufoo boasts of its award-winning interface, user-friendly customization processes, galleries, hundreds of templates, and lastly, its built-in dynamic analytics.


Offered features:

  • User-friendly form builder
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Easy process for payments
  • Unique form experiences
  • Web forms, mobile forms, HTML5 forms
  • Customizable charts and reporting
  • SPAM prevention
  • Mobile responsive
  • Conditional logic

Wufoo also partnered with several relevant tools to enable users to manage form responses and their day-to-day tasks all in one place.

Wufoo’s Pricing

Wufoo has a free plan that includes basic forms with a limited number of responses. If you want to enjoy customized branding, create unlimited forms, and boost other features to their optimum level, better to avail a paid plan. Subscriptions start at $14 per month.

Wrap Up!

Integromat is a powerful automation tool in itself given its good reputation and years of experience in the digital industry. Although acquiring email leads is always a challenge for marketers, if done right, with the help of these easy-to-use popup and form apps we discussed, you can be a leap higher from your competitors as you continue with your email marketing initiatives with Integromat.

All these three apps are user-friendly and each has its own advantages and great features. However, if you’re looking to hit two birds in one stone, Poptin would be the best for you as it would enable you to easily create or customize both popups and forms for your lead generation initiatives.

Now that you know what to use for your email popups and forms to acquire more leads for your Integromat account, it’s time for you to know what you can put on your email popups to convert more visitors. I recommend you to check out this article we published: 

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