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7 BDOW Alternatives to Increase Website Conversions in 2024

7 BDOW Alternatives to Increase Website Conversions in 2024

Lead generation focuses on attracting people to the brand and turning them into paying customers. Alternatively, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is all about updating the website to allow more visitors to take the action you want. This could be making a purchase, filling out a form, or signing up for the newsletter.

You’ll likely need a tool to help with both lead generation and conversion optimization. BDOW (formerly known as Sumo) is a form and pop up tool that can help you create high-converting things for your website, making everything from a single dashboard.

Though BDOW is a popular lead generation tool that offers forms, click triggers, and pop ups, you may want more features without paying for a higher tier level. Below, you’ll find seven BDOW alternatives that might be suitable.

BDOW popup tool

Top BDOW Alternatives

If your goal is to convert more visitors into paying customers, you should understand the best practices for lead generation. However, it’s also crucial to have a tool to help you create excitement and ensure that you engage with the audience. These BDOW alternatives might be more suitable, depending on your needs. Let’s learn more about them now.

1. Poptin

Poptin has been recognized as the best lead-generation software for many good reasons. It helps e-commerce websites add pop-up campaigns, which ensures they capture more leads.

Poptin popup builder BDOW alternative


Take a look at the pricing options for Poptin below:

Poptin popup builder pricing

Ratings and Reviews

According to Capterra, Poptin has an overall score of 4.8/5 stars. People say it has excellent customer service, is easy to use, includes many amazing features, and offers good value for money.

Key Features

Reach your maximum potential with Poptin’s features. While you should follow the unspoken rules for using lead generation pop-ups, it’s crucial to have a program that ensures you can create them quickly.

The pop-up options from Poptin include:

  • Lightbox
  • Full-screen overlay
  • Top/bottom bars
  • Social
  • Slide-in
  • Mobile
  • Survey
  • Countdown popups
  • Video
  • Gamified
  • Teasers 

Apart from the pop-ups, you’ll also enjoy various types of forms.

What Makes the Tool Stand Out

This tool stands apart from the crowd for many reasons. It’s easy to manage accounts, you get over 40 ready-to-use templates, and it will integrate with more than 60 different platforms.

2. Optimonk

OptiMonk is another powerful tool for e-commerce websites. It offers many features to help you create high-converting, stunning pop-ups that won’t annoy your website’s visitors. Let’s learn more about it now.

OptiMonk popup tool


Below, you’ll see the pricing options for OptiMonk:

OptiMonk popup tool pricing

Ratings and Reviews

Capterra shows that OptiMonk has an overall rating of 4.9/5 stars. Its customer service is perfect, though it’s not as easy to use as other BDOW alternatives. However, it offers many features and provides excellent value for money.

Key Features

You’ll love OptiMonk because it has many key features, such as:

  • Over 300 customizable templates
  • A flexible drag/drop editor
  • Various triggers 
  • Advanced targeting 
  • Many pop-up options

What Makes the Tool Stand Out

What makes this tool stand out is its advanced analytics system. You can see how your campaigns are doing based on conversion rates and impressions. 

3. Wishpond

Wishpond claims that it’s an all-in-one marketing platform. This is fair and appropriate because its services cover landing pages, social promotions, pop-ups, and everything else. Learn more about it below.

Wishpond BDOW alternative


Sadly, Wishpond isn’t as transparent with its pricing as other BDOW alternatives. You must schedule an inbound demo and speak to a specialist to find the right plan for you. 

Ratings and Reviews

The ratings for Wishpond aren’t as high as for Poptin or OptiMonk. Capterra has it sitting at 4.1/5 stars. People are saying that the features, customer service, and ease of use factors are okay, but the value for money is lower than with other options.

Key Features

Ultimately, Wishpond offers basic pop-up technology and multiple targeting/triggering options. However, you have less control because it’s not dedicated to only this feature. 

Other features include exit surveys, ad campaign scheduling, payment systems, lead databases, and email marketing.

What Makes the Tool Stand Out

If you don’t want to juggle multiple SaaS products, Wishpond could be for you. 

4. Mailmunch

Mailmunch is a popup plugin, but you can also use it as email marketing software. The editor helps you create emails and other things to send out as people subscribe.

Mailmunch BDOW alternative


Those with 1,000 contacts can use the Premium plan at $19.99/month. If you have more subscribers, you can calculate your own price.

Mailmunch pricing

Ratings and Reviews

Capterra shows that Mailmunch gets 4.7/5 stars because it’s easy to use, has decent customer service, and includes various features.

Key Features

Key features for Mailmunch include:

  • Pop-ups
  • Forms
  • Landing pages
  • Automation
  • Email marketing
  • Coupons
  • Cart abandonment options
  • Gamification

What Makes the Tool Stand Out

Most people like the email marketing functionality, which is ideal for e-commerce stores that use this messaging style.

5. Justuno

Justuno offers pop-up software that focuses on conversions because it uses an advanced AI system to deliver insights about customer preferences.


Here’s a look at the pricing tiers:

Justuno popup building tool

Ratings and Reviews

Through Capterra, you see that Justuno has 4.6/5 stars. While it has decent features, it’s not as easy to use as other software options.

Key Features

Its key features include:

  • Personalized pop-ups
  • Cross-selling and upselling capabilities
  • Gamification
  • Email lists
  • Segmentation/targeting

What Makes the Tool Stand Out

The advanced personalization and segmentation features help Justuno stand apart from the crowd, but you must pay more to access the AI engine.

6. OptinMonster

With OptinMonster, you can generate leads using inline forms and pop-ups. There is an extensive template library and many reliable features.

Optinmonster popup building tool


Take a look at the price tier levels for OptinMonster:

Ratings and Reviews

OptinMonster gets a 4.2/5-star review from Capterra. It’s not as easy to use as other BDOW alternatives, and everything else is just “so-so.”

Key Features

There are many great features to love here, such as:

  • Exit-intent technology
  • Page level targeting
  • Onsite targeting
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Integrations
  • Coupon wheels
  • Various forms

What Makes the Tool Stand Out

If you rely significantly on your contact list to generate leads and sales, this pop-up software is excellent. The campaign scheduling feature sets it apart.

7. Wisepops

Wisepops is an excellent pop-up builder that offers flexibility, uniqueness, and personalization.

Wisepops pop up builder BDOW alternative


Pricing is based on the number of page views your website gets, so it starts at $49/month for 50,000 viewings.

Ratings and Reviews

On Capterra, Wisepops has a 4.9/5-star rating. It’s very easy to use, has great features, and offers excellent customer service.

Key Features

You’ll enjoy these features from Wisepops:

  • Push notifications
  • AI wishlist
  • Pop-ups
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics

What Makes the Tool Stand Out

If you’re a designer, you’ll love Wisepops because you can create your own pop-ups, though there aren’t many templates available.

Choosing the Right Alternative

Take a look at the table below to get a better idea of the listed BDOW alternatives and their features:

Name of BDOW AlternativeKey FeaturesPricing
PoptinPop-ups, Forms, 60+ integrations, 40+ templates, Exit-intent technology, Drag/drop editor, Built-in analytics, A/B testing, AutorespondersFree plan
Basic ($25/month)
Pro ($59/month)
Agency ($119/month)
OptiMonkThemes, Custom input fields, No-code editors, Point/click placement, Pop-ups, Sticky bars, Surveys, Gamification, Conversion booster to double campaign effectiveness. Stock monitoringFree plan
Essential ($39/month)
Growth ($99/month)
Premium ($249/month)
Master (contact for a quote)
WishpondExit surveys, Email marketing, Ad campaign scheduling, Payment systems, Lead databases, Basic pop-upsMust schedule a demo and speak to someone about prices
MailmunchPop-ups, Forms, Landing pages, Automation, Email marketing, Coupons, Cart abandonment options, Gamification$19.99/month for up to 1,000 contacts
Ability to calculate prices for more subscribers
JustunoPersonalized pop-ups, Gamification, Email lists, Cross-selling and upselling capabilities, Segmentation, TargetingEssential ($24/month)
Justuno Plus ($399/month)
OptinMonsterExit-intent technology, Onsite targeting, Page-level targeting, Campaign scheduling, Coupon wheels, Integrations, Various formsBasic ($9.97/month)
Plus ($19.97/month)
Pro ($29.97/month)
Growth ($49.97/month)
WisepopsAI wishlist, Push notifications, Pop-ups, A/B testing, Drag-and-drop editor, AnalyticsStarts at $49/month for 50,000 page views

Choosing a BDOW alternative can be challenging. You must on focus your website type, budget, and specific needs. However, most people look for pre-made templates, an easy-to-use editor, and advanced targeting options.


Ultimately, you need CRO to ensure your website is perfect so that your lead generation marketing techniques go further. Knowing that both are essential will help you attract customers and move them through the sales funnel.

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