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5 استراتيجيات المنبثقة لsupercharge صفحتك المقصود

الصفحات المقصودة المنبثقة

A landing page is the most crucial factor in putting a first good impression on the visitors. It can help take leads a notch higher if it is fancy enough to catch users’ attention.

A landing page is the MVP for your business to collect customer data without being too obvious. Once you learn how to create a landing page, you could start offering free eBooks, templates, and white papers to your visitors in a subtle exchange for information.

The free practices of providing something extra to the users can help your business grow and reach more people. It is a reliable marketing tool to increase visitor’s interest in your business and encourage them to invest in it.

Moreover, startups require marketing strategies that broaden the reach of the audience. Here are some strategies for marketing for startups.

These leads result from users finding the landing page informative and full of substance for them.

Let’s learn about the best practices of using pop-ups on a landing page to maximize reach and sales.

ما هي الصفحة المقصودة؟

A landing page is the first piece of information that users see when they click on an ad or a post on social media accounts.

About 90% of visitors who read your headline will also read your call-to-action, which may help generate leads.

A landing page may be a product or a service in itself to cut costs. A site’s landing page’s primary function is to get the visitors to subscribe, sign up, leave contact information or email address. 

This may also include a purchase of a product or service. Simultaneously, visiting any e-commerce app or website, the first thing they prompt for is to sign up and create an account. This concept is the same on social sites, shopping sites, and informational sites.

بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، فإن الصفحة المقصودة مليئة بالبيانات المركزة التي تصف المعنى الواضح لهدف الشركة ومنتجاتها بشكل عام. 

This is what acquaints the user to the company and grabs the attention to build trust, which is crucial for any potential customer. The product’s awareness stage in people is essential to the marketing flywheel.

Moreover, the data you collect through the forms and sign-ups can create more strategies. 

The marketers may include more than one strategically placed free webinars, white papers, books, guides, free checklists, and more to encourage the users to invest time and money in their products. This, in turn, helps drive traffic to the landing page and other website pages as the user is benefitting from this information.

كيف تعمل الصفحة المقصودة؟

The main principle of the landing page is the exchange of crucial information. With your product’s help, you can create a communication channel with the user. This exchange of valuable information with the users encourages them to share their contact information and email details with you.

صفحة الهبوط من الجيل المتوقع

تحتوي الصفحة المقصودة على آلية منح وأخذ مع الدعوة إلى اتخاذ إجراء في شكل زر أو نموذج أو منبثق.

This data is valuable for the CRM system to work on potential leads. Moreover, it can track the lead status through sale deals and marketing stages.

Landing pages are useful to test your offer’s value level in the market with the relevant audience. Besides, with a single action button on the landing page, it gets simpler for the user to contribute towards conversions.

عوامل مختلفة ، مثل الصناعة والخدمات والمنتجات ، والتصميم ، كما تحدد سلوك العملاء. ولذلك، فإن الصفحات المقصودة ذاتية لأهداف تجارية مختلفة.

Innovative use of a landing page is essential to generate leads in the long term to cover up free services. The landing page should be catchy and relevant to the brand’s true essence.

الصفحة المقصودة
المصدر: spdload.com

5 أفضل استراتيجيات المنبثقة

Pop-ups are easy to grab the uses’ attention as they are hard to ignore. They add value to the services and the users.

Moreover, it has a 100% view rate crucial for marketing and leads.

Below are some ways to strategize the pop-ups on your landing page.

  • نموذج مخفي

الآن، النوافذ المنبثقة تماما في وجهه كما أنها عادة ما تعرض على معلومات أخرى على الموقع. هذا يجب أن يكون إبطال مع نوعية من الصعب تجاهل المعلومات عنها.

لذا، فإن إخفاء نموذج على الصفحة المقصودة هو استراتيجية فعالة لاستخدام النوافذ المنبثقة. تؤدي الصفحة المقصودة التي لا تخلو من عدد كبير جدًا من حقول النماذج المرئية إلى معدل تحويل أفضل بكثير.

إلى جانب ذلك، يجب أن تكون هذه النوافذ المنبثقة سهلة الخفض والإنهاء بحيث لا تؤثر على تجربة المستخدم. 

  • خصم المشتري لأول مرة

If you visit any e-commerce sites, you will notice the pop-up has information about a discount code. This discount code over the first purchase encourages the users to register and sign up even when they don’t make a purchase.

Moreover, some websites send coupon codes over emails to ensure the user provides a valid email address. 

الصفحات المقصودة المنبثقة

These one-time buyer discounts are a win-win for the users and the company. Providing these as a pop-up makes the user aware of these perks before making a purchase.

A person interested in products and services will be delighted to see the discount codes or free items. You may take inspiration from some creative website popup designs and examples to expand your business.

بإضافة خصم لأول مرة وتذكيرهم بإكمال عملية الشراء، ستضمن أن هذا التشجيع يعمل لهم للعودة للمزيد.

Also, ensure to send notifications if there is something left behind in the cart. Most of the users abandon their cart after a while, intentionally and unintentionally. 

Many users may feel registration is too long, or they don’t trust the payment procedure.

Moreover, it could be due to card declining or unsuccessful payment. These reminders may make them finish the purchase or browse some more for another attempt.

  • مكافأة مجانية للمحتوى

The free content should be relevant and free from any filler. Landing page pop ups oftentimes interrupt the users while they are scrolling through the landing page and probably in the middle of reading something. But if you use them correctly, everyone benefits from using pop ups.

They should be intriguing enough for the users to see the value and relevance. It may be a way to improve the user experience with the content specific to their needs.

The exclusive type of content helps users go through these pop-ups to get the free content bonus. This could be an unlock feature for the valuable content after the users provide their email.

A simple split test has been shown to increase conversion rates by 28.9%. The use of progress bars will make the user willingly sign up or provide email details in exchange for the free information bonus.

  • صفقة زمنية محدودة

ربما لاحظت في العديد من مواقع التجارة الإلكترونية هناك العد التنازلي فيما يتعلق بالعروض والصفقات. يتبع هذا العد التنازلي المستخدم بغض النظر عن المكان الذي انتقل عبر الصفحة المقصودة.

It makes the user realize the urgency of the promotional deals, discounts, and sales on products. This can make them purchase before the time runs out to avail of a deal or offer. 

This has to be something hard to miss that adds up value to the user’s investment.

Moreover, these embedded countdown timers do not hinder the user experience as they are over the web page’s header or footer. These are simple reminders for the users to act on fear of missing out.

  • دفع حركة المرور إلى الهبوط الإلكتروني المسور

Pop-ups effectively provide a subtle navigation path to the users over your site. As you know, they have a 100% visual rate; people will give them a quick read before minimizing them.

الصفحات المقصودة المنبثقة

يمكنك إضافة عرض بيع أو دورة مجانية تقدم عبر الصفحة المقصودة لقيادة المستخدمين إلى صفحة المنتج أو الخدمة هذه. 

وهذا يساعد في تعزيز خدمة واحدة واحدة مع استخدام الصفحات المقصودة المنبثقة. يجب أن يكون هناك عمل مستمر لجعل الاشتراكات الإخبارية ، وتنزيل المحتوى المجاني ، والمبيعات بسلاسة على الصفحات المقصودة.

تعلم بعض العروض الإبداعية التي يمكنك وضعها على البريد الإلكتروني الخاص بك المنبثقة رس محرك المزيد من العملاء المتوقعين، المشتركين، والعملاء.


As there is no quick solution to a hundred percent lead-generating landing page, you may get gradual results with these landing page pop-up techniques. These strategies are effective for startups and old websites looking to revamp their services and products.

Furthermore, test your landing page pop ups accurately so that you are ready for what to expect from it. With good content, design, and offers, your sales will considerably improve.