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Best Apps for Boosting Productivity: How to Make the Most in 2022

We have just come out of a transformational year. 2020 was difficult for a lot of people. But, if you are aiming at 2022 being different, then your phone can prove to be your best friend.

If you are looking at new apps for boosting productivity and employee efficiency at work, then we have just curated the list for you.

Here is a list of the best productivity apps on Android and iOS that can be used along with product management tools



One of the best reasons to get going on best productivity apps is to have all your tasks and chores in place. Any.do can help you keep up with your schedule. Especially, as all of us are moving towards remote working; we need to be able to balance out both- personal and professional tasks.

With Any.do, you would be able to keep up your schedule with three primary modalities of organization which include notes, reminders as well as the nature of being sharable. This way, you can also assign and delegate tasks to others. 

Microsoft Office


There is nothing like sticking to the conventional and innovating with the basic features. Hence, one of the most preferred suites when it comes to categorizing best productivity apps is definitely Microsoft Office.

You can check out Excel, Powerpoint as well as Word as the ultimate combination to keep up with all your work needs. Right from organizing your tasks to making calculations to making the right presentation, Microsoft Office is the ideal option for anyone and everyone. It works well for Android, can be pushed via your chosen Android EMM for enterprise use.

MS Office apps can be pushed as a Windows Kiosk App to enjoy a seamless Microsoft user experience.

Just Press Record


Just Press Record is the ideal solution for all your needs with voice and organization. It is just the app for audio recording, one-tap recording as well as iCloud Syncing for all your devices along with providing the transcriptions you need.

Additionally, this app can also transcribe speech with support for multiple languages as well as works well with spoken punctuation commands. The recordings stay organized with proper dates and time, plus you can rename them manually. This can help you keep up with the audio library properly. For enterprise use, Just Press Record can be pushed as an iPad Kiosk app or an iOS kiosk app. 



You are literally as good as your team when it comes to your work performance. This particular app is available for iOS and Android. You can even use it for better Android MDM. It is the ideal solution for remote working and can help you segregate your teams as well as sub-teams better.

It also helps you give your employees the right platform they need to stay connected so that team communication remains intact and all employees use it as one of the best productivity apps to help each other grow. 



Keeping a track of your business as well as professional contacts on the same phone as your personal contacts can be very tricky. So, this app is just the perfect contacts manager that you need. Close helps in integrating all your contacts, social network as well as acts as an email command center too.

If you give permissions, then this app can sync details from your contacts as well as social networks so that your information and profiles stay updated. Another great advantage of this app is the “Key People” feature where it uses your messages and interactions to surface tweets as well as status messages. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader


It comes with the trust of Adobe and is available on all the primary platforms that you can use for downloading the best productivity apps. It is free on both- Android and iOS. A lot of our formal data is actually shared on PDFs.

This app is one of the best picks in the market when you are looking for an annotation app. Users can trust this app to sign as well as view their PDFs. You can also open PDF files from different mails, web or any app which supports sharing as you work on the document. Additionally, you can even comment on these PDFs with insertions of sticky notes in the app. 



While this may not be a conventional app to make it to the list of best productivity apps, it is helpful to keep up the peace of mind. Use this meditation app to take out certain minutes of your day which can help you rejuvenate and work better throughout your work hours. It has a lot of different types of meditations and can be used for stress-busting on a regular basis. 



Our last pick for the best productivity apps that you can use in 2022 is Quire. If you are looking for a visual collaboration tool to brainstorm through these remote working times, then this is just the app for you. It has to-do lists, boards for people to see, and a lot more for you to do to make idea sharing efficient. 

All of the aforementioned apps are ideal for you to check out especially if you are looking at the best productivity apps. Consider these apps and you will definitely be able to meet your goals for the year. We have tried to put apps that are available for Android and someone would be available for Android MDM as well.

Additionally, you can try apps available as Windows Kiosk App & iPad Kiosk App that can help you and your teammates ace productivity. 

Remember, productivity increases when you use the right tool for the right job at the right time.

Author’s Bio 

Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion, an industry-leading MDM solution that helps organizations across the globe to manage their mobile endpoints. She’s an engineering graduate, an Apple junkie, and an avid reader who has 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy, and PR for technology and web-based startups.