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Black Friday Pop Up Examples to Use This 2022

It seems like the year went by incredibly quickly. Ber months were here in the blink of an eye, which means Black Friday is coming up very soon.  

The holidays are many people’s favorite time of the year – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas often make everyone want to go shopping. Therefore, it’s the perfect time for you to take advantage of people’s rush and boost your sales. 

Even though the holidays sound very fun, you need to prepare your online store. A marketing strategy is essential since it helps you create a plan and follow it to get the best results. 

At the same time, an important part of your online marketing strategy is to include some fun pop ups to boost your holiday sales. Nonetheless, you might not know how to make things work, so having a list with some options may help. Read on and find out everything you need to know!

1. Black Friday Spin the Wheel Pop Up

The name itself sounds interesting, and it’s because it catches the attention of many visitors. One of the best things you could implement to improve your holiday sales is to make a spin-the-wheel or prize wheel pop up. 

These gamified popups include coupons, incentives, vouchers, and different offers to give away to your visitors. All you need to do is to come up with attractive alternatives for your clients. 

When making a Black Friday pop-up, you must remember to write a catchy title. Otherwise, your visitors might oversee the offer or simply not pay attention to it. 

Humans are curious by nature. Thus, when you want to ensure your visitors notice your holiday pop ups, you have to give them a reason. A prize wheel is a great strategy, but you have to tweak it to make it your own, which includes offering good deals and ensuring that the pop up itself looks appealing. 

In other words, for a prize wheel pop up to work, you have to give your customers something that makes them want to spin it. Make them curious, which may inevitably lead them to spend more time on your website, which can increase sales.  

The primary purpose of a prize wheel popup is to increase customer engagement. It’s a straightforward way to make your visitors interact with your website – you only need to be creative and come up with things they don’t want to miss. 

There are also other types of gamified pop ups like slot machines, pick a gift pop up, or scratch cards.

2. Discount Pop Ups for Returning Visitors 

Being a returning visitor in a store means you have already bought something there and have first-hand experience with the products.

Think of all the stores, you trust and love. You probably love it when they offer you an exclusive discount or deal just for being a loyal customer. If you’ve enjoyed that experience, you could take advantage of its benefits and use it to increase your holiday sales. 

Having loyal clients means you get revenues because they can keep coming back and paying for your products or services. Therefore, if you reward them, you might strengthen your bond and encourage them to keep purchasing what you offer. 

After buying from your store for the first time, a customer has a 27% chance of making a second purchase. If you take advantage of your returning visitors, you could increase those chances – give them exclusive discounts during your Black Friday sales.  

To make this strategy work, you need to adjust the settings of your pop up. It can’t be effective if all visitors can see it. Thus, you must ensure that it only appears when returning visitors land on your website. With Poptin, you can easily set your targeting rules in just a few clicks.

You could offer different incentives to returning visitors, such as free delivery, discounts, same-day delivery, or even early access to fantastic deals. If you’re choosing the last option, you could take advantage of it and encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter. 

3. Pop Up Teaser for Promos

Sometimes you don’t need your holiday pop ups to be completely obvious. Hiding them to surprise your audience is also an effective way to boost sales. With this, you can use pop up teasers!

Therefore, another good idea is to add a specific button in the corner of your website. Once the person clicks it, a surprise Black Friday pop up can appear and offer them a massive discount or deal they can’t miss. 

The secret to making a Black Friday pop up launcher work is to hide it in plain sight. You don’t want people to be unable to see it, so make sure it catches visitors’ eye. However, you also want to avoid making it too obvious, so you shouldn’t choose something too flashy. 

Exclusive massive promos are a fantastic opportunity to increase your sales, but you need to know how to handle the marketing strategy appropriately. Once you incorporate the element of surprise, your visitor might be happy with their discovery and interested in your offer. 

Surprising visitors is the first step to making them feel interested, which is essential to keep them engaged. Thus, a pop-up launcher is a very effective strategy to boost your sales and make your massive promo work. 

A big part of choosing effective marketing strategies is to be creative. Consequently, you must find ways to think outside the box. Poptin’s customizable templates can help you jumpstart your design journey. Eventually, you might look back at all your ideas and notice how much everything helped you increase your sales. 

4. Dark-themed Pop Ups

One of the essential aspects of creating your marketing strategy is color psychology. However, it’s often overlooked, so you should try to learn as much as possible about the subject – it might help boost your holiday sales. 

You might quickly notice that most popups are dark in color if you look online. Navy blue, black, dark red, and green are the most popular choices. Thus, you may wonder why many brands choose those specific palettes. 

Color psychology is essential to engage your visitors, especially if they visit your site for the first time. When your pop up has dark colors like black, it elicits elegance and sophistication.  

When you choose, for example, dark red, you’re not only making them feel excited but also eliciting the feeling of urgency. Therefore, your color decisions are vital, especially if you want your popups to make your visitors feel a certain way. 

Even though you might like specific colors, some may not be as effective for your holiday pop ups. A bright yellow could surprise your visitors, but their eyesight might quickly get tired, leading them to close the popup without reading anything. 

Consequently, avoiding bright colors overall seems like a better idea. Dark tones catch your clients’ attention without tiring them, so they might spend more time examining your offer, and that’s vital to increase sales. 

6. Animated Black Friday Pop Ups

The last strategy on this list is also highly effective if you know how to use it well. Animated pop ups are one of the most popular ideas you could go for during the holidays. They’re fun, engaging, and can quickly catch the eye of your visitors, even if they’ve never browsed through your store before. 

An essential aspect of Black Friday pop ups is making them visually appealing. Otherwise, they might not work because your visitors are simply not interested. Therefore, having animated pop ups is a fantastic idea since you can add several fun visual elements. 

Animated pop ups often include falling leaves, objects moving, and so on. Try to choose elements that match the season (Black Friday!), and ensure your pop up looks good with the style of your website.  

You should keep something in mind when adding animations to your popups: you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors. Thus, even though it might seem like a fun idea to add falling snow, moving objects, and many animated elements at once, you should try to balance everything out. 

Poptin gives you different animated elements that you can integrate into your pop ups so they would be more eye-catching and visually appealing.

As a buyer, you probably want to feel at home each time you visit your favorite store. Therefore, when you go online and browse through a website, you’re probably yearning to get discounts and special deals. 

However, you also want the brand to present you with those deals and discounts in an appealing way, which is where animated pop ups come in. Animating your holiday pop ups is a great idea – just remember to balance everything and make it enjoyable without exaggerating. 


Pop ups are immensely useful to boost holiday sales, but they can only help you if you know how to add them to your website and make everything work. 

Even though holiday pop ups are entertaining, you need to carefully evaluate all your options before choosing what you’re going for.

Now that you have five different alternatives pick the one you like the best, and start adapting it to your website. You might notice various changes in your engagement and sales in no time!

Want to start creating your Black Friday pop ups? There’s no better time to upgrade than today!

If you want to learn more about how you can supercharge your eCommerce store this Black Friday, we have plenty of resources for you!

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