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Boost Your Holiday Sales with Eid Al-Adha Popup Campaigns

Eid Al-Adha is an official Islamic holiday to honor Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son to obey God’s command. It’s considered a holy day, and many people celebrate it by buying presents and other items they want and need. 

The Festival of Breaking the Fast is a big important celebration. With that, eCommerce stores can use the holiday to drive more revenue and boost conversions. Whether you sell food items or other gifts, everyone wants to celebrate and you can be of help!

Celebrations like this often drive people to buy new clothes and gifts for loved ones, making it a great way to expand your company and get more sales.

As an eCommerce store owner, you can use pop ups on your website, such as countdown popups and exit-intent popups to optimize your conversion strategies. Email popups are also great around this time of year. 

Here are some great ideas you can use for your Eid Al-Adha popup campaigns:

Eid AI-Adha Pop Up Ideas

Here are just a few ways to use your pop-ups for Eid Al-Adha:

  • Promote Your Travel Sales with Coupon Popups

    Many people love to travel this time of year, so you can provide coupon pop-ups for your services. Do you offer travel deals or want someone to book an accommodation for their trip? This is a great time to do it!

eid al-adha popups website campaigns
  • Eid AI-Adha greeting popups with discount and confetti animation to welcome website visitors

    Greet your website visitors with pop-ups that are designed specifically for the holiday. Add a surprise button to show value and appreciation for the Eid season. The confetti animation is easy too! Head on to your Poptin builder’s “Advanced Settings” on check the dropdown menu for animation options.

  • Time-limited Eid Al-Adha popups that are only available during the holiday season

    These Eid Al-Adha popups are only available during this season, so you’re not offering outdated content. This will help you drive more sales as you evoke a sense of urgency in your customers. This is highly effective in converting first-time visitors, reducing cart abandonment, and generating more email subscribers.

eid al-adha popups website campaigns

To add a countdown timer, go to the Add Elements tab on the Poptin app and choose Timer.

  • Encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter to get exclusive discounts and promotions

    While you hope people buy for the holiday season, you can ask for their email address to provide more information and market to them all year long!

eid al-adha popups website campaigns
  • Exit-intent popups highlighting related product recommendations

    If someone starts to exit the page, offer Eid Al-Adha pop-ups to provide more recommendations with discounts! This way, it’s easy for customers to add an interesting product to their cart without browsing through your online shop. This boosts sales and browsing experience all at the same time.

    eid al-adha popups website campaigns

    Setting your exit-intent trigger is pretty easy. Just go to the Display Rules on the Poptin app and turn it on.

How to Create Your Eid AI-Adha Pop Ups with Poptin

Now that you know why this holiday is so great for business, it’s time to understand how to create Eid Al-Adha popups using Poptin:

1. Find the pop up template you want to use. You may also create your design from scratch.

2. Fill out the information (status, Poptin name, and domain). Click “Customize Poptin.”


3. Update the text, choose the buttons, and focus on the background design and color. Move things around as needed!


4. Add elements, such as icons, images, shapes, and more text where necessary. Now, we have this!


5. Scroll down in settings to email/integrations. Make sure you have an email field on your popup if you want to activate any integrations. Add an integration from the list of many options.


6. Once you’re done, choose from advanced settings, such as the entry effect. Does it slide in from the top, left, or right? Make it look like you want!

7. Click “Next” in the right corner to input triggers (exit-intent, time delay, etc.)

8. Change dates, hours, and anything else so that your pop ups only appear when you want them. This is perfect for Eid Al-Adha because you can input those specific dates for that promotion.


9. Click “Next,” and you’ve created your Poptin. Copy the code and insert it on your website! You can also check our Help Guide for some helpful tutorials. 

Wrap Up

Using Eid AI-Adha popups is crucial for your website or online store this Eid season. They can be countdown popups, exit-intent popups, email popups, or any kind of popup you want. The important thing is you’re able to give value-packed offers to your customers so they’d keep coming back for more, even after the Eid season has passed.

Eid Al-Adha popup popups are sure to be a big hit, and the season only comes around once a year! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity. Use Poptin to create pop-ups for your website and email now!

Are you ready to start creating Eid AI-Adha popup popups for free? Poptin can help. Sign up now!

What’s Next?

Don’t think that website pop-ups are your only option. There are tons of other marketing ideas, too. Create a newsletter, update your homepage design, use event countdowns, and post on social media! Check these helpful resources to keep you going:

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