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6 Ways To Collect Phone Numbers Using Website Pop ups

Although there are many different ways to boost website conversions, SMS marketing seems like a good opportunity to stay in contact with the prospects and increase the chances of converting them even more.

You can use your e-commerce website as a place to find interested consumers and surprise them with amazing offers via pop ups.

In exchange for these offers, people usually leave names or email addresses, but another way of effectively getting valuable data is by collecting their phone numbers.

According to statistics, even 75% of consumers are glad to receive text messages with special offers, so try this marketing strategy and get those numbers fast.

Use these 6 ways to collect phone numbers using website popups, and converting visitors into customers will never be easier!

1. Give your visitors a strong reason to sign up and make your pop up offer irresistible

In order to attract your visitors’ attention and make them want to leave their phone numbers, you need to give them some kind of incentive.

They need to feel like they have a strong reason to sign up, and therefore your job is to give it to them by offering something special.

These offers can be:

  • Discounts
  • Exclusive offers
  • Contests
  • A free eBook
  • A free shipping

Or anything similar.

The only thing that’s important is that this offer provides your prospects with some value.

For example, you can give your subscribers a chance to receive $10 off an order when they sign up to your text message pop up:


Source: MyPillow

It seems really easy and like they could actually benefit from it, which is the whole point.

Your offer has to provide some value for them in order to be too good to ignore.

It will also make your visitors feel a little less uncomfortable sharing this type of information with you, and something like a free eBook, a discount, or free shipping will certainly help and encourage them to make a decision.

Make it hard for them to turn away from your offer.

2. Make a balance between keeping it simple and having an amazing design

Pop ups can sometimes be too confusing to the visitors, so don’t give them the chance to give up, and create a simple but still beautiful pop-up to keep their attention a little longer.

There is no need to overcomplicate the whole design.

Just customize your pop-up properly, add certain details, and you’re good to go.

The tool that can help you create and customize phenomenal pop-ups for your website is called Poptin.


In addition to pop ups, Poptin offers some additional options to engage your visitors:

When it comes to pop ups, it allows you to completely customize them using its drag and drop editor that is also extremely easy to use:

You can change colors, fonts, sizes, add or remove fields or certain elements like images, videos, and more in a few steps.

To look professional, match your pop-ups’ design with the design of your website.

You can even add a logo.

Play with the design, experiment, but not too much.

When it comes to fields, reduce their number to the maximum to gather only the most necessary information from your visitors.

Don’t ask for too much information or overwhelm your visitors with too many offers.

Focus on just one goal.

3. Create a specific CTA and show your visitors what you’d like them to do next

Having a simple and specific CTA is extremely important when creating an effective pop-up because this is the moment when visitors are 1 step closer to becoming maybe even your most loyal customers.

So, create a specific CTA to make it easier for your website visitors to know what their next step is.

They don’t want to waste their time looking for it as it can annoy them and reduce their desire to even take any action on your website.

When it comes to CTA buttons, they have to be positioned properly and in a contrasting color to stand out from the rest of the window and be more visible.


Source: RoadiD

As an example, we can see here that the CTA is highlighted and in contrasting orange colour right below the field where a visitor’s mobile number is supposed to be entered.

A good CTA should be:

  • Short and simple
  • With power words
  • Action-driven
  • Precise

You have to give your visitors the right direction if you want your pop-ups to be successful.

Choose the appropriate CTA according to the offer you’re giving, and be direct.

Encourage them with some action-driven verbs, and create an awesome user experience for them by being efficient and precise.

You can even add the word “now” and create a sense of urgency.

4. Add a clear exit option in order not to make your visitors frustrated 

Pop-ups are a great tool if designed properly, so make sure to add a clear X option in order not to annoy your visitors and turn them away quickly.

It is important not to make their visit to your e-commerce website an unpleasant experience for them.

Add a clear X option to your pop up to provide your visitors with a chance to exit it and continue their journey undisturbed.

Make it easy for your visitors to close it by providing a clear and visible “X”, or make it possible for them to exit by simply clicking anywhere outside of the popup itself.


Source: Monoset

You can even provide a “No, thanks” option, it’s your choice.

It is only important to include any kind of solution to keep the visitors on your website longer and allow them to continue with their shopping, or similar.

5. Optimize your pop-ups for those visitors who are coming to your website through mobile phones

As more than 50% of traffic is coming directly from mobile phones, it is imperative to create pop-ups that work equally well on all types of devices.

If your pop-up isn’t working properly on mobile devices and stops your visitors from having a quality user experience on your website, then you have a problem.

So, optimize your pop ups for mobile phones and don’t risk your pop-up not displaying the way it should.

Each element of a popup should be clearly displayed from the exit option and a copy to the CTA.

Choose a less intrusive pop-up format, and let the offer be in focus on screen-space.


Source: Underarmour

Use short and clear CTAs, compelling copy, and an amazing offer to act as an incentive for your website visitors.

A visitor who comes to your website from a mobile device is automatically more likely to agree to receive text messages from your brand as he’s probably used to shopping and finishing things via phone.

If you want to speed up the creation process, the Poptin tool also allows you to use some of their mobile-friendly pre-made templates and create beautiful and engaging pop-ups:


Source: Poptin

Make your pop-ups fully responsive so that all of your visitors can feel included.

People appreciate a proper-functioning pop-up, so don’t forget to optimize it as your business will surely benefit from it.

6. Update your pop ups regularly to make your offers constantly relevant to your visitors

As we have already mentioned, value is extremely important to your visitors.

But for some visitors, it may decrease if your pop ups are not updated during a year.

Offers need to be equally relevant throughout a year to interest your website visitors and positively affect the conversions.

Also, different people will like different incentives, so it is the best strategy to update your pop-ups with different offers from time to time to cover a larger number of people.


Source: Gangstagroup 

For example, you can create special offers on certain occasions such as Black Friday or New Year holidays and surprise your visitors with awesome discounts, exclusive deals, and more.

Of course, when these holidays are over, remember to put some other, new, and relevant offer on your pop-up window.

You can use these occasions to attract more subscribers to your newsletter, but you can also use them to collect as many phone numbers as possible.

Updating your pop-ups makes them highly effective, so try to keep up and delight your prospects with fresh offers.

To Sum up

Having engaging pop-ups on your e-commerce website is a great way to reach a huge number of visitors and try to convert them into customers with enticing offers.

One of the ways to stay in contact with your prospects is by collecting their mobile phones for SMS marketing, but in order to do it right, you need to follow certain steps.

You need to:

  • Offer your visitors something of value
  • Create a beautiful pop-up
  • Add a specific CTA
  • Provide them with a clear exit option
  • Make your pop-ups mobile-friendly
  • Update your offers regularly

To make the whole creation and customization process even easier, use the Poptin popup tool and make perfect pop ups in a few minutes.

It helps you make your pop-ups look more professional and stunning.

Try these 6 ways to collect phone numbers using website pop-ups and get more conversions than ever! 

Aazar Ali Shad is an entrepreneur, growth marketer (not a hacker), and a seasoned SaaS guy. He loves writing content and sharing what he learned with the world. You can follow him on Twitter @aazarshad or aazarshad.com