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Convert Visitors into Customers with Shoptet Pop Ups

Every year, the influx of online visitors continues to rise as more brands are going digital.

This reality is also supported by the increasing number of merchants optimizing their sites for mobile shopping.

Why so? The demand is there! In fact, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase items online.

That’s surprisingly good news for eCommerce store owners. Yet the victory doesn’t stop in having millions of visitors per year. A successful conversion is a key to lasting business progress.

A platform that hosts thousands of e-shops mainly in Czech and Slovak markets is Shoptet. It has over 3.5 million visitors annually and their sales growth is seen to have risen rapidly over the years.

In this article, I’ll share how you can further accelerate the growth of your Shoptet store by converting visitors into customers effectively using pop ups!

Why Pop Ups?

If you haven’t tried pop ups on your Shoptet store, I hope this article will encourage you to! 

You might be missing out on this easy to implement and highly effective tool when it comes to lead capture and customer acquisition. With tools like Poptin, you can create your own popups fast and equip it with all the necessary features for better results.


Pop ups are mainly used to convert visitors into customers, subscribers, or leads, whichever works for you. By the way, did you know that almost 70% of your visitors leave their carts? That’s quite a huge chunk of money wasted after all! Yet, pop ups have the potential to rescue 20% of your abandoned carts, making way for more sales on your part as a business owner.

Moreover, pop ups have been proven effective in minimizing lead cost by 50%, especially if you want to improve your email marketing, newsletters, and other forms of lead nurturing.

Your Pop Up Builder: Poptin

Poptin is a product of years of digital experience in helping businesses grow massively in the digital space.

Knowing full well how lead capture tools can help in successful conversions, Poptin was launched. And it now has a huge database of user-community, all taking advantage of Poptin’s advanced features.

This pop up builder is so user-friendly. You can even create designs in just a matter of minutes, even with zero knowledge of coding. It has a long list of responsive templates, customization options, integrations, display rules, and more.

Converting Visitors into Customers

Now, here are the most common (and effective) ways to convert visitors into customers in your Shoptet store!

  • Surprise your first-time visitors with an exclusive coupon

This is the best way to create a lasting first impression with your first-time visitors. They will be encouraged to take advantage of the discount as it won’t be available again next time.

  • Remind them to complete their purchase

shoptet pop ups

Exit-intent technology is a surefire way to encourage visitors to take a second look at their carts. This allows you to show an exit pop up once a visitor is about to exit from your online store. You may offer additional discounts, coupons, and other enticing offerings so they will continue with their purchase or give their email addresses.

If you want to know more about exit-intent technology and its benefits for your business, click here.

  • Customize your targeting rules

You can’t talk in the same language to everyone. Segment your audience and know where to reach them.

If your product is only available for iOS users, then don’t waste your time showing popups for Android users. Same as when your prospects are located in a specific country. By customizing your targeting options, you have greater chances of acquiring more paying customers and qualified leads.

  • Make everything easy for customers

Don’t ask for too much information. Just the important stuff. If you can, get only the email address. Or their phone numbers if you’re into SMS marketing too. Complicated fields slow down conversion and might not work positively in the long run.

Pop ups are also a great way to give helpful information, such as redirecting them to a Black Friday landing page, download page, and sign up page, among others.

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You can also offer support and chat options using your Shoptet pop ups. This approach can help you improve user experience and customer service all in one.

  • Create urgency


With pop ups, you can update visitors about limited stocks, slots, or event tickets. You can even put a countdown timer, which is considered one of the most effective ways of driving conversions. 

Now that you know some of the best ways on how you can use Shoptet pop ups, check these Creative Website Popups Design Examples to inspire you!

Creating Shoptet Pop Ups with Poptin

Creating Shoptet pop ups is pretty easy, trust me! Much easier too if you use one of Poptin ready-made templates. I’ll show you how!

  • First, log in to your Poptin account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create for FREE. Once you’re on the dashboard, click “New Poptin”.

shoptet pop ups

  • Choose Popup. You can also click Embedded Form if you intend to put forms on your store.


  • Select your Goal. You may create a design from scratch or choose among the 40+ ready made templates available.


  • Once you’ve chosen your template, a pop up window appears. Type the Poptin Name and your Shoptet Website where you intend to show your pop up.


  • And now we’re on the pop up editor! You can freely add/edit/remove all the elements that you see, such as the colors, sizes, fields, fonts, background image, timer size, and many more.


  • In just a few tweaks on the elements, you can create an entirely personalized pop up design for your brand.


  • If you want to integrate your CRM or any emailing platform, just scroll down and you’ll see “Add Integration”. Choose the software that you use and connect it. This gives you access to a seamless email marketing integration process.


  • Once you’re satisfied with your design, move on to the display rules. Set the desired trigger. Choices are exit-intent, time delay, page scroll, page count, click count, and inactivity trigger (when the user becomes idle in a specified amount of time).


  • The last part is the Targeting Rules. This is where you set frequency, devices, and many other options for accurate customer targeting.


  • Once everything’s good, click Publish! It’s easy, right?

You can now relax and wait as your pop ups do the work for you in converting visitors into paying customers.

Add Poptin to your Shoptet store now and start creating your own pop-ups!

If you’re looking for a more visual tutorial, here’s a video on how to create your first pop up with Poptin:

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