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How to Create Smart Pop Ups to Boost Your Smartrmail Email List

Among customer engagement tools, email marketing remains one of the most effective. It saves a significant amount of time and money for any business that employs it as it’s mostly automated. 

Some CRM and email marketing platforms make it easy to manage digital marketing campaigns and other aspects, but there are times where a more specialized tool might be the better choice. For instance, Smartrmail makes email marketing significantly straightforward.


Nevertheless, how can you get subscribers that you can convert to customers in the future? If you’re using Smartrmail as your email marketing software, you can integrate your account with popups by Poptin! With these two, you can boost your email list in no time.

Why is it essential to build your email list

Email marketing campaigns are essential in most business strategies. They allow you to reach out to people interested in what you can offer and keep in contact with them. 

It lets you build up strong relationships with your target audience while building brand awareness. Moreover, email marketing helps you convert website visitors into customers. 

With email marketing campaigns, you can increase the initial interest and engagement of your website’s visitors.

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However, is there an easier way to reach out to your potential customers instead of waiting for them to fill out an email form? Yes, there is, and here’s how:

What are Smartrmail Pop Ups?

These are popups that appear on your website. They’re connected with your Smartrmail email marketing account, so it immediately collects the popup response into your email list database. The process itself is seamless and quick. 

They’re a significantly effective way to grow your list and boost your service and product sales. Smartrmail Pop Ups come with easy but fundamental design customization options. It lets you change the color and font on text, buttons, headers, and footers.


Additionally, it allows you to manage the frequency in which they appear. However, there’s a better way of creating popups by using Poptin.

The best tool to create Smartrmail Popups: Poptin

Poptin is a lead capture platform that helps online marketers, digital agencies, portals, eCommerce websites, and bloggers to engage and convert more visitors into sales, leads, and email subscribers by using remarkable popups and contact forms. 


It has numerous pricing plans available and even a free option. They range from $19 monthly to more than $99, with varying characteristics such as the number of visitors, domains, and autoresponders it can manage.

Poptin works alongside your website and CRM or emailing system to track the visitors’ behavior and shows them the right message at the best time. The best part is that it’s significantly easy to use. 

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of coding or designing to create popups, and the process itself takes around five minutes. If you don’t have an account, you can even get started for free.

You can add or remove different elements, fields, add photos, change fonts, colors, and much more. It’s also possible to add and customize unique components such as countdown timers, media files, coupon codes, and icons.

This platform operates on an effortless drag and drop interface, making the creating process more convenient. It has several different popup window templates on offer, such as:

The tool also helps you create popups that are responsive on a mobile device. After all, mobile internet traffic comprises around 55% of total web traffic, according to Statista.

If the design satisfies you, you can proceed with the display rules. Poptin allows you to target the right customers at the best time leading to more efficient conversion rates. Here are some of the targeting rules and triggering options available:

  • Triggering options. They let you decide when the popup appears. Some trigger possibilities include exit-intent, percentage of scrolling page, display after a certain number of clicks or pages visited, inactivity, and time delay.


  • Targeting rules. They let you decide to whom the popup appears. Some targeting parameters are geo-location, traffic source, OS and browsers, date and time, and page targeting.

These are all laid on a simple, easy-to-use dashboard, so it’s up to you which triggering and targeting options you want to use. If you’re not sure which to use, try A/B testing. The results might show you the best-performing option.

After finishing the design, all that remains is integrating it into Smartrmail.

How to integrate your pop ups with Smartrmail

You can create beautiful emails with Smartrmail in mere minutes. It has a lookup feature that allows you to insert products complete with their images, descriptions, and links with a single click.

Moreover, it can send automated product recommendation emails, taking advantage of your website’s data. Smartrmail can also create popups and custom templates that are easy to customize. 

Overall, this email marketing app does most of the work for you. When people subscribe to your list through a Poptin popup, they automatically receive the template you created for that occasion. 

Afterward, you can continue your digital marketing campaign with Smartrmail. Still, how can you integrate these popups with this app? 

First, log in to your Poptin account and head to the popups dashboard. Then, click on the pencil next to the popup you wish to integrate with Smartrmail and click “Edit Design.”

Scroll down until you reach “Email and Integration” and click “Add Integration.” Find Smartrmail in the list and click it.


Head to your account settings in the Smartrmail dashboard and click “Integrations.” Copy the API token that appears there and keep it at hand. Back in the dashboard, go to Subscribers and head to Subscriber List to copy the List ID from the URL.

Finally, copy the API token and the List ID in the prompt that appeared in Poptin Popups and wait for authentification to approve and save the integration. 

For a complete guide with photos, click here.

The Bottom Line

Email marketing might appear challenging at first, but you can significantly save time and money in the long run with the right tools. These also help you reduce your mistakes and increase the number of conversions for your website. 

Poptin, in particular, is a significantly helpful tool that substantially helps you convert visitors into sales, leads, and customers. Head over to Poptin and signup to quickly boost your Smartrmail email list!

Sign up with Poptin for free!

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