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In-Depth Guide to Use Pop Ups in Your Restaurant Marketing Strategy

There are enormous digital marketing techniques. However, each of them does not work for your business. The new economic and digital norms have not been easy to adapt to in the restaurant industry.

While you continue to try innovative marketing techniques, now is the time to have your popup marketing game on as the smart marketers keep using it to display important messages and drive traffic to their websites.

Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Wait, wait, here we are not telling you to open a popup restaurant but we are talking about pop up messages that are used for marketing purposes on your website.

Today, people visit numerous websites and apps in a day to accomplish their daily tasks with ease, and they often see popup messages at the center or left side of the website. 

The messages typically convey the need to subscribe to a newsletter. Now the question is why it should be used for your restaurant business? Because they work! Don’t you believe it? 

No doubt, restaurants now have numerous marketing tools to promote their business. Thanks to the Internet, popup notifications are one of the most effective to increase the conversion rate and the number of subscribers.

Here, we are going to discuss how to create an effective popup for your restaurant that catches customer’s attention quickly. 

Do Pop Ups Work? Here’s Interesting Facts 

Do pop ups work? Yes, if you execute them properly, it surely gives you desired outputs. 

Popup advertising has a nasty reputation: it’s annoying and distracting. 

But this is not the case. Popup advertising sometimes works way better than social media posts and enhances your mail subscribers list. Why is that so? You should check out some exciting facts about how it benefits your restaurant business. 

  • Copyblogger has stated that popup marketing strategy quickly boosts the email list. 
  • According to Gary Vaynerchuk, content is king, and if you have appealing content in your popup notifications, it increases the conversion rate by almost 40%. 
  • On average, popup notifications convert nearly 3% of guest users to daily customers and add many subscribers to your email list. 

Here’s how:

  1. They can increase the number of subscribers in your email list
  2. They can help you promote content
  3. They can generate lead 
  4. They can collect customer’s valuable information

Yes, these are the major benefits of an effective popup marketing strategy. 

Who does not want more traffic? Who does not want to appear on the first page of Google? Who does not want to get more orders? Every restaurant entrepreneur wants to increase sales with the least effort.

Some business owners now want to integrate a popup widget within their restaurant booking website builder to easily update information and convey an important message to attract more customers or new potential employees for their restaurant.

You have created an appealing website for your restaurant business, developed a fully-featured application, and are also active enough on social media, but what if you don’t get enough visitors to your webpage?

However, many people visit your website, but how to convert these random visitors down the sales funnel? Here, a popup marketing strategy works well if it is placed strategically. 

So, let’s discuss in detail what type of popups you can place and what practices should be followed to boost your restaurant conversions. 

Intrigued? Then spend some time and read on. 

Different Types of Popups to Increase Conversions

As mentioned above, popups are one of the most effective tools that can be used to collect email IDs, increase conversion, and, ultimately the number of orders. But what kind of popups really attract visitors’ eyeballs?

Here, we have mentioned some popular kinds of popups you can play with and choose the best format that matches your business standards and generate leads. 

Time-based Popups

Time-based popups are among the most popular types appearing during a specified period. It means when you visit the website, it appears after 60 seconds on your screen. It is the most-used popup and can be integrated across your website or landing page. 

For instance, here you can take the example of Tony Robbins blog. The pop-up appears exactly after 60 seconds.

pasted image 0 (30)

Welcome Pop-ups

Welcome type popup is one of the most common techniques to treat customers. You can welcome guests by displaying some warm messages through welcome-pop. Restaurants can welcome their customers by using this popup and ask them to explore other web pages. Make sure you have set this popup based on your restaurant theme and brand. 

You can check a Problogger blog for a welcome popup messenger inspiration. 

pasted image 0 (31)

Bar Popups 

Usually, eCommerce website owners use bar popups as it appears on the top and urges customers to click on that. This is an effective type of popup because it will not distract users and can be used to announce some news or offers.

Exit-intent Pop-ups

We put so much effort into welcoming and engaging with users, so we always want them to spend some time on your restaurant website, right? Exit-intent popups are specially designed when customers are about to leave your webpage and click on that pesky close button.

Before they finally close the window, using these pop ups, you can change their mind and at least collect their email id or contact details. 

One of the leading marketing software Coschedule uses exit-intent popup to reach out to their customers before leaving. 

pasted image 0 (32)

Above are the most popular kinds of popups used by marketers to engage users and attract new customers. 

Best Practices for Restaurant Pop-ups 

We have seen which are the most popular types of popups used by marketers to grab user’s attention. But how should it look? What kind of content do users find interesting?

Popups have become a significant part of any website, and yes, if used correctly, they will add fuel to your marketing strategy. 

According to Blog Marketing Academy, pop-ups generally have decent click-through rates. Now, if you want to gather customer’s information or grab their attention, it is your job to use certain designs and trending captions to keep them engaged. How will you do so? Here we have addressed several practices that might help you to get started. 

Timing is Everything

Timing is everything when you are about to use popups on your restaurant website. Finding the right time to display your message is the key to success. When people visit your website for the very first time, it is inevitable to create a positive impression.

If popups appear too soon, it might annoy users since they don’t have knowledge regarding your services and products. If your popups display too late, you might lose potential subscribers. So what is the right time to use them?

Well, there are plenty of online tools and websites to help you. Advanced tools like Hotjar, Moz, Clicktale, SemRush, etc., help you track how people behave with your website. Based on that, you can set popups. Use those tools to create the best and meaningful popups for your restaurant website. 

Prominent Call-to-Action

CTAs are your best friends when you are developing a popup marketing strategy. Ensure your popups have a strong and clear call-to-action that is easy to read and users find attractive.


When you browse any website or landing page, you often see catchy buttons like “sign up,” “shop now,” “order now,” or “get started.” These kinds of words capture user’s attention quickly and encourage them to buy more. 

You can design attractive CTAs by following several techniques such as:

  • Give your CTA a contrast color
  • Make your CTA action-oriented
  • Mention the benefit of taking action

Usually, customers always looking for exciting deals and offerings, use a word like “limited offer,” and you will see how your email list gets flooded. 

Get Started with Eye-Catching Layout

Last but not least, your popup design should be clutter-free and eye-catchy, so it looks more natural and helps you convince customers quickly.

While designing restaurant popups, think like you are guests and about what they want to see. This is the way you can make a beautiful popup. Use proper format, have an exciting headline, use images and bright colors.  

In short, design a popup that users find no way to ignore or close. 

Parting Thoughts

Here we have seen the importance of popups in your restaurant marketing stringy, types, and best practices to follow.

Pop-Ups, if used properly, can boost your email list and sales. Ensure you are conveying an important message and providing value to your users through pop ups without hurting their user experience.

Follow these amazing tips and get started with pop ups marketing strategy to boost your conversions. 

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