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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

January 14, 2019
digital trends 2019

Digital marketing is an arena that witnesses tremendous changes. Many firms try to keep pace with the host of changes that take place every year. Well, 2019 is no different. What defines digital marketing trends 2019? We too wonder…

There is a dramatic shift happening everywhere. A company needs to scrutinize the changing trends or be forced by the wayside. Consumers are demanding a more integrated experience which is quite challenging for digital marketers. The year 2018 saw many changes taking place. What should one expect from digital marketing trends 2019?

We have complied up top 20 digital marketing trends 2019 to survive the year…. read on

Artificial Intelligence

AI has become an integral part of digital marketing. In fact, it can replace human capabilities to give better results. Many digital marketers are attracted by the prospects of AI. Low cost accelerated business outreach and upperhand in competition are only some of the few benefits that come with digital marketing. AI can do better work by effectively interpreting consumer behavior and research pattern and help business understand their perceptions of products and services.

Programmatic Advertising

These days more firms are switching over to this trend. Efficiency, quick response, higher conversions, and low consumer acquisition costs are enough reasons to woo potential firms. Programmatic Advertising is changing the face of digital advertising at a fast pace. In fact, by the year 2020, programmatic advertising will be more common than its counterparts.


The AI integrated form of messaging enables firms to keep communication with consumers all day round. Using such virtual messaging system can save firms, quite a lot of bucks. Moreover, more tech savvy firms will switch to chatbots by 2020. Doing so, will save the firm to save at least $8 billion per annum which is huge figures. These days consumer preferences also show that they prefer virtual assistants to real ones. With AI technology, Chatbots can better analyze buyer history and answer promptly. They can give better customer satisfaction and help firms focus on other important tasks.



Standing out among competitors is important for your brand to get noticed. This mandates personalization which means incorporating the brand’s image basically into everything. However, the task of personalization is not difficult. These days purchase history, consumer behavior, customer preferred links are readily available. Personalization can help foster better customer relationships. A classic example where personalization is fully fledged is Netflix. The firm has integrated personalized touches to almost everywhere.

Video Marketing

Video marketing now can be done almost in any digital platform. Videos communicate better than written words. Live videos can attract a good audience thereby catapulting your brand an inch higher than their competitors. Many firms use tricks such as interviews, demos, behind the scenes to lure audience and give education on their brand. The current trend in video marketing is the 1:1 video approach. Personalized video messages curb the distance between brands and consumers. Like content SEO, in fact there is video SEO which can give an idea on the viewability of marketing.

Video Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Another effective simple tool that can push the brand to sky limits. Influencers can give exceptionally good marketing. They can be anyone from celebrities, YouTube stars or bloggers who emanate the persona to influence consumers. Surveys show that people tend to trust more on consumer opinion over corporate statements. Using prominent personalities to give a good mouth on your brand can give reactions that can surprise you.

Social Messaging Apps

Who would have thought that even messaging apps can turn consumer tides? Well, that is the case currently. You can meet more people on social apps than on road these days. Hence, it makes perfect sense to market your company on consumers hanging out online. Social apps can also help target better audience with personalized messages.

Visual Search

Images register more quickly in the perception of a consumer. This is in fact, the success mantra of Pinterest who tops the visual search bandwagon. They have even come up with Lens, a search tool that helps users search for similar things online using photos. This create an environment for perfect user- brand interface. 2019 will be perfect time to evaluate the scope of this search tool better.

Visual Search


This is a unique marketing strategy that specifically targets certain consumers. Within a span of seconds, customized marketing message will be delivered to your consumers. This technology makes use of consumer preferences made in moments. To take advantage of it, firms can integrate platforms where consumers spend most. Such as Google, Amazon, etc.

Voice Search and Smart Speakers

Consumers are becoming pampered with the scope of technology. This is evident in more users opting for voice searches rather than typing their whims. Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google have great user base. By 2020, the use of voice searching will become indispensable, replacing conventional counterparts.

Social Media Stories

Almost every social media apps now have stories.  Firms can use this to market their products. Stories can be made with videos as well. The greatest advantage is that the disappear after a set of time which will be good for brands who worry missing consumers.

Marketing Automation

91% of businesses credit automation for helping them achieve success. A competent CRM platform can function well with marketing automation. This technique will also help to integrate marketing strategies in one place. This will thereby avoid problems associated with brand confusion.

Contextual Targeting

Marketers need to explore different ways of targeting. Contextual targeting focus on individual user sessions and the content that users engage. This can help in a more sophisticated type of advertising. This is the obvious choice for the void left by GDPR.

Targeting Generation Z

Targeting millennials have become dated. The current pro in digital arena is Generation Z. Appeasing these new consumers are not easy task either. Theis generation was born to a connected world. They are more tech savvy, less brand loyal and more cynical. Brands need to consider them while envisioning strategies.

Generation Z

Dynamic Funnel Marketing

The risks of GDPR made marketers do more with data in 2019. Once user consent is obtained, a dynamic funnel sales system can be worked out. The funnel can adapt to deliver strategies that will help users move in the right direction. This can also help marketing consumers according to their tastes. Some consumers may prefer product reviews while others special offers. With funnel marketing, a more competent machine learning happens that can give convincing sales.

Ajay S Nair is the Strategist & CEO of digital marketing company - Fresh Mind Ideas. With his expertise in Branding and Digital Marketing, Ajay has been a well-known name in the Digital Industry. www.freshmindideas.com www.ajaysnair.com