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7 Easter Pop-Up Ideas to Boost Your Holiday Promotions

Easter pop-up

Easter pop ups are a great way to show off your Easter promotions. There are plenty of options available for your easter pop up, and you might be wondering what they are and how they work. 

Each Easter pop-up idea focuses on a specific promotion, and they’re listed below:

Top 7 Easter Pop up Ideas

Your Easter promotions can make or break your sales revenue during this time. Holiday pop ups are always a great idea, but which one should you choose?

Here are the best seven Easter pop up idea options to help you:

1. Easter Gamified Popups

Gamified Easter popups help you offer coupon codes, promotional offers, vouchers, free shipping discounts, and much more. They’re known to boost conversions, turning visitors into customers because you entice people with relevant Easter promotions. 

Make your popup colorful and spring-like to get people in the mood for the holiday season! It also draws their attention to the popup, ensuring that they don’t close out before reading what’s now on their screens.

This sample spin the wheel popup utilizes an Easter-theme background to make the holiday vibe stand out.

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2. Easter Countdown Popups

Have you ever thought that people were having more fun or experiencing something better than you? It makes you want to jump on board, and it even has a name.

FOMO means the fear of missing out. Humans everywhere feel those things all the time, and you can generate that emotional response with countdown popups.

This is an example of a countdown pop-up that has a timer to let visitors know the offer is not available for a long time and that they need to take action right away.

Overall, countdown popups help you suggest special offers that have a limited time frame. Website visitors get that fear that they might miss out on your awesome Easter promotions, causing them to pause and see what information you’ve displayed.

3. Easter Exit-Intent Pop ups

No one wants a website visitor to leave the site without doing something. The goal is to have them provide their email address, allowing you to send them information throughout the year.

When someone gets ready to leave and close the tab or browser, it’s nice to draw them back in, and exit-intent pop ups can help you.

Exit-intent technology is a favorite retargeting tool for eCommerce site owners and marketers, and it’s a total game-changer. You can decrease bounce rates by showing exit-intent popups on the screen when the user moves the mouse out of the window.

It’s best to offer something relevant, affordable, or special on these holiday pop ups. That way, you’re turning people into long-term leads.

Overall, exit-intent popups can come in the form of countdown popups, email pop ups, and gamified pop ups.

4. Email Easter Pop up

Easter popups don’t have to focus on a special deal, though they work well for Easter promotions you might offer at the time. 

You can use email popups to request the visitor’s email address. Often, you offer to keep them updated on the latest news about your company.

Sometimes, email popups also provide a discount on services or goods. When they sign up for the newsletter, you can send a welcome email with the discount code, allowing them to use it later.

Don’t be afraid to try different shapes and designs!

This popup style works well for exit-intent pop ups, countdown popups, and much more. 

5. Don’t Cover the Screen

Most marketers forget about floating pop ups, but they can be great for Easter promotions. You can customize them to your liking so that they show at the bottom of the page or as a banner at the top. People can still see the site, though it can be greyed out until they do what the popup wants or close it.

Generally, these work well because people can continue reading until they’re finished and then see what you want from them.

Change the rules and show them as people scroll down or up the page. Choosing floating holiday popups ensures that customers aren’t put off and still interact with your site.

6. Include Pictures of Eggs on Easter pop up

Easter is synonymous with colored eggs, flowers, and spring-like hues. You should think about the background whether you use countdown popups or exit-intent popups.

Holiday pop ups should focus on that particular time. For example, you don’t want to use red and green because those colors are associated with Christmas. Instead, you should choose bright shades and all the rest.

Show off your Easter promotions with this fun Easter pop up idea!

7. Target the Late-Comers

You’ve probably got various Easter promotions, and some of them might last longer than the holiday season. Don’t forget about the people who missed the big sale. They might have been distracted by the beautiful weather or had so many eggs to hide (and find) that they didn’t have time to visit your website.

Should they be penalized? Nope! 

Holiday pop ups like the one shown below hit that visitor’s FOMO aspect. It’s already hurting because they missed your sale.

Show them it’s not too late; they’ve got more opportunities to score great deals when they subscribe to your email newsletter. This is a twist on traditional email pop ups, and it works well.

The Best Tool to Create Easter Popups

Now that you know how beneficial Easter pop ups can be, you should learn how to make them yourself. Many people try to do it alone and create codes to put in the HTML section of the site, but that’s incredibly confusing and hard to do!

There’s a better way!

Poptin helps you create engaging popups for your website, and it only takes a few minutes. You’re not limited to holiday pop ups, either. With Poptin on your side, you can:

  • Get more subscribers
  • Reduce cart abandonment issues
  • Capture more leads
  • Boost sales
  • Increase visitor engagement

You can check Poptin case studies here.

Regardless of the Easter popup idea you choose, you have access to countdown pop ups, email popups, and exit-intent pop ups that wow the crowd!

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Wrap Up!

Holiday pop ups are the best way to include Easter promotions specific to your website. Each Easter pop up idea shown here can create a fear of missing out, promote your email newsletter, and bring people back from the brink of closing the tab.

If you want to create amazing Easter popups for your website, Poptin is the best tool out there. Get started for free today and see what a popup can do for you!

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