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Exit Intent Popups: Capturing Last-Minute Sales with Offers This 4th of July

Exit Intent Popups: Capturing Last-Minute Sales with Offers This 4th of July

There are many types of popups. Exit-intent ones are meant to keep people from leaving your website. They show when the user is about to do it and offer them a special deal and promotion. 

Clients leave your website when they don’t have anything else to look at there. You can show that you have something for them with these popups. Even if they don’t buy what you offer in the ad, they could look for other promotions on your page.

Now that the 4th of July is coming, you have the perfect opportunity to increase your sales. People are always looking for holiday deals and promotions. 

This shopping season, last-minute sales can represent a huge improvement in your profits. Everyone’s planning 4th of July parties and events, and you have to take advantage of that. Dive into this page to learn about exit-intent popups and how to use them.  

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Why Use Exit Intent Popups for 4th of July Sales? 

If you use them wisely, exit-intent popups can bring many benefits to the table, especially on the 4th of July. Let’s see some of the most important perks of trying them:

Capture Last-Minute Shoppers 

It’s difficult to keep someone’s attention. If they are looking for something online, they will leave your website as soon as they notice they can’t find it there. However, maybe you have products or services they don’t know they need. 

Actually, sometimes, people don’t even buy stuff online because they need it. If they think there’s a deal too good they can’t miss it, they will take it. Here is where exit-intent popups come in handy. 

Save your best offers for these ads. They are your best shot at capturing last-minute shoppers. They could even stay to buy other things apart from the deal you showed them.  

Increase Urgency 

What makes exit-intent popups so effective is that they can create a sense of urgency within customers. It’s not the same to know you can buy a product whenever you want than seeing there’s a time limit for doing it. 

Add countdown timers to your popups to let customers know they need to buy your products quickly. If they feel you are offering a deal they won’t get in the future, they will think twice about leaving your website.


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Offer Targeted Incentives

You don’t need to show the same popups to all your clients. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t. Segmenting your audience helps you get better results, even if you reach fewer people. 

Exit-intent popups will only stop customers from leaving your website if they show them something they are interested in. Make different options with specific deals that show depending on the user’s behavior and browsing history. 

There are many ways to offer targeted incentives. You can show different popups depending on the user’s age, location, gender, and website activity. 

Segmenting your target audience will help with your popups and further marketing strategies. Sometimes, it’s not about working harder but smarter. 

Crafting Compelling Exit-Intent Popups for the 4th of July 

As mentioned before, exit-intent popups will only increase your 4th of July sales if you use them well. Create compelling ads that actually show something appealing to your customers. 

If you fail to catch your client’s attention, they will close the ad and leave your website. Keep these in mind when creating an effective exit-intent popup: 

Headline and Design 

You need something flashy or visually appealing to keep users from closing your popup. Get creative and make a beautiful design that catches everyone’s attention. Even if they don’t know what the ad is about, they will stay to find out. 

Headlines are important too. Add a phrase related to the 4th of July, and show you have something they won’t find on other websites. 

If you need to hire a professional designer to take care of the job, do it. Regardless of that, keep in mind the design should be related to the 4th of July and comply with your company’s branding. 

Fill the popup with blue, red, and white. Animations, pictures, and videos related to this celebration will become effective too. You could even change the whole design of your website to show your patriotism and excitement for the 4th of July. 

An 8-Point Checklist for Exit Intent Popups that Work
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Compelling Offers 

Now that you have the client’s attention, you must offer something good. Make them feel like staying on your website is actually worth it. 

There are many kinds of deals and promotions you can try for this 4th of July. Some of the most popular are gifts with a new order, free shipping, and seasonal discounts. 

Clear Call to Action 

The message in your popup has to be clear. If users don’t understand what they need to do next, they will leave – even if they like a deal. 

Write a clear and short call to action that tells your clients how to take the deal you are offering them. It can be something as simple as clicking a button

Best Practices for Exit-Intent Popups 

To this point, we’ve covered all the essentials of exit-intent popups. Yet, we still have a few tips to help you make the most out of them. Check them out: 

Mobile Optimization 

Nowadays, not working on mobile optimization means losing clients. Most people are on their phones all day. 

If someone uses their smartphone to visit our website and sees an unoptimized popup, they won’t pay attention to it. You don’t want all your effort to go to waste like that. Design ads that work well on all devices. 

Exit-Intent Trigger Timing

Timing plays a key role in the effectiveness of exit-intent popups. If they don’t show up at the right time, they won’t bring the same benefits. Ensure they don’t appear in an intrusive moment when users are doing other things on your website. 

This doesn’t only apply to exit-intent popups but also all the ads you make for your website. Timing is the difference between being intrusive and effective. 

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Offer Variety 

Users leaving your website think they don’t have anything else to look at there. Hence, it’s useless to show them something they already saw. The same happens if you use the same design for all your popups. 

Play around with different deals and designs to give users a more dynamic experience. However, try to stay within the 4th of July theme. You shouldn’t get out of your branding, either. Ads still need to look like something from your company. 

As mentioned before, you can save specific deals for popups and avoid showing them in your website. That way, they will truly be exclusive promotions for people about to leave your page. 

A/B Testing 

Tracking your progress is the only way to know if you are doing well. A/B testing is excellent for that job. Run these tests on different versions of your popups and deals to optimize your performance. 

This should be something you do every now and then. Even if your popup campaign is doing well, it’s good to make some slight changes after a while. 

There are many online marketing platforms that offer A/B testing and other analytics features. Some are fee-based, but paying for them is worth it if it ensures you can properly track your progress. 


Exit-intent popups are a great marketing choice for this 4th of July. They keep clients from leaving your website and give them another chance to take a look at your products. Last-minute sales can represent a huge part of your sales if you use these ads properly. 

However, these popups will only work if you make an appealing design with a good offer and a clear call to action. Many platforms can help you with that. Poptin is one of them. Sign up for it to check all the different popup templates it has available. 

Go to our website to read more blog posts related to online marketing and popups. The more you know about them, the better results you will get. 

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