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Exponea Alternatives: Grow Your Email Marketing Sales Exponentially

Email marketing software is essential for every business and creatives everywhere. If you want to converse with your subscribers or customers, you need to automate most of the process and create unique emails.

Exponea email marketing allows you to send out emails that appeal to each customer. That way, your brand stands apart from the crowd. The pricing is much higher, so it may not be the right choice for you.

These Exponea alternatives below might be a better option. We can go through each one and give you the information needed to compare them.

1. SendGrid

You can appreciate SendGrid because of its personalization and analytics features. We feel that it’s easy to use, though navigation isn’t the best.

SendGrid Welcome


Ultimately, SendGrid focuses more on deliverability, so your emails get into the inbox instead of the spam folder. This email marketing software aims to focus on automation and customer engagement. However, we feel it falls a bit short.

SendGrid Features


  • Can personalize each email
  • Advanced deliverability functionality
  • Excellent analytics


  • No segmentation options
  • Just basic autoresponders


SendGrid offers a forever-free account where you can send 6,000 emails a month and have 2,000 contacts. With it, you get automation, one teammate, one signup form, three testing credits, and segmentation.

Basic starts at $15 a month for 5,000 contacts and 15,000 emails a month. You get the same perks as with the free account, except there isn’t any automation. There are ten testing credits and five signup forms.

Advanced is $60 a month for 10,000 contacts and 50,000 emails a month. You get a dedicated IP, automation, 1,000 teammates, and 15 signup forms with it. There are also 60 testing credits, segmentation, A/B testing, and more.

SendGrid Pricing

Who Is This For?

There’s no doubt in our mind that SendGrid offers excellent deliverability functionality. However, it’s not an overall email marketing option because it lacks in many areas than other Exponea alternatives.

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2. Benchmark Email

Those who prefer well-designed email marketing software are sure to appreciate Benchmark Email. The step-by-step approach to complex features means it’s excellent for everyone.

Benchmark Email Welcome


We believe that Benchmark Email is a great email marketing tool. You can get set up quickly, and you don’t have to spend long periods training or customizing the options.

However, we feel that other Exponea alternatives might be best if you need segmentation and want to tailor the marketing campaign to your needs. Still, there are plenty of great features to like.

Benchmark Email Features


  • Intuitive interface
  • Well-organized
  • Live chat available


  • Basic landing pages and signup forms
  • No segmentation


With Benchmark Email, there is a forever free plan. You can send 250 emails a month and have access to basic marketing, basic reports, simple leads, and lite marketing automation.

Pro is the best value at $13 a month. With it, you can send unlimited emails, have advanced reporting, advanced leads, and pro automations.

Enterprise is a custom price based on your specific needs. You get all the perks, including priority support, email white-labeling, and a dedicated IP.

Benchmark Email Pricing

Who Is This For?

Ultimately, we believe Benchmark Email is excellent for inexperienced marketers because it makes the process easy. However, it might not be suitable for big companies with tons of contact lists.

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3. Sendfox

Sendfox is an email marketing platform that makes it easier to send custom emails automatically to the right subscribers. In a sense, you can reach your target audience and promote your content.

Sendfox Welcome


With Sendfox, you can easily grow your list of subscribers and create excellent content. You don’t get an email editor like with some of the Exponea alternatives. However, there is a WYSIWYG editor, and you can copy/paste from other sources.

Sendfox Features


  • Simple interface
  • Part of the SUMO group
  • Automation included


  • Needs more email templates
  • Must schedule emails for later (no direct send option)


With Sendfox, there is a forever free plan. You can have 1,000 contacts, and the sends are ‘throttled.’ They also send at the normal rate, and you don’t get an HTML editor. Plus, there’s a lot of Sendfox branding.

The Lifetime Plan requires a one-time payment of $49. You get unlimited sending, 5,000 contacts, and a better sender. There’s reduced branding, too.

You’ve also got the Empire Add-On. You need to have the Lifetime Plan and also pay $18 a month. There’s no Sendfox branding, and you have access to the HTML editor.

Sendfox Pricing

Who Is This For?

We feel that Sendfox is primarily designed for content creators and marketers.

4. MailerLite

Those who want a solid email marketing tool and don’t care about looks should pick MailerLite. It’s ideal for getting going fast, but there is a confusing approval process before you can start.

Mailerlite Welcome


With MailerLite, you can create various campaigns. Plus, there’s a step-by-step approach that’s loved by beginners. 

It also focuses heavily on automations. That way, you can segment lists and target the right audience.

Mailerlite Features


  • Granular segmentation
  • One-sentence explanations in the editor
  • Well-organized navigation


  • Few email templates
  • Outdated interface
  • Confusing approval processes


We like MailerLite’s pricing plan. It’s based on the number of subscribers, and you always get every feature.

Prices are as follows:

  • Free for 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month
  • $10 for 1,000 subscribers and unlimited emails
  • $15 for 2,500 subscribers and unlimited emails
  • $30 for 5,000 subscribers and unlimited emails
  • $50 for 10,000 subscribers and unlimited emails

Mailerlite Pricing

Who Is This For?

We feel that MailerLite is ideal for novices who haven’t used email marketing software but still need advanced features.

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5. AWeber

Everyone can appreciate AWeber. It’s a well-known email marketing software. Plus, it’s easy to use, solid, and affordable. Even if you don’t have a lot of time or money, you can use it sufficiently.

AWeber Welcome


We feel that AWeber has many excellent features. These include A/B testing, segmentation, landing page creation, and dynamic content. 

However, none of these truly stand apart from the rest of the Exponea alternatives. Plus, navigation is difficult at times, so you might miss great features because you can’t find them.

AWeber Features


  • Contact management
  • Advanced analytics
  • Automation builder


  • Basic email builder
  • No email preview


AWeber pricing is quite straightforward. There’s a forever-free version for 500 subscribers. You get what you need to grow your business.

Pro is $19 a month for 500 subscribers. You get all the features with this option.

AWeber Pricing

Who Is This For?

We believe AWeber is suitable for inexperienced marketers. Plus, it has advanced features for the bigger companies that need to create targeted campaigns.

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6. Sendlane

Sendlane is a great email automation platform. You’re going to focus on your customers and where they are at in the sales funnel. We like that it’s easy to use while offering many features.

Sendlane Welcome


You get tons of great features from Sendlane. The top option is the drag-and-drop editor. Just put the image or text where you want it to be, and you’re golden. The one caveat is there aren’t any templates.

You’re going to like the advanced automations available from this email marketing software. Create workflows to modify the funnel and behavior based on what the subscriber does!

Sendlane Features


  • Advanced workflows
  • Smooth email and landing page editors
  • Modern, intuitive design


  • More expensive than other Exponea alternatives
  • Few integrations


With Sendlane, the pricing structure can be a tad confusing. The Starter Pack is at the bottom of the page but might be the best option. It’s a one-time payment of $497, and you get six months of Growth membership. With it, you have more training.

Growth costs $99 a month for 5,000 contacts. You get all the features, but there’s also onboarding support.

Professional is $249 a month for 10,000 contacts. You get unlimited credits for sending and unlimited CPM overage. Plus, there is a dedicated success manager, white-glove onboarding, and more.

Sendlane Pricing

Who Is This For?

Ultimately, we feel that Sendlane is ideal for digital marketers. It doesn’t contain unnecessary features or a dated interface, so it could be suitable for you.

7. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is experiencing a windfall. It underwent a dramatic redesign a few years ago, so it’s challenging the heavyweights in the industry. Let’s learn more about it.

Zoho Campaigns Welcome


As far as email marketing software goes, Zoho Campaigns wasn’t always a great choice. However, it went through a full redesign to be even better and can compare with other top options.

If you’re hoping to find Exponea alternatives, this is the right choice. It’s user-friendly, does have complicated workflows, and features email templates and a drag-and-drop editor.

Zoho Campaigns Features


  • CRM-style management
  • Organized reports
  • Intuitive email editor


  • No revenue analytics
  • Glitches in Workflow


You’re going to like Zoho Campaigns because it’s low-cost. The Email-Based Plan is just $2 a month (billed annually). You can have 250 contacts and send 500 emails. With it, you get advanced segmentation, A/B testing, a drag-and-drop editor, and much more.

The Subscriber-Based Plan is $4 a month (billed annually). You can have 500 subscribers and send unlimited emails. With it, you get all the Email-Based Plan perks, but there are also autoresponders, workflows, batch sending, email polls, and more.

There’s also a Pay By Email Credits option for $6. You get 250 credits to send emails as needed. With it, you get personalization, pre-designed templates, A/B testing, and the drag-and-drop editor.

Zoho Campaigns Pricing

Who Is This For?

Ultimately, we believe that Zoho Campaigns is a suite of products designed for small businesses. However, it’s also scalable for large corporations.

8. Litmus

Litmus is an excellent email marketing tool to create your email campaigns. It focuses on testing and tracking to be more efficient and gain more sales. 

Litmus Welcome


We like that there’s a drag-and-drop editor, so teams can quickly create emails. Plus, you have many templates available from the gallery.

It’s also possible to preview the appearance of the emails in mobile and desktop formats simultaneously. This ensures that your emails are mobile responsive.

Litmus Features


  • Engagement summary provided
  • Easy to use
  • One-click testing


  • Not enough project management features
  • Slow to load


With Litmus, there are three pricing plans. Litmus Basic is $99 a month. You get one user with unlimited read-only accounts. Plus, you have the basic features and 1,000 email previews.

Litmus Plus is $199 a month for five users and 2,000 email previews. You get all the other perks from Litmus Basic. However, you can also test codes, use pre-send spam testing, and more.

Enterprise is a custom price and includes recycle reviews. You can standardize tasks and brand settings and improve your marketing efforts.

Litmus Pricing

Who Is This For?

With the pricing, Litmus is best for large companies with a high email marketing budget. However, it also lacks some features, so complex email needs can’t be met.

9. Pinpointe

Pinpointe is an excellent email marketing software that’s easy to use. It’s going to simplify your email marketing needs and is a great fit for most.

Pinpointe Welcome


With Pinpointe, it’s easy to create an email design. You get the WYSIWYG editor and can make stunning emails without coding knowledge. Plus, there are tons of free templates to use.

You’re also going to like the drag-and-drop editor. It’s faster to complete emails and get them sent out.

There are even autoresponders. You can create drip emails that are triggered when a particular event happens. Plus, you can create an email sequence to automatically send at the right time.

Pinpointe Features


  • Good email deliverability
  • Advanced statistics and tracking
  • Quick support


  • No free account
  • More templates necessary


With Pinpointe, the prices are based on the contacts you have. Therefore, for:

  • 10,000 contacts you pay $74 a month
  • 25,000 contacts you pay $150 a month
  • 50,000 contacts you pay $245 a month
  • 75,000 contacts you pay $365 a month
  • 100,000 contacts you pay $480 a month
  • 200,000+ contacts you pay $898 a month

Pinpointe Pricing

Who Is This For?

This email marketing tool is ideal for companies that handle significant emails and contacts each month. 


With so many email marketing software options available, it’s hard to pick one. However, these Exponea alternatives are all great for various businesses and needs.

You’ve compared each one, so you should know which is best for your email marketing endeavors. Consider using free trials to decide on the most appropriate email marketing software for you.

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