लेखक विवरण

लड़की डबिंस्की

Highly driven entrepreneur, co-founder of Poptin and Ecpm Digital Marketing. Nine years of experience in the digital marketing field and internet project management. Graduated with a Law degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A big fan of A/B testing, SEO and optimization, CRO, growth hacking and numbers. Enjoys testing new advertising strategies and tools and analyzing the latest start-up companies.

क्या आपके व्यवसाय के लिए ग्राहक क्लब का प्रबंधन आवश्यक है?

As consumers we feel that customer clubs have always been around, but actually the idea of a customer club first came about in the late 1970’s in the United States. American Airlines was a pioneering company in the field of customer clubs when…
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