आपकी सोशल मीडिया मार्केटिंग रणनीति में सर्वेक्षण शामिल करने के 5 लाभ

When your business is on social media where you already have an audience, there are a lot of valuable insights you can gain. These insights will help you make better marketing as well as business decisions. Now, brands have been diving deep into…
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अपने पॉप अप अभियानों के लिए एडब्लॉक उपयोगकर्ताओं को कैसे टार्गेट करें

If you’re using pop ups for your brand campaigns, you know for sure that your main nemesis is an adblocking software. Some website visitors, 30% of users to be precise, utilize the said software to avoid your pop ups from getting across their…
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