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How to Get SEO Results 5x Faster Than Normal

Everywhere I hear that SEO is too slow and they are right, as long as you do the same old thing:

Write blog posts, get backlinks by doing traditional guest blogging, and hope that in a decade you can get to the first page of Google. Boring.

Today I bring you proven techniques with which you can increase your organic traffic in less than a week.

1. Get backlinks by leaving opinions

This is one of the fastest and cheapest techniques to get quality links.

Our opinion is gold for growing companies and we have to take advantage of this. The task is to search among the companies in which you have bought, 2 things:

That they have a section on their website with customer testimonials and a link to each one’s website (which is super common)

That the company’s website has enough authority to benefit yours

The key is to do it with medium-sized company sites since it will be very difficult or slow to convince a very large one and with a very small one it will not do much. For example, I did it with the web cms2cms.com.

I gave them my opinion about their tool, they published it on their website, and now I have a very valuable backlink.

You can make this something scalable, taking up purchases made by friends and acquaintances to get more backlinks or even try tools for a while, just in order to leave more opinions and get more backlinks.

2. Guest blog with the same article

It is the best technique to speed up the guest blogging process and only consists of creating variants of the same article.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Similar to what Apple does by only creating year-over-year variants of its flagship product, the iPhone. The same thing that Microsoft has done with Windows all these years, making some changes to the same product, but selling it as a whole new operating system.

The key of course is to make enough changes in each version so that Google does not take it as a duplicate content.

But it is not difficult at all, I have created up to 7 variants of the same article and in some cases, Google positions them one next to the other.

The first 3 articles of this search I wrote them (Google Spanish)

The advantage of doing this is not breaking your head over different topics (planning, researching, etc) every time you want to write as a guest author on a blog and instead reuse something you already have and know that it works.

3. Rank with the authority of another site

If you try to position your website with 0 authority, Google sees it and says: “where did this come from”, you will not see results very fast.

If instead, you leverage the authority of a great site, things change, you can get first place in a few days.

Imagine that you wrote a great song but nobody knows you, how do you think it will go viral faster?

Releasing it solo or in collaboration with Shakira?

Now it seems obvious but the number of sites trying to grow solo is impressive.

This I understood when I saw that I simply could not go up in Google for certain keywords, I had to wait an eternity or do the following:

Prepare an article (very good obviously) and post it on another site with impressive authority. They accepted it because they accept guest authors on their blog.

But it was with skill since within the content it said something like “if you want to know more go to such a website”, and then those who entered that article ended up on my website.

Because where I posted was such a great site, the article ended up ranking first on Google in just one week, which wouldn’t have happened if I had posted it on mine.

Now you will say: but all the traffic will be taken by the other site! Not if you do the following:

The key is to offer the article as a test (like the ones in the supermarket) and to achieve that if they want to see the whole show, they have to go to your website.


In this search, my website is in position 5, but I got number 1 using the authority of another site.

4. Buy positions, not articles

When it comes to shopping, what everyone is doing is buying articles with backlinks that they think are of good quality, but are buying items that will get lost in the bottom of Google.

What you should try is to buy already created articles that are already positioned well in Google, why then not only will they give you authority but immediate traffic.

There are many sites that already position in the searches that you would like to be in, but they are not interested in increasing the position in those keywords, since their business model may be different (this happens mainly with media sites).

Take advantage of this by trying to buy those articles or notes that already rank in Google but are undervalued by their creators, even if it is at a high price since if it is going to give you quality traffic immediately and practically for life, in the long term it will it comes back cheaper than paying for ads.

Another option to get a mention/backlink in that content is to offer the site to update it “free” and tell it that with it, it will rise in position and get more traffic.

Another option is the following:

You can give a part of the profits that you generate so that the site agrees to mention and link your website in that content, I did this with the site “socialgeek.co”.

It is very unlikely that they will sell you a backlink/mention of one of the first 3 places in Google, the key is to buy position 4,5,6,7,8, update it and make it rise in position.

5. Find SEO keywords where neglected sites rank

The worst thing you can do is try to position for some keywords where all the sites that occupy the SERP continually update their content, buy and buy backlinks for said content, and are always trying to rise in position.

But don’t rely on the “Keyword Difficulty” data to try to figure out which searches are the least competitive.

What you should do is detect if those who already appear in your target search do not give a peanut to rise in position and for this, the best thing is to enter each page and review the following:

  • The date of the last update of the page/article

If the site has not updated the content in more than 6 months it means that it does not care much about your position.

  • Discover the business model of the site

The best thing that can happen to you is to discover that the site is not interested in making money with that content since its business model is different and if it positions it is because the person in charge of the blog took out that article just to do his job.

  • Obvious assesses the quality of the content

If you walk in and your impression is: heck, I can do something 5 times better than this! It’s a very good sign.

If Google sees that your content is 5 times better and 5 times newer, you will get to their first page too quickly.

The sites in this search are so sloppy that I already own 3 places on the first page.
The sites in this search are so sloppy that I already own 3 places on the first page.

6. Focus only on a couple of content

I am quite scared when I see a company that believes that the best SEO is to publish and publish new content on the blog.

Ask, what do you think works the fastest:

  • Post new articles to keep the blog updated or
  • Update / optimize an article that is ranked 5 so that it rises to the first?

Now it seems obvious, but the number of marketers creating and creating new content like crazy is impressive when with a couple of well-crafted articles they could fill up with a huge amount of quality traffic.

Do you know an entrepreneur who is doing well because he has like 5 businesses? It is a good path but then we have friends like Mark Zuckerberg who with a single great company surpasses the results of all those entrepreneurs.

Using Search Console, it detects those pages that occupy positions 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, even 11 or 12.

The fastest thing in SEO is to do everything possible so that these pages rise in position, well and how can you make them rise?

It is best to add more content, that is, if it is a 600-word article, update it so that it is now 1,500.

The fastest thing is to update the title but in an epic way. Many marketers are so focused on getting backlinks, when according to Ahrefs, just improving the title (in an epic way) can raise the CTR up to 37% immediately.

An epic title means that it is at least 3 times more attractive than the rest of the SERP. Using generative AI is a fast way to come up with great headlines.

The next step is to improve the “time on site” metric, which basically measures the time that users spend on average within your page or article.

And you wonder why do it?

Well, because according to a SEMush study, “time on site” is one of the most important factors for Google when it comes to classifying pages (if above the backlinks).


To improve this metric, the best thing you can do is analyze exactly what visitors are doing on your site (with tools like Smartlook, Hotjar).

This way you can find ways to retain the user for more time and therefore show Google that your content is very worthwhile.

Well, I hope you can give these techniques a try and see that they are 5 times more effective than all those mentioned in 95% of SEO articles.

Much success.