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The Importance of User Experience (UX) When Doing Digital Marketing

One of the most important issues for a marketing campaign, whether sponsored or organic, is creating a situation where users and potential customers can seamlessly come to our digital assets.

Several times, a digital asset is a landing page, website, or service page. But there’s a big BUT – will they come? And if they do – will they find out how to use the page and how to make the conversion we wanted?

I gathered several important points about the integration of marketing for the user experience (UX). It’s also important to know their value and how to compile all the necessary elements that can lead to a sale.

A good user experience works results in faster conversions

UX has a large part of an organization’s marketing image, not only because of the direct impact it has on revenue and conversions, but also because it affects the overall feel of the user towards our brand or product.


UX is not just accessibility and matching fonts. UX’s role is to influence the marketing and create a memorable user experience when it lands on our digital property. UX affects whether the user returns to the site once or makes a purchase in his first beat.

If we have findings from UX people regarding content and the certain flow processes that succeed or not – we can also improve our marketing channels. It will affect the UX, conversions and more. God forbid, this is a wheel that is not enough to turn around.

Simply put, UX and marketing should coexist.

Your users smile when they enter the site? Cool, Google will love it too

Google appreciates a good user experience.

The user came in and stayed there for many seconds? Did not leave the competitor? Find interest in content on your site? Achieved his goal? Excellent.


Besides giving your site value, Google now values it better. Why? Google says to itself: The user searched for something, landed on the site, read the content from beginning to end? Made a conversion? This is probably a quality result for the user who typed the search in me so I will give a high rating to this site as similar users will probably like it too.

To achieve a good combination between marketing and UX, we need to understand what our market needs

To know how to design the relevant site or page that users will reach as a result of our marketing activities, we must conduct market research as a precondition for the 2 categories that intersect: Marketing & UX.

Why market research? Because we want to know which country we are addressing, which region, what the specific users of that region like, why they will connect more, what they are unable to tolerate, how old they are, why in our brand they will connect in terms of messages and images, which marketing strategy will work more, in which marketing channel is the audience most likely to make more conversions, and more. 

Putting the needs of the user before meeting the needs of marketing

A customer journey begins even before a user actually becomes a user. It starts when he meets our ad. We know that using the right concrete, in a good image – will put it into our site, and thus it will become a user. 


Every good marketer knows that the need of the customers and users comes before his need as a campaign manager.

The same marketer should analyze the full picture, check the number of sessions, the movements of the user, what questions he asks our site or product.

Once we have these insights – we need to spend the next minute, the next shekel – on improving the UX situation and not the marketing, even though between us – it will cause that as well.

Why should you pay attention?

Being in the right place

Marketing people need to make sure that consumers know how to get the product or service they are marketing, using different search terms and then this is reflected in SEO or PPC or social channels.

Now, the topic of engaging content and good design comes in so that the user will click and enter our site.

Brand Loyalty

One of the most important goals any marketer has is to create sympathy for the brand he is marketing.

A user experience helps any marketer succeed in this challenge if it is performed correctly. The ease of use of users in navigating the app or website will make them come back more often thus helping them stay true to the brand.  

Improving engagement

Were we able to bring users to the site? Excellent.

Did they perform a conversion? Excellent.

Now, the goal is to improve conversion funnels and increase revenue. This is also done by improving involvement. The involvement can be done outside the digital asset such as through a social post sent only to users who have already been on the site and purchased or at the asset level only to users identified as previously converted. 

How should a marketer work with a UX person and what is important to understand?

Understanding User Research A

The marketer needs to understand what users want and need. The market research conducted by the marketing person should be mirrored to the UX person and the 2 topics should connect together.


The conclusions from market research should be reflected in cross-referencing with the conclusions from user research. Once a marketer has the 2 conclusions – he (the marketer) can perform posts, content, designs, and other vegetables in a much better way.

Understand that you constantly need to innovate and improve

Just as a digital campaign does not freeze, so does the UX process.

The marketer should attach great importance to understanding the gaps in the site, campaign, and other promoted assets in order to understand where the problem is, improve, come up and check if success has been documented.

At least once a week, this sample should be done in order to understand what is not working well. It is also a small thing in a small percentage.

An improvement in a small conversion rate can result in tens if not hundreds of thousands of shekels of change in the level of revenue from the site. It all of course depends on the size of the site and the company. 

The Summary

The importance of digital marketing with UX has been explained above. What is very important for me to note is the issue of assimilation in your company. Create a situation that there is a routine between marketers and UX services and there is a regular day documenting the conclusions as active campaigns.

What does not work and what can be improved, even by one percent? Do our messages match the various studies we have conducted along the way including market research and user research?

Author’s Bio

The author is Ido Yaakov, CEO of the digital agency Omnis, who places great emphasis on the combination of marketing and UX. The company’s marketing manager and UX manager sit in the same room and perform joint analyzes for customers, each on his own side, bringing the conclusions to the table. Share with the customer, improve, upload for testing and come back, God forbid.