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INSIGHT: ElementorがWordPressのサイト構築をどのように引き継ぐのか

Name: Yaniv Goldenberg
Age: 32
Role: Marketing Manager
Background: I’m a technical marketer focused on opportunities driven by user experience & data. I am responsible for creating, optimizing, and maintaining Elementor’s traffic & conversion system with the goals of customer acquisition and revenue.
What is your company called: Pojo.me – Elementor
Founded: June 2016
How many people are on the team right now? 15
Where are you based? Tel Aviv, Israel
Did you raise money?
Yes, initially after the bootstrap period, we raised around 500k from private investors to keep growing as fast as we can.

Can you tell us what Elementor is and how you make money?
Elementor is a front-end drag & drop page builder for WordPress, allowing to create & design beautiful websites visually.

Elementorは無料のプラグインで、多くの素晴らしい機能を備えた完成度の高い製品です(最近、200,000アクティブ・インストールを突破しました)。Elementor Proには、より包括的なデザイン&マーケティング機能が含まれています。

無料版でも魅力的なウェブサイトを作ることはできますが、多くのユーザーはより高度な機能を求め、結果としてElementor proへのアップグレードを選択します。


How did you get this idea?
When we began working on WordPress, we’ve seen recurring patterns. The customer were never truly satisfied, although our themes answered most of their needs. there was always one minor change they had to do, and they couldn’t do it by themselves, that’s when we understood the need and started working on Elementor, visual drag & drop page builder that works on any template and any theme.

How long did you work on it before you launched? When did you see your first dollar?
It took us one year to launch Elementor, and another 6 months to launch Elementor Pro (and earn our first dollar).

Who are your clients? What is your target market?
Most of our customers are web designers, freelancers and agencies, there are also many site owners & marketers. Those are the main segments that should benefit the most from Elementor.

Are you profitable? if not, when do you think you will get there?
Not yet, we never try to convince free users using a hard sell, we try to focus on solving a real pain for them & serve them better.






How did you get your first 100 customers?
Two weeks before the official launch of Elementor pro (during Black Friday), we ran a pre order email marketing campaign and got our first 100 paying customers in less than a day.


私たちのメインチャンネルはWordPress Repo(WordPressのプラグインディレクトリ)ですが、その他にも素晴らしい働きをしているチャンネルがあります。SEO、AdWords、Facebookです。



Our growth strategy is simple:
– Get good data (if it doesn’t exist)
– Create solid conversion funnels, break them down by sub-audiences
– Find a huge low hanging fruit (The biggest conversion drop)
– Attack it with a few innovative ideas.


Tell us 2-3 growth challenges you encountered recently (and if you have a strategy how to solve them.)
We are always working on improving our product & messaging.
Everything can be a challenge, there are no silver bullets or one trick. You need to put in the work.









How we try to encounter most of those challenges – testing.
Our framework – having clear understanding of the hypothesis of the test, the metrics we need to monitor and ensuring that they’re completely trackable.


Some of the tasks are not worth to do in-house. What do you outsource?
Everything is scalable until it’s not, sometimes we outsource writing, mostly reaching out to other designers.

What are the 3 tools you and your team can’t live without?
I’m probably the biggest tool geek you’ll ever meet, but I think the tools don’t matter as much as the philosophy and framework.

誰もが驚くようなことではありませんが、Slack、Google Analytics、Google Sheetsです。


Tell us the biggest mistake you had through building and promoting your product and what you’ve learned from it.
We have our core values, being customer driven is at the top. At first we assumed marketing should not be our main emphasis, we focused most resources on development & support. Now we understand that it doesn’t matter how great your product is, you won’t be able to achieve massive growth without exceptional marketing, and always being skeptical regarding data, since mistakes are going to happen along the way you want to be absolutely sure about something before investing resources. That’s why premature optimization or focusing on the wrong things at the wrong time is still a top killer for many startups.

If you had to start Elementor today, what would you do differently?
We always had customer-driven approach, but we should have done more.
Investing more on customer success & remarketing (bringing visitors back is key), eliminating channels that never saw traction and experimenting more at higher pace.

Where do you see Elementor in 5 years from now?
Offering a wide range of design & marketing solutions on WordPress.

PoptinとEcpm Digital Marketingの共同設立者で、非常に熱心な起業家。デジタルマーケティング分野とインターネットプロジェクト管理で9年の経験を持つ。テルアビブ大学で経済学の学位を取得しました。 A/Bテスト、SEOとPPCキャンペーンの最適化、CRO、グロースハック、そして数字の大ファンです。新しい広告戦略やツールをテストしたり、最新のスタートアップ企業を分析したりするのが好き。