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9 Popup Ideas to Boost Sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday [Updated 2022]

9 popup kanggo blog ireng lan cyber

Every business around long enough knows how vital Black Friday and Cyber Monday are for sales.

This goes for both retailers online and offline. With the growth of e-commerce, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in sales on both days.

For example, in 2019, we saw holiday shoppers spent a whopping $7.4 billion. This is an 18% increase from 2018!

Lan yen sampeyan nganggep cukup nguntungake, ngenteni nganti sampeyan ngerti yen sajrone Cyber Monday 2019, total penjualan nganti $ 9,2 milyar , nganti 6,2% saka taun sadurunge. Iku edan!

Can we expect Black Friday 2022 to be one for the books too? Hopefully, you have already set up your sales strategy to boost both in-store and online sales.

Kanthi nyembul, sampeyan bisa nindakake iki.

How? Let’s look at several strategies to increase your sales just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. Nawakake Transaksi ing ijol-ijolan kanggo Pengikut Sosial lan Pelanggan Email

You can expect to generate a lot of new traffic to your site over the holiday season. Why not capitalize on these shoppers with a popup geared directly towards them?

Kanthi platform sing bener, sampeyan bisa target pengunjung anyar kanthi popup unik. Ing kasus iki, bisa dadi popup sing nawakake kode diskon sing bisa digunakake yen langganan dhaptar email sampeyan.

popup jumuah ireng

Then it’s also wise to include social “like” and “follow” buttons in the popup. Consumers are likelier to click social buttons if the offer is excellent and the brand is trustworthy.

Another way is to offer them the option of liking/following or subscribing to your email list in exchange for the coupon. Make sure the popup has a clear CTA, prominent social buttons, and an irresistible deal.

2. Drive Lalu Lintas menyang Kaca Tawaran Sampeyan

You can use this for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals pages. Remember, holiday shoppers are in a rush, so why not help them find what they’re looking for?

garis ndhuwur jum'at ireng
Bar ndhuwur Black Friday

Since it’s impossible to know precisely what they want, you can use a popup to direct traffic to your sales page. In most cases, that’s exactly what they’re looking for anyway.

These users want to find deals quickly before items are sold out. Ensure the landing page is organized by category so users can easily find what they want.

As a rule of thumb, this popup should showcase after a few seconds of landing on the page. This will help minimize bounce rates due to impatient visitors unable to find your deals.

3. Nyuda Ninggalake Kranjang nganggo Popup-Intent Exit

There are many cases where exit-intent popups can come in handy. But for this strategy, we’re honing in on shoppers who abandon shopping carts.

These visitors have already shown intent to purchase from your brand, and simply allowing them to leave allows money to flow down the drain. With exit-intent popups, you can potentially reduce your cart abandonment rates.

The key is having the right triggers set up to stop users from leaving before checking out. But you don’t want a popup asking them to complete their order.

Nyuda nyingkirake kreta
Reduce cart abandonment popup

You have to give them the incentive to do so. For instance, you can offer free shipping or a discount that expires in an hour or so. In most cases, shoppers are hesitant to purchase because the prices are high.

So offering an opportunity to save even more on your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale can help seal the deal.

4. Nggawe Penawaran Kuat Kanggo Baleni Pengunjung

If your site gets repeat visitors, they may compare your prices to competitors. This means they’re still considering your items.

So to help them make their final purchasing decision, you can offer a deal they can’t resist. Show a popup that provides an even deeper discount on your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

popup jumuah ireng

You can also offer other incentives, such as free shipping, BOGO, etc. Set it up, so this popup shows to visitors who’ve been to your site within the last 24 hours. This will help target visitors who have already started their holiday shopping.

5. Gunakake Popup Upsell lan Cross-Sell

Holiday shoppers are looking for all the best deals they can get their hands on. The problem is they can’t be everywhere at once. The fear of missing out is major during this shopping season; you can play on that with upselling and cross-selling.

You’ll find this works great for Amazon all-year round. If you offer your visitors additional related options at a discounted price, they’re more inclined to buy.

An intuitive popup platform is essential to make this work. For example, you can create a campaign that shows visitors three to four related items in a popup based on their search history and shopping cart data.

Sampeyan bisa nindakake perkara sing padha karo upselling. Gunakake data prilaku lan blanja kanggo nampilake penawaran barang sing luwih larang. Iki luwih apik yen kualitas lan regane luwih dhuwur uga. Yen ora, masarakat bakal tetep nganggo pilihan sing luwih murah.

Gratis pengiriman nyembul
Gratis pengiriman nyembul

6. Tampilake tab permanen kanthi penawaran

What’s great about tabs is that they don’t go away. Even after visitors close your popup, permanent tabs will display throughout the site at the top or bottom of the screen.

Use this feature to share deals, such as free shipping on orders over $X or an X% off coupon code. It’s also practical to show a timer ticking away to help create a sense of urgency.

But don’t use this without the popup – the popup still captures shoppers’ attention. Also, you can make the tab clickable so it takes visitors to your deals page or any other landing page that’ll help convert them into customers.

Utawa sampeyan bisa ditampilake popup sing padha nalika pangguna ngeklik tab, nawakake kanggo nggawa menyang kaca transaksi.

7. Gunakake Popup kanthi Penawaran Winates

Maneh, nggawe rasa mendesak minangka cara sing efektif kanggo ngowahi luwih akeh dadi dodolan. Sampeyan bisa nindakake iki kanthi nyembul sing nawakake tawaran winates.

But don’t stop there; include a countdown clock. This will help drive more visitors to act quickly. For instance, the popup can say, “Get $20 off plus free shipping when you complete your order in the next 10:00 minutes.

Then include the clickable coupon code beneath the timer (for copy and paste purposes).

Kothak cahya Jumuah Ireng
Kothak cahya Jumuah Ireng

Sampeyan uga bisa maca Ngedongkrak Penjualan karo Kampanye Pemasaran Jumuah Ireng Paling Menit yen pengin entuk ide liyane sadurunge Black Friday lan Cyber Monday ana.

8. Create an Exit Popup to Collect Email Addresses (and Reduce Cart Abandonment)

Cara liya kanggo nyuda kedadeyan sing ditinggalake kranjang yaiku nggunakake nyembul sing nglumpukake alamat email. Ora mung menehi kesepakatan kanggo nginep lan ngrampungake tuku, sampeyan bisa njaluk alamat email kanggo ngirim kode diskon.

Once you have their emails, you can retarget them later if they still don’t check out. Be sure to have a strategy in place just for these users.

A fast-drip (vs. slow-drip) email campaign is vital for visitors to return and complete their purchase before the sale ends.

9. Nindakake Popup kanggo Nambah UX

If you sell popular items that typically sell globally, you must inform users if you don’t ship to their area. Using cookies, you can identify where a visitor resides.

You can then use a popup that shows items stating that delivery options aren’t available for their area. This can trigger when the object’s added to the visitor’s cart.

Visitors can either change the delivery address or remove it from their cart. This will help prevent issues down the line and improve the user experience.

Nggawe Strategi Popup Penjualan Liburan Pungkasan

You only get one shot each year to maximize Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Without implementing sound strategies to grow your holiday sales, don’t let time pass you by.

With the above popup ideas, you can ensure you can do just that.

Yen sampeyan lagi golek platform sing berkualitas kanggo mbantu ngetrapake strategi kasebut, priksa Poptin . Sampeyan bisa menehi gambar nganggo akun gratis.

Ayo komentar ing komentar apa ide popup sing cocog kanggo bisnis sampeyan ing dina Jumuah Ireng lan Cyber Senin!

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