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Email Popups: 6 Creative Offers You Can Use to Help You Grow Your Email…

Popup Email: 6 Penawaran Kreatif sing Bisa Digunakake kanggo Mbantu Sampeyan Akeh dhaptar Email

Popups? Whenever you hear this word, you’re probably asking yourself: “Are they helpful?” or, “Are they annoying? Should I use them for my marketing and sales or not?” 

Well, I used to ask the same questions until I started to get the nice looking and creative popups with a compelling offer and amazing copy at the right time when I needed them.

For me, behavior-triggered popups that are shown at the right time are excellent. If the popup’s offer is creative, it can be a nice cherry on top for your website visitors. 

Dadi, wangsulan saka pitakon sampeyan yaiku: "Ya, dheweke nguntungake lan mesthine bisa ngonversi luwih akeh wong, nanging mung yen sampeyan nggunakake kanthi bener."

Ing artikel iki, kita bakal ndeleng ::

  • Things you should consider before creating an email pop up
  • A bad example of email popup that can do everything except convert more people
  • Six creative offers & examples to help you grow your email list

Bab sing kudu dipikirake sadurunge nggawe popup:

Before creating an email popup, you should always consider the following:

  • Napa sampeyan nuduhake popup lan apa tujuane sing ana gandhengane?  
  • Sapa sing dadi persona pembeli sing ideal?
  • Where should you trigger your popup? Is it only on blogs, homepages or any other pages?
  • Understanding visitor’s intent – For example, blog readers might not be ready to buy. So don’t offer them a 15% discount if they sign up. However, on your “high intent” pages such as book a demo, features, use cases, product/service pages, or any other “high intent” pages, you could offer a killer offer.,
  • Understanding visitor’s behavior – Make sure that you don’t immediately show a popup as soon as the visitor lands on your website. Use different kinds of intent-related triggers such as timing, scroll, exit intent, and others. 
  • Your copy and offer – It makes a massive difference if your request is excellent based on the user context. Also, pay attention to how you are writing your copy. Is it compelling and intriguing to your visitors enough? Understand your visitor’s context. Is it on the top, middle, or bottom of your funnel? If it’s on the bottom, it isn’t ready to sign up for your product. Creating different popups for different visitor segments will help you to provide the proper assistance to the exemplary visitors at the right time. 

What are the terrible examples of popups?

There’s nothing better than learning from others’ mistakes. So I want to share with you some of the bad popup examples I found out, as well as the reasons why they are bad. In this way, you will be able to understand what not to do.

To make it more understandable, our criteria for bad examples will be based on the following:

1 - Penawaran

2 - Copywriting

3 - Grafis

4 - Konteks & wektu 

5 - Intent & pengunjung-tumindak

Kita bakal menehi poin adhedhasar iku supaya luwih jelas. Saben duwe 5 poin lan total 25.  

Popup # 1 - Pertumbuhan Hacks

Layar Ditembak 2019-07-09 ing 17.28.55

The above popup was popping up in a growth-related SaaS company’s blog.

It still does right that they’re at least targeting growth people. And this popup appeared in the exit intent.

Apa sing ora apik?

  1. Copy is weak and does not offer differentiation to give my email address. 
  2. Offer is also weak; I could just look at their blogs and check them out. Why should I give my email address? There’s nothing unique about this website’s offer. 
  3. The graphics are weak because the marketer used just an existing software popup and changed the copy. There was not a lot of effort behind it. 
  4. Context and timing: It was purely based on exit intent. I would have loved it if the exit intent had waited for me for 15-30 seconds and then showed me the popup. Current exit intent directly shows you the popup, which does not take “time” into. I would not want to give my email anyway.
  5. Intent & visitor behavior: The popup at least offered the content instead of asking for signup. So, good job on that.

Mangkene pinemu:

Salin: 2

Penawaran: 2

Gambar: 0

Konteks: 2

Tujuan: 4

Total poin: 10

Now that we talked about lousy popup. Let’s jump into creative popups. 

6 Creative Offers & Examples to Help You Grow Your Email List

1 – Popup with honesty, creativity, and the human element 

Layar Ditembak 2019-07-09 ing 17.43.27

This is by far one of my favorite popups. It has everything that you need to subscribe to it immediately. I love this popup because it has a human element behind it. Here’s a marketing manager, Kristen LeFrance, sharing that she runs this blog and wants to flip the idea of churn and has excellent content. She’s also making me look forward to “puns and metaphors,” so it has “motivation built in it.” 

Also, I love the picture with a friendly smile and great CTA. She’s not asking to “subscribe.” She is asking to join her crew on her journey. 

The context was terrific because this only pops up when I scroll 90%, and it’s only shown on the blog page.

Since it’s only on the blog page and asked to improve your churn rate, I would consider subscribing to her newsletter. I love the intent there. 

CTA nyenengake kanggo gabung.

Mangkene pinemu:

Salin: 5

Penawaran: 5

Gambar: 5

Konteks: 5

Tujuan: 5

Total poin: 25

Protip. Tambah elemen manungsa sethithik supaya bisa dingerteni lan asli. 

2 - Popup Page Pricing

Layar Ditembak 2019-07-09 ing 17.53.06

This popup is shown by the team Notifia on its pricing page. The pricing page is highly intent and needs to be handled with care. This page allows you to choose a plan and get a discount if you buy an “annual contract,” which is a fantastic hook.

When creating popups on the pricing page, you should entirely focus on the visitor’s needs. Don’t pay too much attention to the graphics – they can only mess up your great offer. 

The copy & offer are reasonable; they show the benefit while still asking for an upgrade.

Since I am on the pricing page, it is at the right time and attached. It gets more points for context and intent. 

Mangkene pinemu:

Salin: 3

Penawaran: 4

Gambar: 3

Konteks: 4

Tujuan: 4

Total poin: 18

3 - Popup Offer Instan

Layar Ditembak 2019-07-09 jam 18.09.50

I was browsing through Frank + Oak e-commerce website and found this popup. Usually, e-commerce wants to drive more sales, and this was great for driving traffic.

It’s attached to the page for every new user. They give you 15% off just signup for their newsletter.

Although The pop-up graphics are pretty weak, the image behind them is fantastic.

The context is terrific since I am the new user, so they just want my email to send me new product collections.

Mangkene pinemu:

Salin: 3

Penawaran: 4

Gambar: 2

Konteks: 4

Tujuan: 4

Total poin: 17

4 - Popup Kursus Gratis Intent Exit

Layar Ditembak 2019-07-09 ing 18.13.42

I’d be honest; I love copy hackers’ blogs. It offers free resources to take your copywriting skills to the next level.

Why do I love this popup? It’s based on exit intent. Although it didn’t wait for me, the copy is fantastic.

Tawaran kasebut apik tenan. Kursus gratis kanthi asil sing jelas sing bakal dak sinaoni. Apa liyane sing dakkarepake?

Graphics are breathtaking – as I said, human images always work. It shows authenticity and genuineness. 

The CTA is speaking my language. Again, an excellent copy. 

Mangkene pinemu:

Salin: 5

Penawaran: 5

Gambar: 4.5

Konteks: 3

Tujuan: 4

Total poin: 21.5

What could get better? If the exit intent could wait for the first 10-15 seconds. If the user bounces after 2 seconds, you probably won’t save them anyway. 

5 - Popup Gamified Interaktif 

Layar Ditembak 2019-07-09 ing 18.25.08

The digital marketing guru Neil Patel uses this popup on his website. It’s breathtaking. Interactive and playful for the visitors at the same time. (although the popup is annoying if I keep visiting from different IPs – don’t copy his all strategies as a marketer).

Yen menang, bisa uga luwih apik. 

Saliyane bagean interaktif, aku mikir salinan bisa dadi luwih apik. 

It does work. I also gave my email address at the end.

The graphics are astonishing as well. 

The offers are amazing. If someone wins, he might get his full SEO audit or team call for free. 

What I didn’t love was that it immediately popups, and I think you should not immediately show the popups, rather wait for the user to experience the site first. In short, it disrupts a user’s experience and gets low points in context & intent. 

Mangkene pinemu:

Salin: 3

Penawaran: 5

Gambar: 4.5

Konteks: 2 

Tujuan: 1

Total poin: 15.5

6 - Popup Quiz Interaktif

Layar Ditembak 2019-07-09 ing 18.56.56

The interactive quiz popups usually give you some helpful content and add value; in return, you collect the emails.

I love this quiz popup because it’s integrated inside the blog about the free trial vs. freemium pricing model. So, the context is rightly set

It’s not graphically pleasing, but the copy forces you to find out what’s a good solution for you.

Grafis ditambah amarga testimoni lan nambah kapercayan maneh.

Mangkene pinemu:

Salin: 4

Penawaran: 5

Gambar: 4

Konteks: 4

Tujuan: 5

Total poin: 22

Protip : Gunakake iki ing homepage situs web menyang sikil kanggo nambah keterlibatan.

I hope the above creative popups help you to grow your email list. 

Pengambilan tombol

Here are the key takeaways from this article. They are your go-to’s if you want to grow your email list and convert more people.

  • Popups should be behavior and context-triggered and shown at the right time.
  • Gunakake gambar manungsa kanggo nambah kapercayan.
  • Gunakake konten interaktif kanggo nambah keterlibatan pengunjung situs web.
  • Focus on the copywriting and offer. Make your offer truly valuable so that visitors can get the value in exchange for his/her email address.
  • Coba gawe popup sing nyenengake. 

Dadi, sing endi sing bakal sampeyan gunakake kanggo nambah dhaptar email sampeyan?

Want to create your email popup? Sign up to Poptin for free and create fantastic email pop ups in seconds!

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