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Latest Tips and Tricks to Revamp Up Your E-commerce Business

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Having a digital presence is important in today’s world and you have to capitalize on opportunities to create an interactive website, optimize your e-commerce website and captivate your audience. When you want to revamp your e-commerce website; as a client it is important that you do not set unrealistic expectations as this can doom your website. You should expand your knowledge of the workings of a website and what you want a website to deliver. You should not only rely on aesthetics when it comes to your e-commerce website. Success does not rely solely on having an appealing website. That your e-commerce website looks good does not mean it will be successful.

If you want to get the results you seek from your audience you have to offer them a dynamic and engaging experience. Your budget also impacts what you get after revamping your website. You will get what you pay for so you should invest if you want a good website.

According to Josh Williams, “Designing a new e-commerce brand is a unique challenge, distinct from other types of branding mediums like packaging or print. People’s digital attention span is growing shorter so you’ll need to be clear, concise and engaging.”

There are developers that contribute to poorly designed websites. Such developers engaged in static and one-dimensional tactic that is boring. Developers should enlighten customers and they should not dilute their designs.


E-commerce website revamp checklist

  1. Tracking functionality: As you revamp your website make sure you can monitor your website. You should include functionalities in your e-commerce website that gives you the ability to gauge indicators like goals, conversion and traffic.
  2. Social media: You should leverage social media and integrate social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram into your website design as this will help you increase traffic and visibility.
  3. Fast loading: Few guests on your e-commerce website will wait for your site to load. You should design your e-commerce website in a way that it loads promptly on all devices. You can check your e-commerce website speed with tools such as Pagespeed Insights and Pingdom.
  4. Security: Do not compromise on the security of your e-commerce website. Every design in your e-commerce website must include security and privacy protocols to protect the data of users and clients.
  5. Optimize for conversion: As you revamp your e-commerce website make sure your landing pages are conversion-centric. Design all pages on your e-commerce website to keep your readers moving forward and through your site.
  6. Optimize for mobile: Most people use smart devices today and you should make sure your e-commerce website is mobile friendly so it can be assessed whenever the customer want and wherever the customer is.
  7. SEO oriented:  Make sure you optimize your website. You should develop content that is readable by browsers and humans. Make sure your content is engaging and compelling.
  8. Email marketing: Email marketing is an effective way to advance your e-commerce website.
  9. Enable content management system (CMS): You should regularly publish fresh and original content on your e-commerce website as this will captivate your audience and advance your marketing goals. Have a content management system so that your clients and customers can post content and edit content.

Hot to increase sales after revamping your e-commerce website

  1. Have the right e-commerce platform: An e-commerce website is important if you want to sell online. Magento e-commerce agency can help you examine and test e-commerce solutions.
  2. First impression: To create a productive e-commerce website you have to be creative and make sure your users are engaged. First impressions are important so you have to be memorable and unique. According to Michael Wong, “Design will either make or break your e-commerce brand. It’s that important. Your online store is the first touch point between you and your customers, and first impression matter most.”
  3. Photos and more photos: Customers remember what they see and photos are a way to engage your customers on your e-commerce website. For photos in your e-commerce website you can use an all white background, use big pictures, enable zooming, provide photos of products from different angles and use a good photographer. You should make sure the photos of your products are of high quality.
  4. Mobile: Be mobile oriented if you want to sell online as people increasingly access the internet through their mobile devices. Having a mobile website increases your ranking in search engines. You can use Google’s Mobile Friendliness Tool to check if your website can work on mobile. E-commerce development company can help you make sure your e-commerce website is mobile friendly.
  5. Target the right audience: It is important that you provide a personalized experience and target the right audience.
  6. Improve navigation: Make sure navigation on your e-commerce website is seamless and stress-free. Ways to improve navigation on your website include using drop-down menus, having a “Recently Viewed” feature and adding a “What’s New” category. Magento e-commerce agency can improve the navigation of your e-commerce website.
  7. Unique Selling Proposition (USP): If you want to make sales you need a unique selling proposition. Have something that differentiates you from your competitors. You can create a unique selling proposition by knowing what your business offers, what problem your business solves, who is your target audience, why is your product worth buying, who are your competitors and the objections people will have to your product.
  8. An exceptional “About Us” page: An About Us page helps you promote your e-commerce website. Your About Us page can feature the story of your brand, some testimonial, your partners and a photo or video portraying your brand.
  9. Unique idea: E-commerce is a competitive market and you have offer a unique presence to your audience if you want to get traffic and conversions to your e-commerce website. Websites that can help you know what is trending include SpringWise, Trendhunter, NOTCOT, Trendwatching and The Cool Hunter.
  10. SEO strategy: You have to develop a good SEO strategy for your e-commerce website by optimizing your product page, utilizing user-generated content, using friendly URLs, avoiding duplicate content, using a good internal linking system and using analytics.
  11. Using live chat: Human interaction is important in e-commerce. There are a lot of online shoppers who favour live chat. You should install a live chat functionality in your e-commerce website.
  12. Blogging: Blogging helps you increase visitors to your e-commerce website. You have to publish regularly. You can publish products, contest and personal experiences.

Other ways to improve sales in your e-commerce website include improving your store design, using the right theme and colours, avoiding typos, regularly updating your store design, getting rid of pop-ups and having specific product categories.

In your e-commerce website you have to try your best to minimize traffic loss. When you have a new e-commerce website; traffic loss my result from the inability to integrate search engine optimization (SEO) in your web design process, no redirection of web pages, fresh architecture, copy change and page deletion.

Tips for website maintenance

  1. You can use keyword analyzing tool to target the right keywords.
  2. You can use a keyword tool to get latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords that help you with your target domain.
  3. Make sure you get at least 400 exact searches in a month so that there is enough traffic for the keywords you have chosen.
  4. You can use article marketing to produce traffic.
  5. You can get traffic by submitting your articles to article directories.

Under budgeting for your e-commerce redesign is risky and it will cost you in the long run. If you want to create a budget for the redesign of your e-commerce website you have to consider your annual economic revenue, total customers, average product value, total order history, total product library, volume of third-party integration and difficulty associated with third-party integration. According to Jordy Heis, “Great design versus good design can be your competitive advantage to help your business grow.

How brands should budget

Prioritize the needs of your brand: If you want to revamp your e-commerce website you have to prioritize the needs of your brand.

  1. Budget based on value: A goal of revamping your e-commerce website is to drive sales. You have to build a platform that is aligned with the needs of your business. Your e-commerce website will advance financially if you budget based on value. You should focus on the value you will get from your e-commerce website.

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Important goald for revamping your e-commerce website

The online world moves quickly and it is important that you update your goals regularly. The goals you have to consider when revamping your e-commerce website:

  1. Increase traffic: Every e-commerce website wants to get increased relevant traffic as not all traffic is equal. The marketing of your e-commerce website should bring in people that need your product and services. Your marketing should raise your traffic. You should analyze your traffic and see if it meets your target audience.

It is important to note that you can use Google Analytics to find information about people visiting your e-commerce website. Information you can get from Google Analytics include:

  1. Customer interests
  2. Geographical information
  3. Demographic information such as age and gender
  4. Tech information such as the device and browser that you use.

Google Analytics helps you to review your marketing efforts to make sure your website is revamped properly.

  1. Increase your email list: Getting people to come back to your e-commerce website is important as it is part of being successful. Your email list is an important tool as it opens the door for customers to communicate with your brand and your business to communicate with customers. You should take advantage of email marketing when you revamp your e-commerce website as email marketing has a high conversion rate.

You can put emphasis on your email lists by offering deals to customers who sign up, promoting your email list on social media, including call-to-actions (CTAs) in your website that encourages guests to subscribe. Make sure the emails you send are useful and relevant if your want to maintain and grow your email list.

  1. Provide a personalized experience: All visitors to your e-commerce website are unique and they interact with your website differently. Technology makes it easy for you to know how customers interact with your website and with this knowledge you can customize the experience of the customer.

As you personalize the customers experience; you can suggest similar or complementary items to them and you can deliver content that is related to what they clicked on. Giving customers a personalized experience leads to increase in sales. According to Amy Stringer-Mowat, “Good design can instantly mean instant credibility from both the front end and back end of an online shop. Shoppers an redrawn to professional looking pages. It gives them confidence in the product.”

  1. Responsive website: Make sure your website is mobile friendly as this will lead to increased rankings in search engines such as Google. Your mobile website must have the same information and content as your desktop website. Pay attention and improve the mobile experience of your customers.
  2. Beyond blogs: Having blogs for your e-commerce business is important but making your blog stand out is hard. As you revamp your website you can branch into interactive contents, videos and podcasts. Bring new format types to your blogs, experiment with new forms and understand your audience better.
  3. Increase sales: For your business to thrive your have to make sales. You can use Google Analytics to know the tactics you have used in the past that worked. Find out the marketing activities that lead to sales. Your business is unique so you should look to what works best for your. You should analyze your metrics and optimize your plans.
  4. Use influencers: Publicizing your content is a big marketing challenge that businesses face consistently as there are many social media channels and blogs that people use. A good tactic to reach more people is to develop relationships with people that have large audiences. When you work with influencers you can catch new audiences and you can reach your target audience.