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How to Create MuxEmail Popups to Grow Your Subscriber List

Getting the benefits of email marketing is quite hard, especially for newbies. If you are one of them, your best move is to seek help from experts. One of the most well-known companies that provide affordable marketing automation technology optimizations and products is MuxEmail.

Another best thing about MuxEmail is that it offers unlimited subscribers, a sequence with fixed pricing, and newsletters for its users. They also offer a user-friendly and quality drag and drop email editor. To continuously improve your business, using MuxEmail allows you to access its third-party integration and built-in analytics.

If you integrate this with Poptin, you will have the ability to sync your email forms and popups with your email list database for a more unified email advertising funnel.

Benefits of building your email list

An email list refers to a list of emails that your business site has collected. This email list is highly used to send out emails to your targeted customers. In short, you can make use of your email list to send anything. It can be a new blog post, information about your offered products or services, business announcements, and even upcoming promos or sales.  


Here are the top reasons why you need to use an email list:

  • Build customer connection — Through an email list, it is easy for you to send messages to your target customers. You just have to create content and send it online. Your message can also be easily accessed by your customers.
  • Gets visitors to return — With the use of an email list, you can entice your visitors to return. You just have to make sure that you create a stunning and alluring message to entice them to visit your website.
  • It’s personal — Sending emails to your target customers makes the advertisement more personal than any traditional advertising scheme. As an online businessman, you can personalize your messages to your email.
  • Big companies love email lists — Huge companies are smart to utilize social media to boost their email lists on various social media platforms like Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, and others. They usually focus on improving their email list because they see its stunning and lucrative results. They are aware that email lists boost sales and each big company understands that email lists are said to be a long-term investment.  

In addition, an email list builds trust between you and your customers. When your customers read a message from you, they do it with privacy. It is a more intimate process of communicating with them.

How to Create MuxEmail Popups with Poptin?

Poptin is known as a lead capture platform that is effective in converting countless visitors into subscribers, sales, and leads with the use of email forms, popups, and widgets. Poptin can help in creating stunning pop-ups and forms in just a few minutes.  You can also use targeting options and advanced triggers to get qualified leads.  

With Poptin, you can do the following:

  • Upsell — You can make effective exit-intent popups and email popups with Poptin’s popup builder. It means that you can improve your email list and convert more possible visitors into lucrative sales.
  • Fully customized smart popups — You can create announcement bars, exit intent offers, pop-ups, embedded contact forms, and email pop-ups in an instant.  
  • Integrate popups instantly — Through Poptin, you can easily integrate with your preferred email system like MuxEmail.  
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Boost customer engagement
  • Generate more email leads and signups
  • Improve your overall sales conversion rate

Poptin is highly used by online businesses because of its amazing features and benefits. If you are planning to use this one, knowing how to integrate it into MuxEmail is a must.

How to integrate your popups with MuxEmail?

As an effective marketing tool, MuxEmail never fails to impress its countless users. Through MuxEmail, online marketing becomes simpler than the usual process. Here are the steps on how to integrate your pop-ups with MuxEmail:

Step 1: Log in to your Poptin account. Then, go to dashboards and click integrate with MuxEmail. Then, click “Edit Design”.


Step 2: Look for the phrase “Email and Integration” and then click “Add Integration”.  


Step 3: Search for “MuxEmail” in the integration list and then you have to click it.


Step 4: Then, go to “My Account”, “My Profile” and “MuxEmail Tokens”. Simply copy your workspace ID and API key.


Step 5: Paste the details you just copied in your Integration prompt on Poptin. Once it is fully done, click the “Approve” button.  

The process is very simple, right? It only takes a few minutes, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Don’t know how to beat your competitors online? Then, improve your marketing scheme now! Explore the benefits of email listing and start signing up with Poptin now!


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