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Top 6 MyOnlineStore Apps to Increase Sales and Website Conversion

With more than a million daily users that are glued to their laptops and computers, the internet becomes the fertile venue to plant a business. The face of conducting and doing business transactions has changed, and it is now rapidly becoming into the sphere of eCommerce.


In this eCommerce field, MyOnlineStore has already established its mark as a tool for building an eCommerce business. You will be amazed by its tools that can be used in building an online storefront that will make it possible to make a site in this portal.  

MyOnlineStore has apps that will surely boost your sales and have a website conversion. Let us have a glance at the top 6 apps of MyOnlineStore!


Pop-ups may disturb the browsing experience, but when done right, utilizing them as a tool for your business is a good marketing strategy. It will be able to reach your target clients and eventually convert the same into sales. But pop-ups must be able to touch the very core of your client, such as his or her interest so that the pop ups will be not just be brushed aside as a junkie.


You can rely on Poptin to do the job for you where your pop-ups will eventually lead to sales and without causing annoyance and eyesore to your clients. It is easy to create a pop-up that is engaging and can attract clients to purchase your products. It also has the capability of getting feedbacks. It may conduct surveys and lead the visitor to another content item of which may be of their interest.

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Poptin lets you show your eCommerce campaigns right time to the right people. It will not cause any annoyance, but rather it will improve the subscription rates about fourfold.


You might be in a quandary as to what pop ups can do to your business. For one, it will boost your sales. If your potential customer “forgot” or may disregard their shopping cart, you can make use of an exit intent pop up with some irresistible offers that will make them push through their purchase.

You can create different kinds of opt-ins and use some of Poptin’s customizable templates, so you don’t have to do everything from scratch. Nonetheless, you can still come up with good designs as Poptin offers a user-friendly drag and drop editor with lots of customization options.


You can even set your own display rules by just toggling the buttons from left to right. There are also targeting options wherein you can target a more specific set of audiences based on geolocation, OS and browsers, Javascript, and more.

Moreover, the popups look neat and great both on the mobile and as well as in the desktop. If you think you need to improve your designs, you have the ability to easily conduct A/B testing, or track every performance via Poptin’s built-in analytics.

The free version would be perfect for startups. WordPress plugin really works great. It is ideal for a start-up website. It can increase visitors in your webshop and web conversions.

Here is the list of Poptin features you need to achieve maximum conversions.


You may avail of the free version of Poptin wherein it is good for 1,000 visitors for a month, has one domain, and unlimited popups and forms. It will be $19.00 per month for the Basic, which is good for 10,000 visitors, one domain, unlimited popups and forms, and 1,000 autoresponders.

For the Pro, you will be billed $49.00 per month which is good for 50,000 visitors, with 4 domains. For the Agency, it will be $99.00 per month, which is good for 150,000 visitors, unlimited domains, 15,000 autoresponders.



If you are looking for tools that can effectively establish brand consciousness and sell online, you may opt to have MailChimp. Mailchimp was named after the e-card character, and it is marketing automation and email marketing service.


It is ideal for small businesses for being an all-in-one marketing platform. It empowers more than millions of people in business to start and grow their businesses through its smart marketing strategy, inspiring content, and award-winning support.


With the use of Mailchimp’s platform, it is easy for you to customize and create your own website. It has the capability to create a multichannel campaign that can reach your target clientele and generate sales through automated customer journey maps.

The figure of about 13 million small businesses that use Mailchimp indicates that you are on the right track when you use Mailchimp to be your partner for your business. The best part is that you can have your business launch for absolutely zero-dollar or free. \

You can enjoy MailChimp’s proprietary intelligence engine’s features combined with the power of data science and artificial intelligence to create an engaging marketing strategy.


There are a variety of pricing plans which you can choose from, and the price starts at zero dollars for the free version, $9.99 for the Essentials, $14.99 for the standard, and $299.00 per month for the Premium.



If you prefer to have a powerful tool that can integrate and track all your affiliate data, sales, landing pages and content, real performance channels, then surely TradeTracker is for you.



TradeTracker can make the affiliate publishers integrate the sales and commissions in the tools that they use, such as Google Analytics and Google Ads (Adwords). The integration of affiliate sales can be done by linking it to Google Analytics and Google Ads.


It has the publisher or tracking tools that will make it possible to make the conversions that are generated externally. It has a fully automated approach that will push the web conversion data to Google Analytics once you have received the affiliate conversion data.


Contact sales of TradeTracker for the pricing quotes.


The best way to grow one’s business is to have a market integration, and EffectConnect effectively makes a market integration. It is the core of EffectConnect that allows for flexible and reliable market integration and usually leads businessmen to sell their products on most European marketplaces.

You can be in the vantage point of competition for it has the features of advanced pricing options, it has formulas, and even works with your competitor’s pricing.



Through its powerful product selections, you can definitely in control of your product portfolio on the marketplace, for you can make the product selection on every detail of the product data right through your catalog.



You may contact the sales of EffectConnect for the pricing quotes.

Google Adwords

Establish brand consciousness every time the user is researching through the use of Goggle. Imagine the potential clients you will have for Google is the place where millions of people are using to look for something, what are the things to buy, and those necessities in life.



You can exploit Goggle for your advertisement will appear right from the moment that the user is searching on Google. The well-timed ad will appear whether the potential customer is using a desktop or a mobile gadget. It is a sure way of turning a user into to becoming a potential customer.

It will be a great help to lift your company into greater business heights even though you may be on a tight budget for you can adjust and set a budget for your advertisement. Google Ads is workable to different types of budgets, and you can even set a monthly budget cap.



There is no definite pricing plan, and you may contact sales of Google Adwords for the pricing quotes. 


The photo or image of your business is paramount, for it is the primary factor that serves as a magnet to capture the attention of your potential clients. You can definitely save time and as well as money when you are using the Ymage services.



Ymaget has the capabilities of retouching and editing your picture that can capture the focus of your clients. The professionally edited photos can be done within a span of 24 hours, and you can immediately upload them to your online store. The best part is that you can try to test their capabilities absolutely free of charge.


You will be billed for the full-featured image editing in the amount of $1.25


It is an undeniable reality that eCommerce is the new trend in conducting business; however, with zillion companies that are exploiting the net as a venue for their business, it is a must for you to adopt a platform that will boost your website and eventually convert it into sales.

The sound of “cash in…cash in” can only be heard once you effectively adapted the appropriate app for your business. Everything is at the power of your fingertips, and you can steer the direction of your business by subscribing to Poptin that can greatly boost your MyOnlineStore’s sales through its effective and engaging pop-ups.

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