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10 Effective Pop Up Advertising Strategies for eCommerce

10 Effective Pop Up Advertising Strategies For eCommerce

If you look up information regarding pop-up ads on Google, you’ll probably come across things like “how to disable popups,” or “pop up blockers.”

Yes, pop-ups can sometimes be annoying or distracting for users. But when used correctly, they can bring in more site visitors and enhance their overall experience. 

In this post, we’ll walk you through the different popup advertising strategies that help you ramp up your ecommerce sales: 

Why does Popup Advertising Work? 

10 Effective Pop Up Advertising Strategies to Ramp Up Your eCommerce Sales
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Surprisingly, pop-ups do work. But why do these things work despite many people complaining about them?

Here are several reasons: 

  • They’re shown to everyone. Pop-ups, since they have to be seen first before the user closes, have a 100% view rate. So, while the 3% conversion may not be that impressive, it becomes a significant number in the long run.
  • They deliver a message when site visitors are engaged. As long as your pop-ups are well-implemented, you can create a prompt precisely when site visitors are more likely to click through. 
  • They offer value. Well-used and relevant pop ups provide value to readers and site visitors. 
  • They couldn’t be ignored. Unlike a blog subscription prompt or the one that shows up in your site footer, a pop-up is seen. Users can’t help but see it when it pop-ups on their screen. Even if they try to close it, the message has already been communicated to them. 

Now that you know the benefits of popups and how they work so that you can implement them effectively, here are effective ad strategies that you can use to scale your business and ramp up your sales: 

1. Increase conversions through personalized pop ups

Personalized marketing shows your customers that you understand their pain points and what they like. It’s also an excellent marketing strategy you can use to drive sales, conversions, and revenue. Especially if you sell something specific, like gifts ideas for 50-year-olds, personalization is what will help you improve your sales.

Personalized experiences satisfy shoppers and allow you to create the right call to action, messaging, and offer. That way, you can boost your ecommerce conversions and average order value. 

2. Use exit popups to overcome cart abandonment

10 Effective Pop Up Advertising Strategies to Ramp Up Your eCommerce Sales
Image source: us.pandora.net

Shopping cart abandonment is a nightmare for a lot of ecommerce sellers. Statista reports that the cart abandonment rate in the US alone is 74%. 

Utilizing email campaigns allows you to follow up on abandoned carts. However, what do you need to do to prevent cart abandonment before the customer leaves the page? Well, that’s where exit pop-ups come in. 

One of the best exit pop-up strategies is to offer a discount or coupon code to the shopper. Doing so entices the customer to continue with the purchase. 

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3. Use geo-targeting to promote free shipping

10 Effective Pop Up Advertising Strategies to Ramp Up Your eCommerce Sales
Image source: madewell.com

By geo-targeting customers, you can provide free shipping. As an ecommerce store owner, you can use this targeting strategy to attract more local shoppers. 

Use this pop-up ad strategy for shoppers near you by offering them a free shipping incentive. That’s because free shipping is an excellent marketing tactic that you can use to boost sales. It can also help reduce cart abandonment and also encourage shoppers to add more items to their carts. 

The more someone visits your site, the more confident they’ll feel to consider making a purchase. So, if you haven’t converted in a couple of visits, you can assume that your customers need a little nudge. 

For instance, you can target repeat visitors with a popup. In the same way, you can also offer them a small incentive for them to buy. 

4. Improve display rules to hit the ideal pop-up timing

So now you’re probably wondering what’s the best popup timing if you’re an ecommerce store. 

If your answer is placing a short popup, then you’re right. However, it is a common and costly mistake to trigger popups showing that it will show up within 15 seconds of your visitors landing on your site. 

Showing the proper promotion and pop-up experience for every individual optimizes their experience. As well as the incentive for the user’s action will most likely take. 

Your pop-ups will only show up to users who will likely act on your call-to-action if they’ll more likely act on it. 

Because users on your site had already shown an interest in purchasing your products, a pop-up offering them an incentive is seen as actually helpful instead of being pushy. 

5. Create urgency with limited-time offers

So, when users land on your online store, how do you drive sales? Well, users can browse all they want. But this alone doesn’t put money in your pocket. It doesn’t help your bottom line and direct sales either. 

So rather than passively waiting for them to convert, you must take action. How can you do that? It’s simple- by driving a sense of urgency through discounts and limited-time offers

Here are some tactics that you can use in your banner ads and pop-ups that help mimic this effect: 

  • Free shipping when you buy in the next 15 minutes
  • X off your order for the next 24 hours
  • Order within the next hour and get a discount

You should also ensure that you keep these offers on a tight schedule. Anything beyond 12 hours is considered too long. It doesn’t create that sense of urgency that you want. 

The actual score here is to create a fear of missing out. When you put a time limit on the offer, users will feel like they’re missing out on a deal if they don’t try to act fast. 

Employing this strategy significantly lowers your cart abandonment rates. Not only that, it can drive sales from traffic you’re already receiving.

6. Gamify your pop ups

Gamification in marketing has become more and more popular. It’s a fantastic way to engage your audience. How? By giving them something that draws them in. 

You can do so through a digital scratch-off, a quiz, or a spin-the-wheel ad. This variety of ads can help yield results. In return, you can ask users to give their name and email in exchange for a spin. 

Similarly, you may require them to download something or suggest they stop by your physical store if you have one. 

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7. Use a clear and engaging call to action

When visitors see your pop-ups, they should know what they need to do next. 

You can make your call-to-action button stand out from the rest of your design. Make sure you use contrasting colors so no one can miss them. 

In the same way, the copy that you use in your button should also be straightforward and action-driven. 

8. Make it easy to close popup ads

Image source:saltsupply.com

While pop-ups are an excellent tool to grow your business, you also need to ensure that you make it easy for people to close or ignore your ads if they want to. 

Otherwise, this can turn off and even annoy some users. Also, if users are currently shopping on your site, and they can be interrupted by a pop-up saying that simply won’t go away, you could potentially lose a paying customer! Here are the top customer service tools for ecommerce sites. 

9. Show site-wide promotions to new visitors

From a conversion perspective, first-time visitors can be a bit problematic. That’s because you have no previous data about their interests, motivations, and preferences. Trying to target them through a specific offer and campaign is incredibly challenging. 

That’s why one of your best bets is to give them a solid general marketing message. Ideally, one that will hit the following notes: 

  • High Value. You have to clarify to the visitor that they’ll gain something if they respond to the offer. 
  • Emotional Appeal. Highlight all the personal and emotional benefits of the offer aside from the financial perks. 
  • Credibility. Ideally, the offer you create should be consistent with your brand and not “too good to be true.” 
  • Time sensitivity. You should also put the expiration date on the offer. This will promote immediate action from the user.

10. Capitalize your traffic from specific sources

PR and media mentions are gold for ecommerce sellers. If a top blogger in your industry references or reviews your products, then it’s highly likely that you’ll receive a serious uptick in site traffic. Check out these in-bound lead generation strategies for your ecommerce store. 

So, why not greet new site visitors with a personalized message or even a discount offer. By making them feel special, you’re planting a seed of loyalty in them, making them move closer to making a purchase. 

Over to You

So, there you have it. These are the six strategies you can use popups to improve your ecommerce conversions. This guide will help you develop a blueprint for your ecommerce marketing plan. 

Using high-performing strategies and tactics to help you reach your goals, you’ll most likely take it and tweak it to fit your niche. You also have to keep user experience in mind when designing pop-ups. Also, to avoid SEO issues, make sure that you go with Google’s best practices.

Finally, just like all marketing strategies, your pop-ups should be regularly tested to maximize your conversions. Good luck!

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