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Better Than Ever: Poptin Introduces New Pricing Plans

It’s been years since Poptin raised its wings on Product Hunt, and now it continues to conquer new heights with its latest upgrades and features.

Poptin has been building more robust tools to help you unleash the maximum potential of your website visitors. From a more advanced drag and drop interface, exit-intent technology, triggers to targeting rules, Poptin has come a long way in providing an excellent lead conversion experience for all its users.

The New Normal: Better Features and Tools

Aside from website pop ups, Poptin paves the way for marketers, entrepreneurs, and digital agencies alike to efficiently create embedded forms and email autoresponders too. Both have been a great addition in empowering list-building efforts and customer engagement.

Poptin has also introduced advanced targeting options like engagement targeting, browser/OS targeting, Adblock detection, and more, to help you reach your potential customers and convert more qualified leads.

Now with Poptin’s more diverse team of developers and customer support, everything just keeps on getting better. Poptin has some BIG features in the works, too, and you will be the first to reap the benefits!

What’s in store for you on Poptin

To continue offering you the best product, Poptin is adjusting its pricing plans for the first time to better reflect the value you get from all the features we’ve built!

The new plans, coming into effect this October 1st, 2021, will be as follows:

poptin pricing plan popups forms autoresponders
Poptin’s newest pricing plan effective starting October 1, 2021

Poptin will still offer a free-forever plan with unlimited pop ups and forms. However, the adjustment on the paid plans ensures direct access to advanced features which open doors for better sales conversion results for your business. 

The Basic plan is priced at USD 25 a month. This Poptin plan allows you to show your unbranded pop-ups and contact forms to up to 10,000 visitors a month on one domain. Like the previous one, this would allow you to create unlimited poptins from scratch, or you can just opt to use any of the software’s customizable templates. Moreover, you’d be able to send out 1,000 autoresponders to new email subscribers with just the Basic plan.

Meanwhile, the Pro plan is for entrepreneurs that manage up to 4 domains and has an average of 50,000 visitors per month. It’s priced at USD 59 and offers you the ability to send 5,000 autoresponders to your new subscribers who responded through your pop ups or email forms. 

Lastly, Poptin’s Agency plan starts at USD 119 and adjusts accordingly based on the number of visitors you prefer. In addition, it offers unlimited domains, poptins, and autoresponders, plus more advantages when managing a portfolio of accounts. 

Other major benefits for paid plan users

Aside from all that, paid subscribers are eligible to use the following advanced features:

  • Poptin’s intuitive editor for creating autoresponders
  • More autoresponder templates that are highly customizable
  • Autopilot trigger that automatically chooses when your pop-ups appear based on  your customer’s most common behavior
  • Cookie targeting
  • Javascript targeting
  • Engagement targeting
  • Adblock detection targeting
  • Shareable Poptin link 
  • Use of multiple domains
  • Creation of unlimited unbranded popups and forms
  • Access to more advanced fields
  • Priority customer support

Any plans on upgrading your current Poptin subscription? The best time is NOW!

If you’re already a paying customer, don’t worry! You will keep paying according to the current pricing scheme, including any future changes you decide to make to your paid plans, for as long as you remain a paying customer.

If you use Poptin and haven’t upgraded to a paid plan yet, you can upgrade before October 1, 2021, and still get the current prices before the new ones arise.

We’ll be happy to get you onboard as we continue expanding our services and upgrading our features to help you grow your business and website conversions even further!

Don’t have an account yet? Then, sign up with Poptin for FREE!

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