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Amazing Pop Up Teaser Ideas to Spike Up Conversions

You need to convert potential customers on your site, so what do you do? You take advantage of how the human brain and its attention span work.

If an attractive proposition pops up while you’re doing something, your eyes will be drawn to it. This is precisely what a pop up teaser is meant to achieve.

Why are you here? Well, not only will you learn what a pop up teaser is, but you’ll also get some great ideas and examples for your site!

What is a Pop up Teaser?

A popup teaser will be one of the first things visitors to your site see. Before they get to the main area or the more prominent ads you probably set up, they will see some pop up that will command their attention.

In some cases, the rest of the site will get a blanket effect to draw attention to the popup teaser, but they are also often done in ways that don’t necessarily obstruct your view of the rest of the webpage.

As simple as they may look, once they are designed well and contain the right nuggets of information and incentives, they can do a lot for your sites.

For example, they can generate qualified leads, induce more e-mail signups, increase customer engagement, and inform your customers about specials or limited-time offers.

Beyond all, they are instrumental in preventing cart abandonment, one of the biggest struggles any e-commerce site faces.

While they may be simple enough to create, provided you have the right tool, it’s in your best interest not to jump in and get busy. Instead, take the time to think about what your popup teaser idea is meant to pull off.

Not only do you not want to send the wrong idea, but you also want to have the elements well put together to convey the right one effectively.

Naturally, you may need a bit of inspiration. A popup teaser example can help you there, which is why there is a series below.

Take a look, and these should point you in the right direction!

Popup Teaser Ideas and Examples

Dragonspit Apothecary & Crafts

Dragonspit Apothecary is a website that focuses on the holistic health of its clients. Following consultations, solutions are provided across several services to help detoxify, deal with cravings, take the right set of vitamins, have the proper muscle response, and more.

Both live classes and self-paced video learning options are available, which help the programs to feel as if they are tailored to clients.

This popup teaser does a great job of generating interest and collecting information. The kind of people visiting the site would likely have one or more health concerns, and learning to tell when the liver needs detoxing may be one of them.

The Teaser
The Popup

The detoxification details are given as a reward for providing contact information that may be used later.

See it in action here:

Boss Man Limited

Boss Man is an online storefront that stocks niche products for homeowners. It started after its founder noticed a floor protection product used during an insurance claims process and wondered why it was unavailable locally.

The popup teaser is straight to the point and will garner interest from potential clients since discounts are always attractive prospects.

The Teaser
The Popup

Of course, to claim the said discounts, the web page viewer must first provide an e-mail address and agree to subscribe to Boss Man’s mailing list.

See it in action:

PJ’s Landscape and Design

PJ’s Landscaping and Design provides a full suite of landscaping services that appeal to a broad base of different clients. For example, one client might want a complete landscape overhaul, redoing some areas completely and modifying others.

This pop up teaser collects several pieces of important information with verbiage that encourages its audience to get the ball rolling on landscaping projects for fall 2022.

The Teaser
The Popup

Since the form will handle all the relevant details, PJ’s landscaping and design can contact the interested parties and start the discovery process.

See it in action here:

Creating your pop up teasers with Poptin

It’s entirely easy to create pop up teasers with Poptin. You don’t have to know to code; many customizations are readily available. Poptin offers a range of features to help businesses create and optimize their on-site messaging campaigns, including a drag-and-drop editor, various templates and design options, targeting and segmentation tools, A/B testing capabilities, and integrations with popular email marketing and CRM platforms.

Aside from lightboxes, countdown timer popups, gamified popups, overlays, bars, email forms, and social widgets, you can also create great pop up teasers on Poptin.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Poptin account and go to the dashboard.
  2. Choose the “Popup” you want to have a pop up teaser and click “Edit”. You can also do everything from scratch.
  3. Scroll down to “Teaser” and click on Teaser Screen to preview. Use the drag-and-drop editor to design your floating teaser, like location, size, animation, background, etc.
  4. Customize the settings for your teaser, including the trigger, display frequency, and targeting options.
  5. Preview your teaser to make sure it looks and works as intended.
  6. Save and publish your floating teaser.

Learn the full details on how to create a floating pop up teaser here.


A popup teaser can be very effective when used right. However, as the examples above indicate, remember that there are many different ways to use them. Think about the one you are going for before starting the design process.

Speaking of design, Poptin is excellent for setting up engaging popup teasers. The interface is pretty intuitive and allows you to bring your design elements together well to achieve whatever your desired objective may be.

Are you interested in other pop ups? We have helpful resources for you!

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