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[UPDATED] How To Get More Creative With Your Exit Intent Marketing

intenção de saída criativa

Marketing is an ongoing battle – just because you’ve got your customers to visit your site it doesn’t mean your work is done. At every stage of the buying process you need to sell the value of your brand and products to your users.
Exit intent marketing is your last chance to convince your users to purchase your good before they leave your site, maybe never to return…

Então, continue lendo e descubra como você pode ser criativo com seu marketing de intenção de saída e aumentar seus lucros.

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O que é marketing de intenção de saída?

Exit intent is when a visitor intends to leave a mobile or website. By tracking their mouse movements, exit marketing technology establishes when your users want to leave your site.

Exit intent marketing uses this technology to catch users who want to leave your site, then sell them the value of your brand before they go.

Why exit intent is essential to your online business

In 2022, the global cart abandonment rate was 71.23%. That means you are losing almost 3/4 of your customers interested in buying from your online business, let alone those who came with a casual interest.

Not every industry has the same cart abandonment rate, but the figures are high across the board.

See for yourself below:

Source: Statista

Which of those industries is your business in?

Whatever your online business sells, you can be sure that you’re failing to convince over half of your site visitors to buy from you.

Thankfully, exit intent marketing is here to help you fight back and to win over those non-buying visitors.

O que o marketing de intenção de saída pode trazer ao seu negócio

Now that you know why exit intent marketing is so valuable to your business, it’s time to learn about its many different features and how you can start using them to win over 75% of your visitors who leave your site without buying from it you.

Uma das melhores empresas no negócio de marketing de intenção de saída é a Poptin. Usando o seu software dá-lhe acesso a uma série de funcionalidades para o impedir de perder negócios, incluindo:

  • Aumentar os seus assinantes de e-mail: você pode melhorar enormemente a sua taxa de assinatura.
  • Obtenha mais vendas e leads: venda o valor da sua marca através da comercialização de ofertas relevantes para os seus potenciais clientes.
  • Corte o abandono do seu carrinho de compras: pare os visitantes no seu caminho quando eles estão pensando em sair do seu site, batendo neles com uma oferta que eles não podem recusar
  • Ramp up your visitor engagements: by conducting surveys, you can take feedback from your customers/visitors and use it to market the products they want to buy

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as exit intent marketing goes, and you can get creative with how you reel in your visitors.

How your business can get creative with exit intent marketing

There are so many ways you can get creative with your exit intent marketing, and you can apply this across all of the channels your business uses.


You can target your visitors on their mobiles by creating an advertisement that asks them to call you business or they miss out on a temporary discount offer. Mobile popups are a great way to make the most of any localized requests and reach busy customers as they go about their day. You want to use bold colors and direct language to get them to pause their scrolling.

Abaixo está um que eu desenhei em apenas alguns minutos. E se você for ainda mais criativo do que eu, você será capaz de desenhar um mais criativo...

Crédito: Poptin
Crédito: Poptin

A sua loja online

Use your considerable creative powers to design a pop-up for your online store that will fire out at your visitors just as they’re thinking about departing without making a purchase.

My skills may not match yours, but the popup software to create this exit intent marketing meant I could have it ready in seconds…

poptin ui
Crédito: Poptin

Think about how you can use emotive language, seasonal events, and even gamification to mix up the style and language of your pop up designs. In a competitive niche like eCommerce, you must deeply design ads that appeal to your target customer. Humor might help you cut through the noise and help endear your customers to you.

These are just a few ways to start getting creative with your exit intent marketing and designing adverts to slash your abandonment rate.

To get started, I suggest you watch the brilliant video below, and you’ll be good to go in seconds…

But remember, exit intent marketing isn’t the only thing you need to retain customers.

Of course, exit intent isn’t the only feature of your business that needs excel for you to retain your customers.

There is a vast range of details you need to get right, such as UI/UX design that sings.

If your visitors are abandoning your site, it might be because you’ve given them a poor experience while searching through it. The value of UI/UX is enormous, as these figures prove:

  • Uma IU bem desenhada pode aumentar a sua taxa de conversão em 200%.
  • Great UX can ramp up your conversion rate by 400%

Testemunhos de clientes

É um facto: os visitantes do seu site valorizam mais as opiniões dos seus clientes passados do que valorizam as suas. Como é que eu sei que é um facto? Porque os seus clientes dizem que sim:

  • 88% of your customers trust reviews from their peers as much as they value the views of their friends, family, and relatives
  • 85% of your customers read ten reviews from their peers before they’ll consider buying your products

Social proof is crucial to the success of your business, and you must make it part of your online store to retain your customers. Using a store builder that lets you add marketing features like exit intent marketing tools is a must-have for your business.

Why is it so important?

Because if you create a site that can’t support the features your customers want from you, then they’ll take their business to a business that can.

If you need more proof of that, check out the video below, which explains the value of customer testimonials…

So much of your business is lost to site visitors who leave before buying your products. That means you simply cannot overlook exit intent marketing if you want to maximize your profits.

So, take away the advice from this article and get creative with your exit intent marketing, and your revenue will go up, up, and up.

Victoria Greene é uma especialista em marketing de comércio eletrônico e escritora freelancer que adora estudar os detalhes do varejo online. Você pode ler mais sobre seu trabalho em seu blog Victoria Ecommerce.