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Recommended Free WordPress Plugins – a Continually Updated List that Every Website Owner Should…

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In this post I present recommended WordPress plugins relating to all categories. The post will get updated continually and will have more and more relevant plugins.

If you work with a plugin which is not on the list below, please let us know in the comments and we will be happy to add it.

Akismet – Anti Spam Comments (more than one million installs, 4.8 stars)


This plugin automatically checks all comments and filters out the ones that look like spam. It includes the history of comments which were caught by the system.

Yoast SEO – Improve and Fully Optimize Every Page (more than one million installs, 4 stars)


I have been using All-In-One-SEO Pack until recently, but then I noticed that on a few websites, some of the configurations we made were not kept, and we looked for a better alternative. The Yoast plugin does the job. It allows you to modify title tags and meta description tags; to see whether you exceed the character limit in these tags and whether the keywords appear in the tags; also it allows you to create a site map, set a Facebook thumbnail, set a canonical tag, and more.

Contact Form 7 – Create Contact Forms Easily (more than one million downloads, 4.5 stars)


>By using this plugin, you can create a contact form with various fields (name, e-mail address, phone number, message, website and others) and to insert it by using shortcode. The plugin allows you to define which fields are required, to which e-mail address the form contents will be sent and how it is worded, what error messages will appear when entering wrong information in the form and what will be the confirmation message. The plugin allows you (by Additional Settings) to re-direct to another page (for example, a “Thank You” page) as soon as the visitor submitted the information, to add CAPTCHA, and more.

TinyMCE Advanced – the Advanced Content Editor (more than one million downloads, 4.6 stars)


By using this plugin you can finally set fonts and change their sizes easily in any section you want. In addition, you will have more options for adding tables and lists to the text body, for changing text color and background color, and more.

Google Sitemap Generator – Create a Sitemap for better Search Engine Indexing (more than one million downloads, 4.9 stars)


As its name indicates, this plugin creates a sitemap which makes it easier for the search engines’ crawlers to discover every page on your website. A must-have plugin for all website promoters and owners of large websites, with a hierarchy a few levels deep on their website.

Wp-Smushit – Automatic Image Compressing (more than 500,000 downloads, 4.8 stars)

This time I will allow the (amusing) video below to explain it:


Elementor – a Page Builder Made in Israel (more than 9000 downloads, 4.9 stars)


Elementor will help you build a page on your website by using a simple and convenient Drag & Drop interface. You can use it to add images on the page, to divide the page into columns, to add testimonials, titles and paragraphs, video clips and more. Elementor offers tens of templates which may fit the style of page that you wish to build, this way you will save precious time. The developers continue to add new features and update the plugin at a dizzying pace.

Max Mega Menu – Create Mega Menus Effortlessly (more than 90,000 downloads, 4.9 stars)

max mega menu

W3-Total-CacheDeal with your Cache (more than one million downloads, 4.3 stars)


>This plugin could help you improve the loading time and performance of your website.

Wordfence Security – a Firewall for your Website (more than one million downloads, 4.8 stars)

This plugin will defend your website from hacking attempts and will alert you quickly in any such event. The plugin monitors data in real-time from a vast repository of websites using the Wordfence plugin, and utilizes this data to detect attacks.

Linker – Tracking Outbound Link Clicks (more than 1000 downloads, 4.6 stars)


Linker helps you with creating shorter URL addresses of links and making them look like they are on your own domain, tracking link clicks and affiliate links, doing 301 redirects and more.

301 Redirects – 301 Redirects for Maintaining Website Promotion (more than 4000 downloads, 4 stars)


As anyone promoting their (or their client’s) website knows, when building a new website with a new domain (instead of an old site which has already been promoted on Google) or changing the URL address of an existing page, the job cannot be finished without creating 301 redirects from the old URL address to the new one. If there is a change of URL on the same domain, for example, www.example.com/aaa moved to a new address – www.example.com/bbb, then a redirect needs to be created in order to keep the promotion level. If there is a different domain name, for example, the site www.exa111.com is being built as a new site on www.mple222.com, in this case the plugin would not help and you would have to do the redirect from the storage of the old website.

AddToAny Share Buttons – Share Buttons including WhatsApp (more than 300,000 downloads, 4.7 stars)

After checking quite a few share plugins, I find this plugin to be one of the most appealing and convenient to use. This is the share button that we use for the POPTIN blog. It gives you the ability to choose the social media appearing on the toolbar, to rearrange the order of the icons, and to select where you want the buttons to be displayed – at the bottom of the post, at the top, at the side of the page or all of these together.

Other Share Buttons plugins: Sharify and AddThis

Loco Translate – Translate Templates and Plugins (more than 200,000 downloads, 5 stars)


Loco Translate will help you translate sections of a template without going into the code. We also used this plugin on our website in order to translate certain sections such as the widgets in the sidebar, the comments system at the bottom and others.

Header and Footer – Add Code to the Header and Footer (more than 80,000 downloads, 4.9 stars)

The plugin gives you the ability to easily add code to the header or footer. Suitable for those who want to integrate codes of Google Analytics, Remarketing, Facebook Pixel, or any other HTML code which needs to be entered on all website pages.

Envira Gallery Lite – Responsive Gallery Plugin (more than 60,000 downloads, 4.1 stars)

Use this plugin to create a responsive gallery for your site with just a few clicks.

The video clip below describes some of the Premium version features:

BuddyPress – Create a Community and Discussions on the Website (more than 200,000 downloads, 4.3 stars)


Use BuddyPress to create a community on your site: personal profiles, user groups, threaded comments, tags, notifications (public, group and personal), and more.

Do you know an excellent plugin which was not mentioned here? Write us in the comments below and we will add it 

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