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Аббатство Клэр Дела Круз

She is the Marketing Manager of Poptin. Her expertise as a content writer and marketer revolves around devising effective conversion strategies to grow businesses. When not working, she indulges herself with nature; creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures and connecting with people of all sorts.

4 Постоянные контактные альтернативы с самыми низкими тарифами

Constant Contact is a well-known brand for email software and currently has over 600,000 customers. However, some people aren’t fans of it and want to try an alternative service. Luckily, there are plenty of options from which to pick. What Does Constant Contact…
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Топ 5 альтернатив MailChimp: Перенос почтового маркетинга на следующий уровень

Many people like the idea of MailChimp, but they aren’t satisfied with the features or pricing. Here, you are going to find five different alternatives to the MailChimp system. They all have excellent interfaces and great features, but they have good deals and…
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3 Лучших всплывающих окна и формы приложения для Integromat, чтобы получить больше свиданий

Are you looking for tools that would help you on your lead generation initiatives? We know that lead generation is basically ushering people to your website and then turning them into subscribers by getting their contact information. But, it’s actually beyond that. Acquiring…
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