Как повысить уровень удержания клиентов (а также верхние инструменты, чтобы помочь)

Most businesses focus on acquiring new customers because they believe more customers equal more revenue. While that has some merit in it, it’s not 100% true. If you’re not retaining the customers you do acquire, customers are churning, and you’re losing money. And…
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Лучшие точки боли в электронной коммерции - и как их избавить.

электронная торговля
The world is seeing accelerated eCommerce growth, with sales increasing a massive 14.9% in 2019.  Impressive, but even though eCommerce is growing fast, it still has a tiny piece of the pie in comparison to retail. With e-retail sales reaching 3.5 trillion U.S.…
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