тег Архивы: маркетинг по электронной почте

Топ 5 Клавиевских альтернатив для электронной коммерции

Many merchants have used Klaviyo for their email marketing requirements. However, most people get put off by the pricing. Of course, online merchants have many options available to them, so Klaviyo isn’t the only one. Still, it’s important to know what Klaviyo is…
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5 Альтернатив ActiveCampaign, которые вы можете попробовать бесплатно

Email marketing is one of the trends that every business and entrepreneur uses to generate leads and boost engagement. Marketers believe that emails offer higher ROIs among all the channels. Therefore, email marketing platforms like ActiveCampaign have a lot of users who are…
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4 Постоянные контактные альтернативы с самыми низкими тарифами

Constant Contact is a well-known brand for email software and currently has over 600,000 customers. However, some people aren’t fans of it and want to try an alternative service. Luckily, there are plenty of options from which to pick. What Does Constant Contact…
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Топ 5 альтернатив MailChimp: Перенос почтового маркетинга на следующий уровень

Many people like the idea of MailChimp, but they aren’t satisfied with the features or pricing. Here, you are going to find five different alternatives to the MailChimp system. They all have excellent interfaces and great features, but they have good deals and…
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Как учиться на чужих ошибках: 5 Ошибки крупнейшей маркетинговой кампании по электронной почте

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your customers and increase your return of investment (ROI). In fact, studies show that for every $1 spent on email marketing you can expect the average ROI of $42. …
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Какое лучшее время для отправки электронной почты? (Вот, что показывают данные)

лучшее время для отправки электронной почты
How are you keeping in touch with your customers and prospects? Social media, mobile texts, and blog comments are great, but nothing compares to email marketing. Emails can be a great way to bolster your marketing mix and engage your audience. Don’t believe it?…
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10 Мощные автоматические сообщения, которые вы должны отправить сегодня.

автоматические письма
Email marketing is a powerful way for businesses to connect with their customers and prospects. But we already know this. Yet, what many companies are still missing is the fact marketing automation can streamline those efforts. We’ve already seen that it can increase…
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