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Технология Exit-Intent: как она работает и как всплывающее окно выхода может развивать ваш бизнес

всплывающее окно с намерением выйти
As the global market advances, businesses of all sizes need to use various tools and techniques to engage with their website visitors and convert them into customers. Exit-intent technology is one such tool that has gained popularity in recent years. This technology offers…
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Маленькие поправки, которые помогут вашему бизнесу расти: анатомия выходного Popup

анатомия БЛОГа
Growth may take different shapes. Although everyone is obsessed with a rocket-jump, exponential kind of growth, for most startups it’s rather slow. According to a study by Eric Kutcher, the director at McKinsey’s office, startups that are growing at less than 60% annually…
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