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Как заставить посетителей сайта заказать пробную версию вашего продукта [с помощью всплывающих окон и видео]

A free trial can be your best sales pitch, because once the customer gets interested with your product, it’s easier to upsell. Sounds easy, right? But, there is a catch. How do you make visitors book those free trials? The plan is to…
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Как повысить уровень удержания клиентов (а также верхние инструменты, чтобы помочь)

Most businesses focus on acquiring new customers because they believe more customers equal more revenue. While that has some merit in it, it’s not 100% true. If you’re not retaining the customers you do acquire, customers are churning, and you’re losing money. And…
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7 Легкий в использовании, высокое качество посадочных стр. строители

целевые страницы
Digital marketing has long since become the main business generating tool for organizations of any size, shape or form. Plenty of man hours and large budgets are allocated towards branding, raising awareness and luring in visitors to brochure websites and E-commerce sites alike.…
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