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How Sales Automation Tools Help Enhance Sales Processes

How Sales Automation Tools Help to Enhance Sales Processes

The sales process is altogether a different practice in itself. From prospecting to closing deals and providing services after deal closure, there are just ample activities to be performed.

Sales Automation is a great tool that saves a lot of handwork by eliminating manual tasks and increasing the efficiency of activities. 

You can practice sales automation with the help of software, artificial intelligence, and digital tools.  Keep reading to learn more!

Sales Automation Benefits

Sales automation helps your business in various ways, such as: 

  • Speeding up the sales process 
  • Saving a lot of time to help you focus on other essential tasks 
  • Improves performance and efficiency 
  • Increases customer satisfaction with Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Simplifies data storage along with maintaining consistency 
Sales Automation Tools

And many more. It is designed to help enterprises with limited budgets and small teams. These benefits are compelling enough to implement sales automation software in your system immediately.  

However, before implementing the software, it is essential to know the features of the sales automation tool and how they add value to your sales process.

Sales automation tool helps you achieve those benefits.

Here are sales automation features that help you achieve the benefits mentioned above.

Sales Automation Features

Sales Pipeline Management 

This feature helps you manage your sales pipeline effectively. It enables you to automate your tasks at each stage of the channel to engage and convert your customers. 

It helps you create multiple sales pipelines and focus on the right deal at the right time without moving screens. It lets you stay updated whenever your prospects open or click through your mail. You can use a free sales pipeline template to start your sales process.

The sales pipeline template will help you track and manage your prospects as they move through your sales process.

Sales Reports

Reports help you forecast your sales. It also allows you to analyze your team’s performance by providing actionable insights. 

You can also use these sales reports to identify where your reps require training to turn them into sales superstars.

Sales Forecasting 

This feature helps you forecast your revenue and sales performance.  

It gives you a clear view of your sales funnels to take timely action. It also provides predictive statistical analysis of your data. 

It helps you identify the shortage in the sales pipeline so that you don’t cut down on your revenues.  

Moreover, it helps you identify your star performer.  

Task Automation 

This feature automates your manual tasks. It speeds up your sales process by automating record updates, deal assignments,s, and many such activities.  

It automatically notifies your teammates when the deal is created or moved to a subsequent stage. 

Moreover, you also get a reminder when a deal is won. 

In short, this feature contributes majorly to shortening your sales cycle. 

Power Dialer 

The power dialer also known as an auto dialer works as a boon for reps when it’s up to make calls to your clients.  

This is an in-built call automation tool that increases efficiency. It automatically dials numbers from your lead list without making you switch screens. 

In addition to the above sentence, this feature also allows you to take your time to prepare for your next call. You can set a specific time duration between calls, and the call will be made automatically post the break time. 

Sales Goals 

Setting goals is the base for any execution to come into action. Similarly, this feature helps set actionable goals.  

This feature helps you track your goals and motivate your team to go beyond and above. 

You can check which rep is contributing how much in attaining the goals. This will help you spark healthy competition among your team.  

It’s like turning the sales process into a game and encouraging the athlete in yourself.  

You can personalize the sales rep dashboard and track sales goals accordingly. 

Sales Activity Tracking 

This feature plays the role of guiding light throughout the sales process.  

Sales activity tracker helps you to: 

  • Plan 
  • Track and 
  • Automate the stages of your sales. 

You can use the above three features for your meetings, calls, demos, and emails for all your contact and deals.  

Moreover, it even helps you create a personalized sales TDL that syncs perfectly with your calendar and mobile devices. Consider using the Outlook SharePoint calendar to achieve more organization when scheduling events or meetings on your calendar.

It keeps you updated on all past, present, and future actions for every deal. It lets you automate your sales playbook.  

The pipeline boards help you keep updated, so you don’t miss any activity.  

Sales Sequences 

This unique feature helps you improve your client engagement and follow-ups. 

With this feature, you can automate all your follow-up emails and activities through emails or text messages. 

It is easy to set up, create intervals and decide the delay yourself. 

It even offers reminders never to let you miss any of your emails or messages. You can customize your templates and personalize your messages accordingly.  

These are some of the essential features of sales automation tools that can significantly help your sales reps.  

Moving ahead, you’ll educate yourself about five significant steps to automate the sales process.

So, let’s start! 

Five steps to automating the sales process 

Sales are all about prioritizing your clients’ needs. After learning the key features of sales automation, you know it’s a great tool for prioritizing your customers.  

Now, you should look at the five steps below to help you automate your sales process. 

Lead scoring 

Lead scoring is a method used to determine how valuable the lead is.  

This is done to prioritize the lead with a higher chance of turning into a customer than the others on the list. 

This is a significant step because there are always specific leads that need little but quick attention to close, whereas there are some leads who comparatively require more attention. 

So, this initial step will help you sort your list and bifurcate your activity accordingly. 

Build your email list 

Building your email list is a crucial step to be executed. Once you have a list, you can easily use automation to communicate with them. 

Here are some ways of building an email list from scratch: 

  • You can create a personalized CTA for every blog. 
  • Create a pop-up for each of your website pages. 
  • Create a timed pop-up survey
  • Sign-ups for an email newsletter on your social media page. 
  • Include a CTA on the “about us” page of your site.  

These are some ways to create a loyal customer email list from scratch. 

Send follow-up emails to customers. 

After building an email list of your customers, it is evident that you’ll send emails to these lists.  

You need to make sure that you are not spamming your list. Instead, send them timely follow-up mail. An email marketing software can help you schedule your emails and follow up on time. While sending mail to your customers, there are various factors that you need to keep in mind.  

You must ensure that you’re sending mail at an appropriate time with a catchy subject line to experience a good email open rate. 

Hence, this stage is essential in the automation of the sales process. 

The thinking process – Arranging calls and meetings 

At this step, you need to schedule the calls. Post sending emails, you can schedule the meetings and arrange client calls. 

You should plan the business call to close more deals. However, arranging such a meeting won’t be easy to schedule on the 1st attempt. You need to keep certain things in your mind and make multiple attempts. 

Hence, this stage involves a lot of thinking and effort. 

Automate lead enrichment process 

Working on lead enrichment is a lot of work and time investment. 

Hence, automation is necessary. At this stage, it is essential to automate the process, as it has some crucial benefits: 

  • Allowing the appropriate rep to work with the lead 
  • Helping reduce the costs of data enrichment vendors. 
  • Ensuring timely responses to your leads and many more. 

The above benefits are compelling enough to implement lead enrichment automation. 

This automation will ease your work and reduce a lot of manual work and cost savings.  


Automation has proven to be a boon to the world. Using automation, many sales teams, irrespective of their organization size, location, and industry, have experienced great victory. Hence, it is safe to say that automation in any sector works as a great addition.  

After reading this blog, you are confident that employing an automation tool truly streamlines the sales workflow in every way possible. 

Also, when implementing the right tool, operations become easy without creating extra work for your team.  

Apart from the ones mentioned in the blog, automation tools bring many benefits to your sales process. Also, not to forget one of the most significant drawbacks of sales automation is the lack of human intervention.  

So, it is a great time to boost your sales numbers by implementing a great automation tool for your business.  

Author’s Bio: Hinal Tanna is an SEO strategist and content marketer, currently working with the marketing team of Salesmate. She has a knack for curating content that follows SEO practices and helps businesses create an impactful brand presence.

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