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Sell More Products Online with Poptin and ePages

Are you experiencing hardships in converting profit due to competition and drastic consumers’ behavioral changes? Frustrating, right?

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, running a business became much difficult because consumers have limited movement due to the risk. Yet, the rise of eCommerce has been a game-changer, and the rapid blast of sales led businesses to transition to this new market landscape. 

However, building your domain is not as easy as it seems, especially for beginners. Not to mention the hard work of converting visitors and leading them to the end of your sales funnel.

Fortunately, ePages and Poptin can do the work for you. This fantastic eCommerce website builder, along with a complete stack conversion optimization toolkit, enables you to develop your desired online shop faster and meet your business targets with zero hassle.

Let’s get to know how this integration can work wonders for your business.

Selling on ePages


ePages is an excellent online platform to outset your ideal online shop. How does it work? This platform amplifies your shop’s brands and designs which can boost your income generation.

ePages offers good product & store management…

This software lets you sell online, design your shop, add products and contents with search engine optimization and convenient delivery methods.

…and excellent marketing.

ePages works with third-party apps and integrations to further maximize your business growth and marketing strategies.

For instance, you can install Poptin on your website and create fantastic eCommerce pop ups intended to capture visitor’s attention and convert them into customers.

Why are Pop Ups Effective?

Having your ePages website visited is one thing, but not all visitors can be your customers. Therefore, getting your visitor’s attention should be your priority. 

Your visitors on your ePages website leave either because your offers do not fit their interests or they do not have the privilege of time to navigate and go through your website.

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It’s where pop-ups’ relevance in enhancing your ePages websites converting power lies. Utilizing pop ups on your ePages webpage helps you capture your visitor’s attention by highlighting trending and valuable offers that could best draw their interests.

Showing them enticing offerings, with the help of countdown pop ups, helps your clients decide faster as you provide a sense of urgency.

Convincing your visitors not to click the “back” button is quite impossible, but popping pop ups that interrupt the pattern can make them stop for a moment and reconsider your offers.  

It is where exit-intent popups enter. This popup appears when a visitor tries to leave your website, and it occurs when an attempt to leave the site is detected. Using this popup helps prevent the visitor from leaving your website, in return reducing your cart abandonment.

The Best Tool to Create ePages Pop Ups: Poptin

You’re probably wondering now how you can create your ePages pop ups. Here comes Poptin to solve that problem for you.


No one wants to be left behind in the eCommerce industry, for every entrepreneur aim for success and business growth.

Poptin comes to aid the eCommerce website in generating more clients by helping to capture visitor’s interests and convert them into sales, subscribers, and leads. Its main objective is to make your online business conversion rate soar high and become a successful one.

You can create your desired pop-ups in minutes, especially by utilizing Poptin’s well-designed templates. No coding skills are required in making ePages pop ups with Poptin.

Moreover, it makes more engagement with your visitors by showing opt-ins to qualified leads at the right time.

Here are the types of pop ups and forms you can create with Poptin:

  • Lightbox popups
  • Full screen overlays
  • Slide-ins
  • Top and bottom bars
  • Countdown popups
  • Video popups
  • Social popups
  • Mobile popups
  • Email forms
  • Contact forms
  • Widgets
  • and more!

Poptin’s Key Features

  • Exit-intent technology

Online carts getting dumped? Supercharge your pop ups with exit-intent technology. Using this innovation gives you the power to create intent-based opt-ins that can stop visitors from leaving your page without buying anything.

  • Highly responsive pop up and form templates

Mobile users tend to be the main contributor to high cart abandonment rates. With Poptin, you get access to fully responsive templates that you can customize and implement to any device.


  • User-friendly drag and drop builder

Poptin’s no-code drag and drop builder is perfect even for beginners. You save time from doing all the manual coding and just do everything in minutes.

  • Smart triggers

Behavior-based promotions are effective in increasing your overall sales performance. Activating smart triggers lets you engage with your visitors at the right time without interrupting their browsing experience.

Poptin trigger includes exit intent trigger (which is included in the free plan!), scroll trigger, display after X clicks, inactivity, display after X pages visited, and more. Avail of the paid plans and enjoy the benefits of an autopilot trigger.

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  • Targeting rules

Show your message to the right people by implementing pop up targeting. Available options are URL targeting (page-level on-site targeting), geo-location (by country, including US states), device targeting, OS & Browsers, new vs returning visitors (based on cookies), days and hours, IP blocklists, traffic source, on-click popup display, and more.

  • 50+ native integrations

Integrate your poptins with your favorite CRM or emailing software and automatically sync ePages website responses into your email list/lead database.

Check the list of available integrations with Poptin here.

  • A/B testing

You might not get it right the first time, A/B testing will help you improve your ePages conversion tactics as you get a glimpse of what works best for your target audience.

  • Built-in analytics

Poptin offers built-in analytics that provides real-time performances of your opt-ins and inline forms. This enables you to track, monitor, and improve your conversion efforts as you get insights into your customer behavior, intent, and interests.

Wanna give it a try? Sign up with Poptin today!

How to Install Poptin on Your ePages Website 

Poptin just recently launched its app on ePages Apps and Integrations page.

This makes it easier for ePages online shop owners to implement pop ups directly into their stores.


Benefits of Connecting Poptin with ePages Website

Many benefits precede connecting Poptin with your ePages website, which can help boost the growth of your website. Some of these benefits are the following:

  • Accelerates visitor engagement

Poptin allows your website to conduct surveys, getting visitor’s or client’s feedback, and provide offers that may capture their interest and attention. This feature can help you analyze your visitor’s and client’s feedback that could allow for the betterment of your ePages website.

  • Get more email subscribers

With the help of Poptin, you can enhance your subscription rates by displaying ePages email pop ups at an appropriate time. It’s hard to ask for email addresses without giving visitors anything in return. Entice them with relevant offers through email popups. You can broadcast your new offers, event promotions, eBooks, and more.

  • Generate more sales

Poptin provides visitors offers that exhibit their choices and behavior. This can help clients discover more offers and products, therefore increasing sales. 

  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment

In eCommerce businesses, bogus customers are always present. To prevent cart ditching, Poptin has exit-intent technology to decrease the refusal rate and convert them into valuable clients instead before they exit.



You can now start your ePages website and display your products and offers. But you might experience difficulties in keeping your visitors and making them purchase your products. You have to incorporate Poptin to attract more market and increase your sales conversions.

ePages is a top-notch eCommerce platform to cater to your business’ needs and provide you innovative services. Poptin gives you exemplar perks in marketing, provides clientele satisfaction, and boosts your conversion rates.

We’re excited for you to start building your ePages website with Poptin hand in hand!

Want to create pop ups for your website now? Sign up with Poptin for free!

She is the Marketing Manager of Poptin. Her expertise as a content writer and marketer revolves around devising effective conversion strategies to grow businesses. When not working, she indulges herself with nature; creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures and connecting with people of all sorts.