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Experience A+ Shopping Experience with Shopify Plus Pop Ups

You’ve set up your Shopify Plus website.

You’ve put together amazing plugins and posted enticing products.

However, you don’t know yet how to engage with visitors and surprise them upon entry. What will you do?

That’s when Shopify Plus pop ups enter the scene. These pop ups are equipped with the necessary features to boost engagement, improve sales, and grow your email list. If you haven’t utilized its benefits, you might be missing out.

Want to start creating Shopify Plus pop ups but don’t know how to start? Well, you’re in the right place!

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is the home for the online business owners out there. This is an eCommerce company that allows online sellers to sell and advertise the products and services they offer online.


The good thing about Shopify is that it does not require anyone to spend millions of dollars, hire professional developers, or wait for several months to install and use the software. There are loads of benefits you can get when you start selling with Shopify. Some of them are the following:

  • Integrate systems
  • Manage complexity
  • Sell everywhere
  • Customizable and accelerated checkout
  • Multiple customizations, integrations, and extensibility through the Shopify partners and the software
  • Improve the shopping experience of your buyers

Why Pop Ups are Effective

A lot are thinking that selling goods and services offline is both expensive and risky for your company. You have probably heard terrifying stories regarding dealing and retailing with the clients personally at some point in your life. But, what if there is something that can help you using minimal cost and little-to-no commitment.

shopify plus pop ups

A pop up is not designed to annoy or distract your customers. Shopify Plus pop ups are more appealing and can help you boost your shopping experience, especially when the popups contain appealing info to your visitors.

Here are the following reasons Shopify Plus pop ups work effectively. So, if you want to know more about it, keep reading.

  • Pop ups are visible to everyone

Compared to other forms of advertisements, popups are better and can give you loads of benefits. It has a 100 percent view rate and is proven to have a more decent click-through rate than other types of ads.

  • Pop ups increase your brand value

You have the ability to boost visitors’ interest in your brand as you offer them something relevant and exclusive. In return, visitors also feel valued and appreciated.

  • Pop ups encourage visitors to place an order

When creating a pop-up, make sure that it is appropriately implemented. With the use of well-implemented popups, your shop visitor will receive a prompt that will encourage them to purchase something from your site. These do not include any exit-intent pop-ups, which have a vast difference.

  • Your visitors cannot ignore pop ups

Compared to your prompt located at the shop site footer, a well-crafted pop-up is 100 percent seen by your shop visitors and potential buyers. Visitors don’t have any choice but to read the message when the pop-up is shown on the screen. Even though they already closed it, the message has been delivered already.

  • Increase Social Media Following

As an online seller, you know how strong a social media following is. When your shop site has an excellent online presence, you can attract and maintain a good number of customers. This is when popups become handy. Through this, your business can receive business reviews, advertise your new services and products, and improve your online presence. Professionally-designed pop ups can give your business a higher chance to expand the coverage of your business.

  • Increase Brand Visibility

When running an online business, you know the importance of brand visibility. To ensure that your shop has a strong online presence, Shopify Plus pop-ups would help you a lot. It plays a vital role in capturing the user’s and browser’s attention to look at the content before closing it. It also acts as a type of freestanding ad that shop visitors cannot resist.

  • Boost Conversion Rate

One of the primary purposes of Shopify Plus pop ups is to boost its sales. This advertising tool can help you grow your shop’s conversion rate if you place it on your website correctly. Make sure that you will follow a call-to-action form when doing your pop-ups. This will induce your visitors to visit the advertisement without thinking twice. You can do this by knowing the needs and behavior patterns of your visitors.

The Best Tool To Create Shopify Plus Pop Ups: Poptin


There are loads of reasons Poptin is considered to be the best tool for building exit-intent popups for Shopify stores. This tool allows a Shopify seller to create several types of pop-ups. In addition, you can also find a lot of unique designs. Using Poptin does not require you to learn special skills.

A lot of eCommerce website owners, bloggers, online marketers, and digital marketing agencies are using this software to create the best popups. This allows you to set up Shopify Plus pop ups according to time-based triggers, link click, multiple clicks, scrolling, or exit-intent.

Aside from that, it also features a drag-and-drop system. This means that building a fully responsive Shopify Plus pop up is possible.

What’s more, is that the app offers a free trial. After using it for some time, you can now upgrade your version to premium to unlock the cool features it provides.

Using Poptin app for Shopify Plus pop ups gives you lots of benefits, including:

  • Lessen the Abandoned Cart-Rate in Your Shop
  • Create both Cross-Selling and Upselling Popups
  • Provide Your New Shoppers with a Discount Through the Time-Triggered Pop Ups
  • Segment Your Popups according to Page and Category

Considering these fantastic benefits, there is no doubt that Shopify Plus pop ups can give a big help in every online business. These days, a lot of companies, especially the new ones, are starting to create their online shop and use popups to their advantage.

How To Install Poptin on Your Shopify Plus Website

It only takes one click to install Poptin on your Shopify Plus site. Click here.

shopify plus pop ups

And that’s it! Poptin is now installed on your Shopify Plus account. Start converting more visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales through engaging popups and embedded forms.

Benefits of Connecting Poptin with Shopify Plus

There is an increase in the number of online visitors every year. This is because a lot of brands started to go digital. The number of online sellers who want to boost their sites for more comfortable and convenient online shopping also increases.

Well, this is excellent news for those who are running an eCommerce store. Did you know that connecting Poptin with Shopify Plus gives you loads of benefits? Using Poptin to create Shopify Plus pop ups can help you boost your shop brand’s sales and popularity.

These benefits include the following:

  • Poptin is a practical and easy to use the tool in terms of customer acquisition and lead capture.
  • Poptin enables you to build your Shopify Plus pop ups in just a matter of seconds.
  • The said popup creator is equipped with high-quality features, giving you perfect results.
  • Shopify Popups enable you to turn your shop visitors into leads, subscribers, or customers.
  • It gives you a 20%chance to rescue your abandoned carts. This helps you to convert more sales, which means more revenues.
  • It has been proven to be a useful tool to minimize the initial cost by up to 50%, especially if you want to boost a number of lead nurturing forms, such as newsletters and email marketing.


With Shopify Plus pop-ups, you can now enjoy a top-rated shopping experience. Pop-ups are one of the necessary forms of advertisements. This is mainly used as a marketing strategy for advertising the services and products offered by your shop. Aside from that, it is also used for boosting the volume of your website traffic.

You can create well-crafted Shopify Plus pop ups using Poptin and other similar apps. When creating pop ups, you need to create contents that will surely catch your site visitors’ attention. When you have the visitor’s attention, you can now turn them into your loyal customers.

We cannot deny that internet users think that popups are just a form of distraction and obstruction. That’s why they install different tools to get rid of these pop ups to browse their desired websites without any hindrance.

Despite that, popups are still known to be one of the effective ways to catch the attention of your visitors. Through this, you can encourage them to purchase your products or services. Indeed, Shopify Plus popups are the best ways to give your customers a satisfying and enjoyable experience while shopping in your shop.

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