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How to Create Shoplazza Pop Ups and Contact Forms to Boost Sales

Shoplazza is one of the highest-performing CMS platforms today. Users can create an online store effortlessly.

Converting visitors to subscribes, customers, and leads is a challenge right now, so smart website popups come to the rescue here. They make it easier to catch people before they leave through exit-intent popups and much more.

How do you do that?

Poptin is a special tool that creates those high-converting website popups you need.

Recently, it launched an app on the Shoplazza platform.

This means users can quickly create email forms, contact forms, and email popups to increase conversions in their online stores.

What are pop ups?

A pop up often consists of a small window on a website or in an email that appears suddenly and draws focus to it. It’s often used by marketers to generate leads and advertise specific things.

They’re generally controversial, and some people worry that they interrupt the user’s experience and aggravate them.

However, a pop up is to the point and could be a functional addition to your Shoplazza’s website.

How Pop Ups Can Grow Your Shoplazza Online Store

The pop up is a cornerstone for digital advertising and isn’t going away. However, ad-blocking software has forced them to change for the better.

Banner blindness is something most internet users develop quickly; they just seem to ignore the adverts you produce.

Overall, eCommerce pop ups on Shoplazza should feel like part of the website instead of a distraction.

When they’re done right, popups can increase conversion rates, get more leads, and help you achieve more revenue. Popup designs have come far.

You’ve got minimalist inline forms, eye-catching windows, and all the rest. This lets you generate ads that invite and intrigue visitors instead of putting them off.

Pop ups have a poor reputation primarily because brands misused them for years. You can’t slap them on your website and expect results! Instead, you must use them to connect with visitors, fine-tuning and optimizing them based on what your customers like.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for your Shoplazza pop ups:

  • Don’t just promote deals – Coupons and discount codes are the bread and butter for pop ups, but they can do more. Consider them to share content, recommend products, and showcase time-sensitive offers.
  • Make them feel different but cohesive– With style choices (color schemes and designs), you can win the attention of the visitor and stick to what your existing brand does. 
  • Illustrate your brand’s voice – Effective Shoplazza popups highlight the brand’s personality, presenting a friendly invitation to do something.
  • Don’t interrupt them initially – Abrupt popups are jarring, especially when someone first arrives on the site. That doesn’t leave a good first impression!
  • Don’t give every visitor the same popup – Personalize the pop ups for the visitors, creating messages for specific demographics or groups (first-time visitors, repeat buyers, cart abandonment customers.)
  • Don’t show multiple or irrelevant pop ups – You don’t like it when someone asks you the same question over and over or tries to get you to do something you’ve said no to already. Repeat popups feel like that, and you shouldn’t do it.

Consider these pop up styles to boost Shoplazza sales:

  • Offer Shoplazza discounts for newsletter subscriptions – Email forms are crucial marketing tools that keep people informed. Newsletters also encourage people to return to the website. A visually appealing and well-placed popup on your Shoplazza store can request the email address and give a discount. Exit-intent popups work well here.
popups shoplazza poptin
  • Promote seasonal offers – Seasonal sales are highly popular because you can invite current customers back and introduce your brand to new prospects. They often mirror other options, such as free downloads, customer discounts, and exclusive member access.
  • Free shipping offers – People shop online more than ever, and most of them are deterred by high shipping prices. Therefore, eCommerce entrepreneurs could offer free shipping at a certain threshold to increase business revenue. Countdown pop ups also instill a sense of urgency.
  • Highlight trends – Social media influences commerce, so you can use pop-ups to focus on trendy products or services.
  • Time-limited deals – Cart abandonment happens when visitors add items to the cart and leave the site without buying anything. Popups could offer free shipping or one-time discounts when visitors have something in the cart and show signs of exiting the site.
popups shoplazza poptin
  • Reminders of where customers left off – Customers are busy and bombarded with tons of information. A pop up can help, reminding them where they left off, similar to a bookmark. It also says that you’ve remembered them, and that adds a personal touch.
  • Feedback requests – It’s important to get customers’ opinions, so feedback or survey popups on Shoplazza can help. They might give negative information, but that’s still beneficial.

Creating Your Shoplazza Pop ups with Poptin

Poptin is the newest addition to the Shoplazza app store. You can use it to increase engagement with visitors, get more email subscribers, reduce cart abandonment concerns, and capture leads to grow sales.

poptin shoplazza popups

Create just about any pop up you can imagine, such as coupons, welcome email popups, contact forms, and email forms. It also includes an autoresponder that lets you send emails effortlessly!

Poptin helps you create Shoplazza pop ups and includes many features, such as:

Examples of Shoplazza Pop Ups Use Cases

Here are a few generic use cases for eCommerce pop ups and why they work:

Email Capture

Some might call it bribery, but it’s more like an incentive. Regardless, you can use popups to greet new customers and collect their email addresses.

When you offer a discount in return for the email, they save money, and you get information to use later to entice them back.

It’s often better to use personalized triggered emails to engage with your customers. Poptin offers email popups and can help you create email forms, as well.


Most people procrastinate as long as possible, so a looming deadline often forces them to take action. A pop-up is the perfect way to induce urgency for an eCommerce shop.

Consider using countdown timers to boost the hype around a product and encourage people to sign up for updates. You might even keep it in the corner if the person “exits” the popup.


Freebies and discounts do well in almost any situation. However, you can make them work harder to achieve more than conversions. Consider using the Shoplazza popup to excite customers to boost cart value.

Offering a free product upgrade or small item to people who purchase something relevant can encourage them to add a few more things and drive sales!

Do you want to encourage big spenders to make it through the check-out process? Consider setting pop-ups that are triggered by cart value. That helps you offer discounts to those who already have a lot to buy.

Flash Sales

A flash sale gets the heart pumping in ways that other options can’t. They’re typically available for short periods of time, so a popup is the best way to let customers know it’s happening right then.


One misconception about pop ups is that they’re only used to promote products and offer discounts. You can use them to convey important messages to visitors.

Consider a popup to show customers you’re open for business during the pandemic. Tell them you’re aware of shipping delays, but you’re working hard to keep things running smoothly. Transparency is a good thing!

Are you expanding to new geo-locations? Let shoppers know you ship there and how long it might take!

Don’t forget that Shoplazza pop ups can be small and unobtrusive or can cover the page. The method you choose depends on the message you’re trying to convey.

Complementary Items

A pop-up isn’t just for email capture and discounts, though they work great for those purposes. You can also use them as product recommendations.

Consider having one appear when customers add something to the cart.

Don’t just confirm the addition; use that pop-up real estate to recommend similar or complementary items!

Many people make it happen by saying: “you need these, too,” or “you might also like these.” Both work well because some customers forget. 

Let’s say you sell swimsuits, sunscreen, and similar products. Someone adds a swimsuit to the cart, and that’s a perfect time to recommend sunscreen, sunglasses, tote bags, and aloe vera!

What if you sold beauty products? There are so many ways to offer complementary products that people might not even know you sell!


Pop ups are often small windows that grab the visitor’s attention while on the eCommerce website. They’re used by all types of entrepreneurs, but Shoplazza store owners can build a more profitable website by using them.

There are countless ways to use Shoplazza pop ups, and Poptin makes it easy. You can also create email forms and contact forms that wow the crowd. 

The best thing you can do is use website pop ups to grow your online business. Try Poptin for free and discover how it can change the way you interact with customers!

She is the Marketing Manager of Poptin. Her expertise as a content writer and marketer revolves around devising effective conversion strategies to grow businesses. When not working, she indulges herself with nature; creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures and connecting with people of all sorts.