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Expand Your Education Empire with Thinkific Pop-Ups

Do you want to create and market your education empire in Thinkific? Then, you probably opt to enrich your information about multiple strategies online. The main question is what specific strategy will be suited to your business.

Since you are reading this article, it means that you are curious about the concept of Thinkific pop ups. 

Pop ups are being used by most eCommerce platforms and website builders like Thinkific. They are often referred to as the windows that suddenly appear when visitors press a special function key. In most cases, pop up windows have a command menu and can be easily removed unless you pick one of its commands.

These Thinkific pop ups are used to entice website visitors to explore your offered products or services. If you want to use pop ups, see to it that you know how to maximize its purpose, usage, and features. 

Depending on your choice, pop ups may contain audio, video, puzzle, or a game to encourage users. In the world of online marketing, pop-ups are considered effective compared to any other ads. This is because pop ups are very adaptable and can accept all types of advertisements. 

If you’ve been wanting to use the power of pop ups to boost your Thinkific website, you’re on the right track.

What is Thinkific?


When it comes to online course platforms, Thinkific creates a buzz in the market.

This is a premium platform designed for course creators to create incredible courses using their branded sites instantly. It means that whether your ultimate goal is to educate your potential customers, opt to improve your brand name, desire to sell courses to earn a huge amount of money, or simply to encourage more site visitors, this online course platform will be your best buddy.


Thinkific is not only intended for business coaches.

Online course platforms like Thinkific are perfect for entrepreneurs, academic institutions, online educators, digital marketing platform owners, and alike. 

To give you some guides, here are some of the best features of Thinkific you shouldn’t miss to know:

  • Simple User Interface – This online course platform is not an ordinary one as it offers a simple and effective user interface. It has a precise step-by-step course creation procedure with user video training. Therefore, navigating this platform doesn’t require exceptional skills. With Thinkific, everything makes it so easy and accessible.
  • Inclusive Content Support – One of the most challenging parts of the part of business coaches is to keep their online courses interesting and remain on top of the market. This is why Thinkific supports different content formats suitable for all online courses. Some of these formats include text, PDF, downloads, videos, assignments, audio, live feeds, and many more. 
  • Customized Course Appearance – Depending on your choice, Thinkific allows you to upload custom images together with its short descriptions for every online course. It means that you can pick any font, size, or color for effective and professional designs. 
  • Wide Range of Membership Levels – Thinkific gives you all the access to create different membership levels. You may choose the free membership plan, subscription plan, or one-time payment. Other options include a custom pricing plan and a monthly payment plan. 
  •  Excellent Customer Support – This online course platform offers excellent customer support. If you have some questions, their staff are always ready to answer your inquires via email or phone. 


Another best thing about Thinkific is that it generates sales pages using its built-in drag and drop builder. It also allows you to create professional course completion certificates without experiencing any troubles.

What’s more? Thinkific will be your perfect choice as it offers a theme library.

Why are Pop-Ups Effective?

As an online entrepreneur or business coach, your ultimate goal is to increase your website visitors and turn them into potential customers. Now, most website visitors don’t stay too long on a certain website. In order to grab their attention, your best option is to use Thinkific pop ups.

These exit-intent pop-ups provide multiple purposes, and here are some of them:

  • Boost social media following – Popups can be used to attract your customers and boost your website presence. Imagine having thousands of social media followers. You can easily increase the chances of advertising your offered products and services. 
  • Serves as Virtual Assistant – Using these pop ups, you don’t have to message and answer all the inquiries of your potential customers. Pop ups can be used to answer a frequent customer question. If someone asks about your company or offering products or services, pop-ups will immediately answer based on your given data. This is the reason why pop up serves as an effective and efficient tool for placing relevant information directly to your customers. 
  • Advertise an E-book – Another best strategy to attract customers is to offer them free stuff. Who doesn’t want free stuff? It is expected that customers are always longing to get freebies online. With the use of these pop-ups, you can entice your potential customers to continue scrolling your website. 
  • Get an Instant Survey – Thinkific pop ups can be used to create an interesting survey. The results of the survey also provide valuable information about your potential customers.  
  • Generate an Email List – Pop up forms are very common when it comes to online marketing as it generates an email list. Having these email lists allows you to connect with your potential customers. 

Another best thing about Thinkific pop ups is their versatility. It can accommodate different types of platforms. It means that you can customize your ads allowing the visitors to view your website.

As a result, it can increase your website visitors and enhance your credibility as well. 

Suppose you are planning to use pop ups. It is a must to be familiar with its usage, features, and ad strategies. When using these pop ups, make sure that you offer something valuable. It is also best to make a relevant message to the content on the given page to attract your potential customers. You also need to be aware of its usage.

Pop ups don’t need to appear on every page of the website. You should limit it as some customers may be annoyed.  It is also best to fine-tune your popups in order to have the best leads. 

The Best Tool to Create Thinkific Pop Ups: Poptin


Upon maximizing the features and essential purposes of the Thinkific pop ups, you probably want to create one. Now, the best way to create these popups is through Poptin. Are you familiar with this lead capture platform? 

Poptin allows you to convert site visitors into subscribers, leads, and eventually gigantic sales. This lead capture platform can be of help with the use of smart pop ups, widgets, and forms.

Through Poptin, it is easy for you to create stunning Thinkific pop ups and forms in just a few minutes. Then, you are also free to use its exceptional triggers and targeting selections to get more qualified leads.

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With Poptin, your business will grow. Poptin will help you:

  • Improve your email list 
  • Get more sales
  • Reach out to your potential customers
  • Mend cart abandonment 
  • Enhance your visitor’s engagement with exit-intent pop-ups 

Poptin pop ups and forms also track your website visitors’ behavior. Therefore, this can help in showing the right message at the most appropriate time. 

How to Install Poptin on your Thinkific Website

Poptin just recently launched its app on the Thinkifi App Marketplace. With this, you get to experience more seamless integration with your online store.


Click this link to install Poptin on your Thinkific store now!

Just an important note, make sure you have any of the Thinkific paid plans to be able to install Poptin. 

Benefits of Connecting Poptin with Thinkific

Studies have shown that almost 70% of your visitors leave their carts. This is the main reason why connecting Poptin with Thinkific pop ups is here. Pop ups are certified and proven effective in engaging more potential customers. 

Just like other eCommerce businessmen, you can make use of this Poptin with Thinkific pop-ups. You can use these to surprise your first-time visitors. How? By simply giving out an exclusive coupon.

Through this, you will entice them to continue patronizing your offered products and services. You can also use these to remind them to complete their shopping procedures online.


Do you want to reach out to your potential customers and get more sales? Well, the search is finally over! Connecting Poptin with Thinkific pop ups is your perfect option to reach your ultimate goal.

Sign up with Poptin today!

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