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5 Best Marketing and SEO Tools to Crush Your Goals

5.No matter what kind of business you have, you definitely need good tools to make everything work smoothly and efficiently.




Yes, we understand that consistency may seem challenging and may consume a lot of energy, but with the right tools, nothing will be such a huge obligation.



1. SEMrush


  • 搜索引擎优化
  • 内容营销
  • 竞争性研究
  • 广告宣传
  • 社交媒体


营销和seo工具 semrush仪表盘

The SEO SEMrush toolkit includes a technical SEO audit that will help you to analyze your web presence and see what you should improve. It also includes position tracking, backlinks audit, and analytics. SEO toolkit can help you to see which tactics will provide you with better organic traffic.

通过社交媒体工具包,你可以揭示你最大的竞争对手的策略。使用post booster,您可以使您的内容在Facebook上更容易查看。SEMrush将为您节省时间,并允许您在多达五个不同的社交媒体渠道上安排您的帖子。




  • 有机研究
  • 广告研究
  • 关键字研究
  • 流量分析
  • 产品列表广告
  • 市场探索者
  • 反向链接
  • SEO写作助理
  • 圖表
  • 社交媒体跟踪器
  • 社交媒体海报
  • 内容分析器
  • PPC关键字工具



营销和seo的工具 semrush定价

2. 2. Ahrefs



营销和seo工具 ahrefs仪表盘



  • 反向链接
  • 推荐域
  • 断裂的反向链接
  • 推荐IP
  • 内部反向链接



如果您选择在业务上使用Ahrefs,您可以在Facebook上获得Ahrefs Insider的访问权限,这是一个拥有1万多名营销人员的封闭小组。



  • 有机交通研究
  • 反向链接跟踪器
  • 付费流量研究
  • 关键字搜索器
  • 高级SEO指标
  • 网站分析
  • SERP选项
  • 排名跟踪器
  • 内容浏览器

定价。 Ahrefs提供四种不同的付费计划供您选择。对于前两个,你可以以7美元的价格试用7天的试用期。

营销和seo的工具 ahrefs定价

3. 莫兹

Moz is another marketing and SEO tool, and it is great when it comes to on-site SEO. You probably already know how important it is to optimize every element on your website for everything to work flawlessly.


营销和SEO的工具 莫兹仪表盘

Moz has a clear and organized dashboard. It detects different issues, such as broken redirects and missing title tags. You will also be able to see how these issues affect your SEO.

After detecting specific issues, this tool sorts them by importance, so you know which one you should fix first.

No matter how big your website is, Moz can crawl it fast, thus saving you a lot of time.


You can use Moz for your website or if you manage the websites of your clients.


  • 网站爬虫
  • 关键字研究
  • 反向链接查询
  • 页面上的分级器报告
  • 计划中的报告

Pricing: Moz offers four different paid plans to choose which one suits your needs best.

市场营销和SEO的工具 moz定价

4. Poptin




最好的弹出式应用,为bigcommerce poptin编辑器。

No matter which one you choose (or if you choose both), you will get access to a simple editor with tons of options for customization.

You can change background and text colors, add or remove different fields, change the size, add images, and more.

You have to pay attention to the fact that people access the Internet through mobile and desktop devices both, so it is essential to mention that every form and pop-up window you make through Poptin will be optimized for mobile and desktop.

The primary purpose of these forms is that you can add a CTA (click-to-action) button and encourage visitors to take action.

By using pop-up windows, you can show them some excellent and irresistible offers so that they would leave their contact without hesitation.

You can offer them webinars, courses, e-books, or access to your weekly newsletter to stay in contact with your future buyers.

When you start communicating with them through email campaigns, you are building brand awareness and gaining their trust. Valuable content keeps them interested and builds your credibility regarding your target audience.

Of course, you can use these windows to offer them a discount or free shipping or remind them to pay attention to some current sales, also.

You don’t need designer or developer experience to use and make pop-ups and other forms for your website.

You can create your first pop-up in just a couple of minutes. This marketing tool has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

And, if you want to make different types of pop-ups, you can choose between slide-in pop-ups, countdown boxes, screen overlays, and more formats.

You can rapidly increase your conversion rates using effective windows that engage with your visitors.


  • 拖放编辑器
  • 高度的定制化
  • 高级目标选项
  • 高级触发选项
  • 智能退出意向技术
  • A/B测试
  • 分析
  • 整合



5. JetOctopus

JetOctopus is a visual SEO toolkit about making technical SEO for large websites easy and data-driven. Whether you’re new to SEO or a seasoned specialist, JetOctopus is intuitive enough to help you track and improve your enterprise website’s SEO health (crawling, indexation, logs analysis, etc.).

It gives you a big picture of your website’s SEO issues — duplicate content, 404 errors, keyword cannibalization, wasted crawl budget, etc. — with actionable visuals so you can prioritize and tackle the best optimization opportunities first.

You can create segments, compare crawls, monitor live logs, identify fake bots, optimize your crawl budget, improve your site’s indexation, and so much more with the JetOctopus toolkit.

Most important JetOctopus features:

  • Crawler (with speeds at up to 250 pages per second)
  • Log Analyzer
  • GSC Keywords
  • Content analysis
  • Google Search Console integration

Pricing: The Crawler tool starts at $30 per month to crawl 100K pages monthly, while the Log Analyzer tool starts at $60 monthly to log up to 100K pages monthly. The GSC Keywords tool starts at $60 per month, too.

You can buy each SEO module individually or opt for the All-Inclusive bundle (at $120 per month) which includes all these tools plus training calls, onboarding, and support.

So JetOctopus is one of the fastest and most affordable site crawlers and logs analyzer toolkits that you can try with their 7-day free trial.


Marketing and SEO are very challenging parts of running any type of business. But when you become aware of how useful they can be, you know there is no substitution for them.

No matter if you decide to run them on your own or hire teams that would be responsible for marketing and SEO, it is always important to find the easiest but equally effective ways to use their full potential.

Fortunately, as you can see, unique tools like SEO in Glasgow are more available than ever anywhere you are, and they have proven to be very powerful when it comes to dealing with everyday problems, but also time-efficient.

Moreover, as an alternative,  check out Style Factory’s in-depth review of Growthbar, which has a bit of a different approach to SEO.

With the right SEO tools, you can build great backlinking strategies, reveal your competitors’ techniques, find out every error on your own website or your clients’ websites, and improve conversion rates rapidly.


People need incentives to make a decision, and if you use Poptin, you can show them the privileges that you offer and encourage them to take action right away.

Don’t allow yourself to miss out on something so important. Try using these tools, and watch how your conversion rates rise!

P.S. If you’re looking for link tracking for digital marketing, you can always try Rebrandly URL Shortener to see its effectiveness.

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