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With the right tools, you can achieve more than you have ever expected.

Pop-up tools can help you to fulfil the different goals of your business:

  • Grow your e-mail list
  • Show irresistible offers
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Increase sales

As you can see, there are very important benefits that you can get with this type of window.

Today, there are many pop-up tools to choose from and one of them is Zotabox. 

If you want to see what other Zotabox alternatives are, just keep reading and find out which one might be your perfect fit!

Zotabox: Overview

As soon as you enter the Zotabox website, you will see the numerous options for creating different forms.

When you choose to create a pop-up, this is the dashboard you will see:

zotabox alternative zotabox dashboard

Use different options for customizing pop-ups, add different functions, and get ideas for inspiration.


  • 仪表盘
  • 定制化
  • 显示选项
  • Promo ideas
  • 整合


Zotabox is easy to use and it offers many different forms to create straight from your dashboard.

It also helps you to improve communication with your visitors by using contact forms and Facebook live chat.

Also, there are options for creating social buttons, testimonials, social reviews, and more.


Zotabox might seem overwhelming with all of these options showed all at once. For a beginner, it can be difficult to find out what should be used first.

Zotabox is not extremely focused on analytics, which can be a problem when you want to understand visitors’ behaviour.

And now let’s see Zotabox alternatives.


Poptin is a user-friendly lead capture platform that has pretty much everything that you need for an effective lead generation tactic.

You can see this app installed on a few hundred thousand websites in 150+ countries. This number continues to grow in size as the Poptin global community reaches more and more businesses around the world. That’s why when you use Poptin, you’ll be welcomed by a huge family of users in different industries.

Speaking of what Poptin can do, it’s a software that will allow you to create the following:

  • 弹出式窗口
  • 嵌入式网站表格
  • Automatic e-mails


From pop ups to autoresponders, Poptin ensures that you’ll have a seamless lead capture process that can also be connected with your favorite CRM or emailing platform.

In this article, we will focus on creating visually appealing pop-up windows.

zotabox alternative poptin dashboard

Poptin has a simple drag and drop editor with many customizing options. This gives you the liberty to choose the size of a window, colours, fields, background design, effects, and more.

In just a few minutes, you can achieve a well-designed pop ups since Poptin has a long list of beautiful and responsive templates. However, if you’re not a fan of ready-made pop ups, you can still enjoy designing your own using Poptin intuitive builder.

Adding elements in Poptin is as easy as ABC. In the photo below, you can add essential elements to your design in a few simple clicks.


You’ll have the ability to add a countdown timer, which is one of the most effective ways to elicit a sense of urgency. You can also add media files such as videos, images and many more.


  • 拖放编辑器
  • 各种类型的弹窗
  • 定制化
  • A/B测试
  • 高级触发选项
  • 高级目标选项
  • 分析
  • 整合


With Poptin, you don’t need a designer or a developer because designing is user-friendly even for beginners. You don’t even need knowledge of coding. You can do everything with ease.

It includes many features that will help you to use the full potential of your pop-ups and engage with your visitors. If you happen to hit any roadblocks, you can seek help right away with Poptin’s customer support. You’ll be able to communicate with a real person, not AI chatbots and the like.


This Zotabox alternative offers more than 40 native integrations and over 1500 integrations via Zapier.

Plus, Poptin is free to use forever.


If you haven’t been introduced to analyzing analytics before, you might have a problem understanding it completely.

However, you can always keep in touch with our support team for help.

As also stated earlier, Poptin has a huge knowledge base and an awesome community of users too. This ensures that you’ll have a reliable support group through and through.


Poptin has a free plan but there are also a couple of paid plans. Based on your needs, you can choose the right plan for your business.

poptin pricing (1)


Why is Poptin the best Zotabox alternative?

Poptin allows you to create different types of pop-ups including lightboxes, countdowns, and slide-in pop-ups.

You can use more than one form to make your website especially interesting for your visitors.

By using A/B testing, you will be able to see which of these pop-ups performs best and use them in your campaigns.

Poptin also has a really high level of customization which is very important when you want your windows to be engaging and effective.

Poptin’s ratings as the Zotabox alternative










Exit Monitor

Exit Monitor monitors users’ behaviour on your website and shows the pop-ups based on that information.

zotabox alternative exit monitor dashboard

This tool has the ability to track visitor’s computer mouse movements and it knows exactly where on your website the visitor is.


  • 退出意向技术
  • A/B测试
  • 分析
  • 触发选项
  • 运动过滤器
  • 整合


Exit Monitor collects leads by gathering visitors’ data.

It has a high level of security so all of your information will be safe.

It has a campaign filter that can help you to make more effective and successful campaigns.


It can be difficult for you to understand the software and find out how it actually works.

Exit Monitor is a tool a bit on the pricey side, so if you are just starting your own business and have to watch out on every cost, this may not be the perfect solution for you.

Exit Monitor’s pricing

Every package has a free trial and after you try it out, you can choose which paid plan is the right solution for you.

zotabox alternative exit monitor pricing

Why is Exit Monitor a good Zotabox alternative?

Exit Monitor includes A/B testing and real-time reporting.

This tool can help you to grow your e-mail list, increase social media following, and more.

You can make coupon codes and increase sales thus reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Exit Monitor’s rating as the Zotabox alternative

Here are the Exit Monitor’s ratings:










Hello Bar is another Zotabox alternative. By using this tool you can create:

  • 模式
  • 滑块
  • 警钟
  • 页面接管

zotabox alternative hello bar dashboard

Source: Dribbble

When creating forms, you can choose a template from the gallery and customize it further in accordance with your needs.


  • 仪表盘
  • 转换标题
  • 定制化
  • A/B测试
  • 智能定位
  • GDPR和谷歌SEO合规性


With Hello Bar, you can use content from copywriters if you need any help with the textual part of your pop-ups.

Smart targeting helps you to show pop-ups at the right time to the right people and maximize the opportunity to achieve certain goals.

This tool is completely in accordance with the GDPR and Google SEO rules.


If you have some issues and try to contact the customer support, you may wait a long time before you get your answer.


Hello Bar has a free plan that you can try out. You can also upgrade to some of the paid plans with more important features.

zotabox alternative hello bar pricing.PNG

Why is Hello Bar another good Zotabox alternative?

Neil Patel stands behind this tool which means that using it can be really beneficial for your business.

Same as Poptin, Hello Bar offers an A/B testing for analyzing your pop-up performances.

You can customize forms using different options and grab your visitors’ attention.

Hello Bar’s ratings as Zotabox alternative

Here are the ratings of Hello Bar app:










Running a business is a complex task. Keeping that in mind, it is important to use proper tools and help yourself by saving time, money, and energy.

Pop-up tools are pretty innovative and they offer great possibilities.

If you are searching for the right solution for your business then you should try out Poptin right away.

Easily create visually appealing windows that will help you to generate more leads and skyrocket your conversion rates!

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