How Increased Conversion Rate Dramatically with Pop Ups

Want to boost your conversion rate faster?’s Marketing Specialist Svetla Markova shares her team’s experience in using Poptin and how it improves their website conversion rate dramatically.

Get to know is a SaaS automation management platform for tech and finance teams and professionals. The company strives to help businesses reduce software spend, improve efficiency, and streamline processes.

The company looked for a popup builder to optimize their lead capture strategies so their team could easily convert their website traffic from different channels into customers. With Poptin, they’ve found a user-friendly platform. Poptin allows us to use the traffic we generate via other channels and convert it to leads quickly and easily,” Svetla shares.

 How Gets More Leads and Customers With Poptin

Be inspired by the brand’s success through Oveo’s Marketing Specialist herself.

We see an increase in our conversion rates as we tune our pop-ups and start offering more and more valuable incentives.
Svetla Markova

Marketing Specialist of

Svetla Markova

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  • Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Svetla, and I am a marketing specialist at I am responsible for setting up different lead capture and lead nurture campaigns for Oveo. I am working with our website, our social media advertising channels, and our CRM platforms in this regard.

  • What products did you try first before switching to Poptin?

I have used many popup makers in WordPress before. But I have previously used Poptin for other customers so I already had some experience with it and recommended using it for Oveo.

  • What are the ultimate reasons that made you decide to stick with our software?

The ease of designing popups! Basically, whatever the designer comes with, I can implement with Poptin. Also, the numerous display rules allow us to set up basically any popup behavior you may want. And finally, the ability to integrate Poptin with anything else we use via Zapier.

  • How easy was it to onboard, and what major features do you think work best for you?

It was very easy, and I appreciate that there are many templates to start with. Also, the ease of installing Poptin via tag manager is much appreciated. Finally, as I mentioned, integrating with platforms like Hubspot via Zapier was very important, and it works very well.

  • What essential benefits have you experienced since using Poptin?

Poptin allows us to use the traffic we generate via other channels and convert it to leads in a fast and easy manner.  It is very easy and quick to evaluate different lead capture options. Rather than assume that something could be working or not, we just run an A/B test. Also, something very much appreciated is the ability to have different mobile and desktop designs, so we can tune the popups as we want and ensure the best user experience across all devices.

  • What recommendations do you have for others who are considering a pop-up builder like Poptin?

Use popups to convert the traffic you get into leads. Just give Poptin a try, and use the templates for a quick start. Use A/B tests when in doubt about what popup design might work better, do not ‘assume’.

It’s very easy to use. You don’t really have a learning curve. You get those ready-made templates and after a time, you’re more experienced with Poptin.

Svetla Markova, Marketing Specialist,