Exit Intent Trigger

The increasing cart abandonment rate of over 70% continues to cripple the sales of thousands of businesses worldwide. That’s why a long list of advancements comes up at every corner to fight this nemesis. One of the most effective ways in recovering abandoned carts is through the use of an exit-intent trigger. It allows website owners, entrepreneurs, and digital agencies to show a pop up once the visitor intends to leave the frame of the site without buying or leaving any contact information. Poptin’s exit-intent trigger provides accurate, behavior-based offers to potential customers and can increase your overall sales conversion rate in no time.

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Show targeted marketing campaigns at the right time

With an exit-intent trigger, you can detect visitor behavior and show an enticing content at the right time which can help you convert them into leads, subscribers, or sales.

Reduce cart abandonment 

When a shopper intends to leave, you can show a targeted campaign that gives them the option to take action right away, like signing up to your newsletter, following you on your social media channels, or chatting with your support team.

Unique Exit Intent Trigger Elements

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