Engagement Targeting

Have you converted your visitor already but still want to re-engage with them? Or do you want to offer something to your visitors when they meet certain conditions? Scale your conversions to the next level with Engagement Targeting. This feature allows you to show or don’t show your campaigns to your specified set of website visitors. You can control whether to target subscriber-only customers, which can help you curate special offers, discounts, or any relevant promotions to them and increase engagement all the more.

No strings attached. No credit card required.

Add value to your pop ups without annoying your customers 

With Engagement targeting, you have full control over your pop ups based on the customer’s engagement. If he/she finds it irrelevant and closes it, you can opt to not show it again so you won’t annoy them. This engagement targeting lets you show your campaigns to visitors who are more likely to be interested in what you offer.

Boost your engagement with your subscribers

Engagement targeting allows you to create exclusive pop ups for your subscribers only. This keeps them engaged with your brand as they feel appreciated and valued.

Unique Engagement Targeting Elements

Powerful Editor

Create pop ups with our user-friendly and innovative interface

A/B Testing

Easily determine the best way to target your visitors

Conversion Code

Track conversion on your favorite Analytics platform