Page Targeting

Surprise visitors with campaigns that are aligned to their needs by using behavior-centric innovations by Poptin. With page targeting, you can easily create page-specific pop ups that can help you speed up conversions. This is often implemented in the checkout page, sales page, blogs, and any other applicable places on your website. Page targeting also allows you to segment your email list based on their unique interaction on your website, which can result in effective retargeting in the future. Poptin’s user-friendly pop up builder helps you set up page targeting in just one click.

No strings attached. No credit card required.

Show special offers on a high-value page only

You don’t have to show your pop up campaigns right away. To boost chances of conversions, you can put your special offers on high-converting or high-value pages only, such as your Black Friday page, seasonal promos, and more.

Reduce cart abandonment or boost sales with upselling

On the checkout page, you can show your special offers to avoid your potential customers from leaving their carts. You can also show your on-sale products to generate more income.

Unique Page Targeting Elements

Powerful Editor

Create pop ups with our user-friendly and innovative interface

A/B Testing

Easily determine the best way to target your visitors

Conversion Code

Track conversion on your favorite Analytics platform