EmailOctopus integration

Grow your EmailOctopus email list with Poptin

Supercharge your email marketing and grow your email subscribers with customized pop-ups and contact forms!

What is EmailOctopus?

EmailOctopus is an excellent and highly-affordable email marketing platform for 4 years already. It’s committed to making the most out of client’s investments without compromising the quality of content and services. In fact, more than 41,000 organizations trust EmailOctopus, with almost 8.8 billion emails  (and counting) sent to subscribers through its marketing platform. Its team of young and passionate minds contribute to its huge success and the growth of many clients all over the world. Since EmailOctopus is dedicated to providing quality service without draining clients’ pockets, it becomes one of the best options for small to medium sized businesses. The company is headquartered in London since 2016.

Here’s What Poptin Can Do For You

Great for digital agencies, online marketers, bloggers, portals and
eCommerce website owners seeking to:

Increase visitors’

With Poptin, you can conduct surveys, get feedback, and offer visitors another content item they will be interested in.

Get more EmailOctopus email subscribers


Improve subscription rates up to several times using poptins displayed at the right moment.

Capture more leads
and sales

Want more leads? Serve visitors relevant offers based on their unique behavior and substantially improve conversion rates.

Reduce shopping cart

A potential customer is planning to ditch their shopping cart? Pop them an offer they can’t refuse and increase sales in no time!

Create Poptins in Minutes Using a Drag & Drop Editor

  • Advanced Drag & Drop editor for simple customization
  • Plenty of high quality, ready to use templates to choose from
  • Add or remove fields, images and elements from any template
  • Responsive design and display of poptins on mobile
  • No coding skill required

Stats at Your Fingertips

  • Get data for specified timeframes regarding number of visitors, exposure and conversion rates of poptins you’ve created
  • Graphic display for easy analysis