MuxEmail Popups and Embedded Forms

Grow your MuxEmail email list with Poptin

Scale your business by generating more email leads and subscribers with Poptin’s high-converting popups and email forms

What is MuxEmail?

Since 2019, MuxEmail continues to provide affordable marketing automation products and technology optimizations to businesses and digital companies alike. It has recently conducted a beta launch and has since become more powerful in the UI and personalization aspects. In its advanced features arsenal, MuxEmail offers unlimited subscribers, newsletters and sequences with fixed pricing for its users. It also provides a user-friendly drag and drop email editor with zero coding required. To further grow your business, using MuxEmail gives you access to its built-in analytics and third-party integrations. Once integrated with Poptin, you will get the ability to sync your popups and forms with your email list database for a more seamless email marketing funnel.

Ecco cosa può fare Poptin per voi

Ottimo per agenzie digitali, marketer online, blogger, portali e proprietari di siti web di eCommerce che cercano di:

Increase visitors’

With Poptin, you can conduct surveys, get feedback and offer visitors another content item they will be interested in.

Ottenere più abbonati via e-mail

Migliorate le tariffe degli abbonamenti fino a più volte utilizzando i poptini visualizzati al momento giusto.

Capture more leads
and sales

Want more leads? Show relevant offers based on their unique behavior and substantially improve conversion rates.

Reduce shopping cart

A potential customer is planning to ditch their shopping cart? Pop them an offer they can’t refuse and increase sales in no time!

Creare Poptini a verbale usando un Editor Drag & Drop

  • Editor avanzato di Drag & Drop per una semplice personalizzazione
  • Un sacco di modelli di alta qualità, pronti per l'uso tra cui scegliere
  • Aggiungere o rimuovere campi, immagini ed elementi da qualsiasi modello
  • Design reattivo e visualizzazione di poptini su cellulare
  • Non è richiesta alcuna abilità di codifica

Statistiche a portata di mano

  • Ottenere i dati per i periodi di tempo specificati relativi al numero di visitatori, all'esposizione e ai tassi di conversione dei poptini che hai creato
  • Display grafico per una facile analisi