OS and Browser Targeting

Effectively target your desktop and mobile customers by targeting specific operating systems and browsers. With this campaign targeting feature, you can easily show campaigns and effectively engage with the right audience. Choose from Poptin’s long list, as it supports 14 mobile operating systems, 26 mobile browsers, nine desktop operating systems, and 19 desktop browsers. Considering what Poptin has to offer, users are more empowered to conveniently modify pop ups, curate better CTAs, and offer the right products to the right audience, even at the right time!

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Encourage mobile users to download your app based on their OS

Monitor and analyze your performance on two separate operating systems, so it’s easy to target your customers and curate more strategies to capture users of the OS with a lower download rate.

Drive users to update their browsers or switch to a different one

Poptin offers a long list of available operating systems and browsers on mobile and desktop. You can easily engage with your audience and use pop ups to drive them to switch or update their current version.

Unique OS and Browser Targeting Elements

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Tes A / B

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